Another day..just breathe.

Haiiiiiiiiii!..Ok, I’m on a roll, and I might take advantage of it while I’m feeling inspired. Contrary to the last post(s) for this one I decided to go kawaii again. >.<! Bear with me, since I’m going to spam you with pictures, hopefully they’ll be worth the pain of spam. XD! I’m feeling all colorful again, and the sun is out now until 8/9pm YAY for ‘summer time’!..While I was putting two of the outfits together, bruuu sent me her newest release, thought I would like it, well, I don’t I ❤ IT!!..Super cute ‘blue like nevermind tunic’, a puffy kawaii dress in all colors you could think of to cheer up your inventory. Ohhh she’s a talented one and I couldn’t resist not wear it, so there, PUFF, 3 in one, once again. I chose the obvious BLUE, since the other two outfits where based on pink and yellow. So there, Hope you like it ❤ Uma


kawaii I

kawaii II

kawaii III

Details (1st outfit) :

Hair – ‘short bangs dango2/silver’ by *BP

Hair accessory – ‘eating strawberry – chocolat hair accessory’ by H+K (honey kitty)

Scarf – ‘Donna pink scarf’ by barerose

Top/Blouse – ‘cotton blouse – berry’ by **En Svale**

Pants – ‘check pants/pink’ by *BP

Bag – ‘Vintage petit sac – rose’ by P-K

Socks – ‘more girly socks – peach’ by H+K

Shoes – ‘merry (pink)’ by LOTTA

2nd outfit .

Hair – ‘hair13 rabi white’ by Little Heaven

Hair accessory – ‘(dot) ribbon holic set katyusha hair band’ (color change) by H+K

Brooch/attachment – ‘sailorette attachment in blue’ by Artilleri

Dress – ‘Blue like nevermind tunic (blue)’ by Pididdle

Socks – ‘check socks / white’ by Hanauta

Shoes – ‘Barcelona sling back prussian blue’ by Armidi

3rd outfit .

Hair – ‘GR8 caramel brown’ by DEJAVU

Glasses – ‘white & gold vintage shades’ by [SpeXx]

Top/Dress – ‘Mariniere striped dress’ by P-K

Shorts – ‘ Jeanius shorts black’ by Veschi

Socks – ‘more girly socks (banana)’ by H+K

Sneakers – ‘Drunks’ by UBU (color change made them all white with gold ‘swoosh’)

Backpack – ‘RUCKSACK’ (color change) by *ARAI*

Earring – ‘GOLD Bamboomerangs! black stripes L’ by *KC*

Listening to Telepopmusik – Breathe

Poses by : pda . Torrid . =Izumyia= . u:ka . and *V*

Boho sweet!

Haiiii! ❤ I miss summer >_<! I miss the sun, the colors, the smells..I am not a winter person indeed, (though sl makes it fun to be)! So today I decided to do a boho/sweet/casual look. As it’s becoming obvious, I love fascino hairs, and for a no apparent reason, I like them in blonde! Been keeping this one for this kind of look, the braid+loose hair+flowy(flower)skirt and flats seem to work just fine. I’ve decided I should make 2 looks out of one outfit. The reasons are both, wanting to show you this maruko outfit (comes with skirt+jacket and btw 60L? sheesh) and the other is,  I wanted to layer it a bit, giving it a personal touch and show you the new Fishy Strawberry bustier. Fae always spoils me with new stuff and of course, never disappoints. My ❤ for fishy strawberry keeps growing with each new piece I get. Again, and for some odd reason, it just finished the look and was all I needed to come back for another look. so, hope you like it 😉 ❤ Uma

boho sweet

boho sweet I

Details :

Hair – ‘Dio (whitepack)’ by {fascino}

Skin – ’15b pale skin Leona – smoky’ by Redgrave

Bow (neck) – ‘Le Poufe Pink Bow!!’ (tinted) by Veschi

Jacket + skirt – ‘shirohato . cardigan+flower skirt’ by Maruko

Bustier – ‘Material Girl Bustier – Steel’ by Fishy Strawberry

Blouse (under) – ‘THEO Blouse – champagne’ by Cachet

Belt (purple) by *COCO*

Shoes – ‘London flats – brown’ by [Detour]

bandaid – ‘hoppe6 bandaid rainbow’ by =TekuTeku=

La garçonne!

Hai!! Guess a day makes a big difference in the way we dress..don’t you agree? Basically a different hair cut with little beret (courtesy of 69 – group gift) and Kookie’s new and awesome ‘coco’ shoes and our whole mood changes! For the better! I totally love when designers spoil us with really good gifts and I also can’t wait to go afk in world so I can wrap myself in 69’s box. If you’re not in the group, join it, make sure you grab the group gifts. So, today I decided to ‘revisit’ my inventory, and grab those pieces that have been ‘resting’ there for some time now. I love doing these kind of ‘boyish’ but still feminine looks. This one is a ‘navy’ meets ‘french fille’ one and I hope you like it. Muahs, ❤ Uma!

la garconette


Details :

Hair – ‘DEAREST + BERET Hair – lightbrown – [GroupGift]’ by ::69::

Skin – ’04 Lyla Pale Skin / *blue’ by Redgrave

Jacket – ‘Classic Pinstripe Blazer [White]’ by Armidi

Sweater – ‘Uniiq Marine : Red’ by *DPS

Shorts – ‘Jeanius Shorts Black’ by Veschi

Socks – ‘Knit knee socks red’ by Shiny Things

Shoes – ‘Noir Coco shoes’ by Kookie

Bag – ‘Vintage Petit sac navy’ by (P-K) (not released yet)


