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So today I really wanted to make a look, that chanelled a bit of my grandms, then I started recalling old mum’s pic, back in the late 60s, she wore these round sunglasses and long trenchs/coats, with short skirts and seriously a lot of shirts over sweaters, maybe she had some sort of obsession with those, and her chignons with braids..zomg.  Yeah, I really love her old pics! Tres Blah’s ‘nerdy chic glasses’ (for 5o linden fridays) were really my inspiration to dress up today! ❤ Uma


*COCO*’s shirt and !Lagyo’s necklace were my second inspiration for the outfit on the left (top pic), and So Many Style’s (soon to be released) jacket and Kao sand’s boots to middle one. I really love these looks (which are mostly done out of old stuff really) if they have anything in common, I guess I’d say the glasses and the details of brown…hope you like it! muah muah!

<3, <3, <3!

Worn (left to right) :

Hair – ‘barberyumyum*09/chocolate’ by **dp**yumyum

Skin – ‘Niu – Oeste – Natural’ by (IMAGEN)

Jacket – ‘The Chic Coat (Brown)’ by *Muism*

Sweater/Shirt – ‘(part of) Madame – Spirit desire’ by a.C. Studios

Skirt – ‘Jeans skirt . dark brown’ by Sh*t Happens

Socks – ‘Socks mit suspenders . purple’ by Pig

Shoes – ‘Neyya toe-cap . Blue’ by Maitreya

Bag – ‘The Z bag ultimate pet pug carrier’ by Zooby’s

Glasses – ‘Nerdy chic glasses (pink)’ by Tres blah (for 50 lindens friday)


Hair accessory – ‘All about the flowers (mist)’ by !Lagyo

Jacket – ‘BT_Tailored Jacket beige’ by AOHARU

Necklace – ‘Memories – grandma’s portrait’ by !Lagyo

Shirt – ‘sleeveless blouse & cuff – white’ by *COCO*

Pants – ‘Sarouel pants – beige’ by AOHARU

Shoes – ‘Vintage boots brown’ by J’s/JB Gazov

Glasses – ‘Ray-band glasses’ by (W)


Hair accessory – ‘Hair Stuff (kill the white swan)’ by (fd)

Scarf – ‘myth scarf white (tinted)’ by Singing Moth

Necklace – ‘corvus necklace [aged brass]’ by This is a Fawn (for Designers United)

Jacket – ‘Damaged jacket’ by {SMS}/So Many Styles (not released yet)

Skirt – ‘My leather fringes skirt (black)’ by Milk Motion

Socks – ‘basic stockins [AshGrey]’ by Modd.G

Boots – ‘Suede Fringe boots . black’ by KAO/Kao Sands

Glasses – ‘Baroque shades (neutral tones) . scripted’ by Dollita

Bag – ‘Indy Bag’ by Chabbins!

Things to pack!

Ok, so, because I’m actually packin in rl, I thought I’d take my sl luggage out of my closet and make my last post with some pieces I haven’t blogged before and that were hidden under piles of other clothes.  The overalls are my favorite pieces here but I have to say I’m totally in love with Tres Blah’s recent releases! These are my casual choices to put in my luggage, and I’m happy to share them with you. I’m only gonna be away for a week but I’m crossing fingers I won’t miss much, and I’ll miss blogging (don’t tell) but I’ll see you saturday (14th), meanwhile, have fun and see you next week!! Muahs ❤ Uma

things to pack

things to pack I

things to pack II

Details :

(1st pics)

Hair – Piper II hazel’ by Maitreya

Jacket – ‘Inspired shark cardigan (pink)’ by Tres Blah

Shirt (under) – ‘Pinned flower cami (blue)’ by Tres Blah

Overalls – ‘Salopette jeans by *f* white ‘ by D:A (creator dolce Asbrink)

Shoes – ‘ChiChi pumps – pastel green’ by Maitreya

Earrings – ‘Crystal beads silver earrings’ by (color change) by *an*

Trunks – ‘antique trunks’ by En Svale

(3rd pic)

Trunks (left) – ‘antique LOUIS VUITTON trunks’ by fatima ur (creator’s name)

Suitcase – ‘travellers suitcase’ by Noelle Eilde (creator’s name)

Pet bag – ‘the ‘z bag’ ultimate pet pug carrier’ by Zooby’s

Trunks (right) by En Svale

Coat Hanger (freebie) by ichi swansong (creator’s name)

Hair – ‘*barberyumyum14/black ‘ (Le.Look exclusive) by dp**yumyum

Jacket – ‘Denim Jacket short sleeve dark’ by *Tracolore*

Shirt (under) – ‘dalini – kiwi undershirt’ by [Decoy]

Overalls (salopette) – ‘salopette pants : light khaki’ by *Tracolore*

Bag – ‘pilot flight bag’ by sfd

Socks – ‘*****lace socks/ribbon’ by Picnic

Shoes – ‘ChiChi pumps – cream’ by Maitreya

Overall + denim jacket prims on hanger (comes in folder of those pieces)