After yesterday’s  hecticness at the ‘launch’ of the new Cachet/MMS line and after a good night sleep (in my new clothes lol) I’m back! HAI o/ ! As I was trying to put some pieces together I realized not only I’m in love with the new Cachet line, I also need this Jacket in rl. Like NOW! I seriously can’t stop drooling over it. Every little piece of the new line is so well thought and done, it depresses me not being able to wear it in rl. lol. Don’t you think the exact same thing? OMG! Anyways, trying not to wear the exact same thing featured on each picture of the collection is almost an impossible mission. These two pieces were my chosen ones for today though. Little do I need to say about new London skin, it’s flawless and fabulous and the make ups irresistible. Cat eyes ftw! ❤ Uma.

london cachet

london cachet I

Details :

Hair – ‘Sari’ by Kin (moded bangs and lenghth)

Skin – ‘London light makeup 5b’ by MMS

Hair accessory –  ‘Skull hair flower *colour change*’  by  Artilleri (freebie)

Jacket –  ‘MIMIcoat/gray-dark-Jacket’ by Cachet

Sweater – ‘Turtle Neck – morning’  by Cachet

Skirt – ‘Vestige Skirt floral’ by Nyte’N’Day

Tights –  ‘Career Funk Tintable Stockings’ by Veschi

Bag – ‘Anya bag – green’ by Cachet

Shoes – ‘Mishima – tan’ by Maitreya

Closet digging.

There’s a couple of things I like about this look, I’m still not over fall colors and you could say this seems a bit like an ‘upscale tourist’ look with the camera and all. It’s something I’ve been enjoying in rl lately, going out and walking around with my camera and just take some pictures, especially at this time of the year when it gives you the chance to capture really beautiful color palettes. I have tried to make a look from ‘old’ pieces in my closet, something we do all the time in rl, it’s not like we go shopping everyday and don’t wear an outfit more than once, so that’s what I tried to do with this look. Thanks to Abra I have finally made up my mind about buying these boots, so we could say I actually did some shopping for this look but well worth it, everything else is basically a mix and match of what I already had in my closet, reinventing the pieces, focusing on the right colors and the right accessories. I liked the end result, hope you do too ❤ Uma



bohobo one

Details :

Skin – ‘Moscow Light makeup2a’ by MMS

Hair – ‘*Anne*’ (cinnamon) by Zero Style

Top (jacket layer) – ‘SoCal Tube Top’ (plum3) by Detour

Top (shirt layer) – ‘Theo Blouse’ (champagne) by Cachet

Skirt – (part of outfit) ‘Cupcakes modern suspender set’ (red) by M&R Cupcakes

Stockings – ‘Cozily Maroon tintable stockings’ by Veschi

Socks – ‘KneeSocks wool’ (red) by SySy’s

Boots – ‘Amazone’ by Storm Schmooz

Accessories :

Bag – ‘(MB) Sculpty Bag’ (suede cherry) by MB – CreationZ

Hat – ‘Fedora’ (beige suede) by Akeyo

Sunglasses – ‘Urban Shades – metal’ by VW (color change lenses and frames)

Camera – ‘Camera Obscura 1.1’ by THORU’s SHOP

Gloves – by DoMoCo


Ok. Another day, another outfit, or should I say, outfits? Tosl has come out with a really cute jacket which was my inspiration for this look. If you don’t know New Marron’s house yet you should give it a look, see this little dress was a great find. Who would have thought it would just be ONE LINDEN! Talk about bargains eh? hope you like it!! ❤ Uma

Details :
1st Outfit
Hair – ‘Hot Mess’ by Kyoot
Hair accessory – ‘Zoe’ by [gisele]
Jacket – ‘Madeleine’ (blue) by TOSL
Pants – ‘Jeanius!’ By Veschi
Bag – ‘maman noir+blue’ pack by [gisele]
Shoes – ‘Funny Girl Flats’ in yellow by periquita shoes

Second outfit
Hair and accessory – ‘Zoe Nuit’ (caviar) by [gisele]
Dress – ‘K*S one piece 6-flour’ by new marron’s
Shoes – ‘Button Boots’ (brown) by Shiny Things
Socks – ‘MokoMoko socks’ (brown) by Untone Quilt

LookBook . Uma Ceawlin . 2008.08.14

So I had this little glitter (FTV) jacket for some time and I just love it so much but never figured out what to wear it with. The sleeves are just perfect, and it’s one of those pieces which prims don’t annoy/concern you, fitting perfectly. Now the new maitreya’s frenzy pumps are just awesome, the textures perfect. So mixing them together with black thighs and a mini dress seemed the best way to show them off. I always add a little color, make it a little fun and playful, so the bow is that tiny colorful detail here. The hair helps aswell. I hope you like it ❤ Uma.

Details :

Hair – Zero Style ‘Milca’ (in white)

Jacket – FTV ‘Jojo’s dream top’ (part of ‘frozen turquoise valentine’ outfit)

Dress – *Thimbles* ‘Love, Marleen’ (pale gold)

Thighs – Veschi ‘career funk’ (tintable thighs)

Neck/bow – Veschi ‘Le Poufe Pink’ bow (part of outfit)

Shoes – Maitreya ‘frenzy – dangerous’