Poses by Torrid


Hello hello. >.< Brain’s not working today but my love for clothes will never prevent from putting outfits together or come back to show you. Even if I have nothing to say or just pretend I do. What brings me back though, is definitely the fact that, after I saw new Muism release I pouted so much at the fact it was for guys that I got determined to have it. No, I can’t wait for the girl’s leather jacket version so, gathering all the patience I could have (and free time) I decided I’d (heavily) mod this and make it work. To my surprise it was easier than I thought, and voilá, inspired again! Big thank you to Tesla who spoiled me with kensington’s and I couldn’t be more happy. Along with the slouchy Maitreya ones These are definitely the best boots in sl, in my opinion! I’m always excited to see such high quality and praise to designers who dedicate their time to it and inspire us bloggers! <3! I also have to thank Autumn Hykova for dropping some of her hairs on me. This one is called ‘Charlotte’ and I absolutely adore it! My advise is you should check her store, Pixel Dust, if you haven’t already! xoxo, ❤ Uma

brown winter

brown winter I

Details :

Hair -‘Charlotte – Golden Brown’ by Pixel Dust

Skin – ‘Melinda 4K’ by *Mayden couture*

Jacket – ‘Leather bomber jacket – dark brown/beige’ by *Muism*

Sweater – ‘baggy sweater beige’ by So Many Styles (prim re-attached to chest so it would work with skirt and jackets prims)

Sweater (under) – ‘Uniiiqlo Turtle knit Brown’ by DPS

Skirt – ‘The Lolo skirt – fudge’ by [Pink Outfitters]

Boots – ‘Kensington *chocolate* Boots’ by Tesla

Bag – ‘”The Z Bag” Ultimate Pet Pug Carrier’ by Zooby’s

Mouth attachment – ‘Jelly Pen (Black)’ by ~Scribble~

Listening to Nicest Thing – kate nash

Sweet and girly

Hai! I’m going to be real quick on this one. I’m in a sweet, romantic and girly mood lately, so I dressed accordingly today. Cube Sugar has become one of my favorite little stores. I’ve blogged it before and I’m sure I will keep doing it in the future, it’s a promising store with great prices, you won’t find much there, but what you do, I’m sure you’ll like it. Very girly and sweet like. Pumps are from five minutes after, which is closed for the time being but you can still find it at Trilogy. ❤ Uma. Muahs!

sweet girly

sweet girly I

Details :

Skin – ‘lyla’ by Redgrave

Hair – ‘Yuria’ (black) by Deja Vu

Glasses – ‘browline glasses’ by Gritty Kitty

Jacket – ‘Borrowed Cardigan blue’ by Detour

Dress – ‘High waist skirt & white shirt’ by Cube Sugar

Socks –  (part of outfit) ”La fille du pays’ by Couverture

Shoes – ‘silver pumps’ by Five Minutes After

Purse – ‘the Z bag pet pug carrier’ by Zooby’s

Food in mouth – ‘Taiyaki’ by Hanauta

Mellow Autumn

You might think I over did it with so many ‘layers’ and all but I really enjoyed putting this outfit together. Of course this is just my personal choice of look, slightly country(ish) inspired, with a little school girl touch. Japanese designers inspire me so and I am such a fan that most of the pieces you see here, are from japanese creators. If you go through most of my posts, there’s always a thing or two from some of my favorite japanese stores. Big fan, obviously. ❤ Uma.

Details :

Skin – ‘Jennifer’ (brown) by Redgrave

Hat – ‘Hunting’ (only cap) by Argrace (color changing – brown)

Hair – ‘Envy’ (darkishbrown) by 69

Vest – ‘Sculpted blanket vest green’ *UnToneQuilt*

Shirt – ‘Dans La Ville – Milano ashes’ (shirt layer) by Armidi/Gisaci

Sweater – (undershirt layer) ‘Turtle Sweater’ (navy) by Kurotsubaki

Skirt – ‘Denimskirt’ (black) by *UnToneQuilt*

Leggings – ‘Beige Leggings’ by **DP**yumyum

Socks – ‘MokoMoko socks’ (argyle/charcoal) by *UnToneQuilt*

Shoes – ‘real toe 2wayshort boots’ (beige) by J’s

Bag – Z bag’ (pet carrier) by zooby’s

THE ‘Z’!

Yes, I’m back!..and SO excited to show you a preview of the Z BAG, The Ultimate pet carrier! OMG! We already know Carrie Tatsu’s amazing work on zooby’s, the excellency of the sculpted pets and animations, but this time, I think it exceeded my expectations! I don’t know how to start describing this truly amazing bag! It’s every fashionista’s delight for sure! Sculpted, this bag contains a front chain, back chain, a pin, buttons, buckles, bone, key holder, straps and ten optional fabric textures to choose from. Each and every detail can be changed, from keyholder (two optional ones)to straps (brown or black), buckles, keyholder, you name it. Now, if this wasn’t enough, the puppy is also animated, allowing us to name it, play with and and make ‘him’ talk, bark, even the collar is color change and diamond optional!! I mean, could it be any better? If that wasn’t enough, the puppy carrier comes with two poses and a built in walking animation. The walking and the AO can be turned on or off and the poses allow you to hold the bag in two different positions but it’s also wonderful to see it works with ALL of my ao poses aswell! The attention on detail here is beyond belief! Truly amazing job Carrie! Here’s a sneak peek! ❤ Uma.

Outfit Details :
Hair – ‘Fedorable Laroux’ (platinum) by TorridWear*
Shirt – ‘Suede Half Coat’ (grey) by Ce Cubic Effect
top – (part of) ‘ringleader of th tormentors’ outfit, by Emery
Jeans – ‘Skinny roll up cuff jeans’ (indigo) by Muism
Shoes – ‘La Jalousie boots’ (mystique) by gbberish
Necklace – ‘opera ruby’ by silver dragon
Bag – ‘Z bag’ by zooby’s