Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Have an happy Christmas, filled with love and health and lots of happy moments with your loved ones and cute gifts in your lil’ socks. Be happy, be giving, be safe. ❤ Uma

Hair (with scripted beret) by

Skin by [ATOMIC] (december group gift)

Ear muffs by Artilleri (old fifty lindens gift)

Jacket by BP* (at drowsy)

Top (under) by Armidi

Gloves by Royal Blue

Pants (which are actually in underpants layer) by Bijou

Skirt by Twosome

Belt by LeLutka

Socks by So Many Styles

Shoes/docs by GOS (Gospel Voom)

Glasses by *W*

Pose by Irie Campese ❤


For some time now I’ve been nagging Kookie to make ‘me’ a similar (but her own) version of the insane *couldn’t stop drooling over* (2006) Balenciaga platform boots. Little did I know she would give in (not so easy though 😉 ) to produce probably the most amazing and one of her most hard-to-get-it-just-right shoes ever. I cannot think of the words to describe what I felt when I saw these, I seriously don’t. She laughed at my incapability to stop saying ‘OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGO OMG OMG’ over and over when I saw them (what a surprise hun), as I can’t stop looking at my feet with these on now. She did something incredible in my opinion, something that only she could, and thats not because I love her, no no. It is because she is an amazing shoe designer and one that dedicates and puts all her sweat and love in her creations, believe me. These are quite THE statement shoes and I know, they won’t please you all, but, as most unique and unusual things in fashion, they will grow on you, and they will make you think twice about fashion and you might happen to just love them, unconditionally. Or maybe I’m just a dreamer! My wish to have the balenciagas is now put to rest, because I own kookie’s. ❤ Code name? Athena. Where to buy? 2009 SL® Footwear Expo, opening this sunday. ❤ Uma

Kookie’s soon to be released – ATHENA – shoes.

(prim socks by {SMS} and Cozy tights by Twosome)

Hot chocolate days!

There’s nothing like staying home in a rainy cold winter’s day…or even better, having a hot chocolate and some sweets to brighten up a day like this. That’s pretty much the feel I wanted to portray with these pictures. I found the cutest candy shop in a sim a friend’s building and that (plus the fact I don’t have to go out in rl) just made my day. Warm turtleneck dress from Elate, amazing knit cardigan from Kiitos, the cozy-est tights (latest release) from Twosome and the kick ass buckle boots from ANEXX felt like the perfect look to go grab some doughnuts and run home to prepare me some hot choco! Fun, warm and casual with a bit of sweet cuteness. Good days…

❤ Uma



Hot chocolate days

Worn :

Hair – ‘Kia , cinnamon’ by Analog Dog

Skin – ‘Imani [Nougat] glow skin’ by LAQ

Headband – ‘AM tulip headband licorice’ by MIEL

Bag – ‘Messenger Bag – light brown’ by *Muism*

Knit cardigan – ‘Long Knit Gown burlywood’ by +KiiToS!!

Dress – ‘Tuli (Ice)’ by (Elate!)

Tights – ‘Cozy tights – light grey’ by TWOSOME

Shoes – ‘five belts boots brown’ by ANEXX

Doughtnuts bag by =LION=

Pocky <3

Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! lol. XD Lately I’ve been obsessed with ‘pocky’ talk. I forgot about it (because it’s hard to find where I live) when I saw elka’s flickr. I’m sure you know it, it’s a japanese ‘snack food’ (little biscuit sticks dipped in choc) and highly addictive!. In Portugal it’s not easy to find, there’s a fairly similar to pocky called ‘Mikado’ but it’s not the same.  SO, I recently found a store downtown that sells REAL POCKY!..and omg, not only I bought like 5 packs (rl) I also found that I had it in my invo. Ah, so that was the trigger to make me start doing pocky tshirts today and come back to blogging! For some reason I love this outfit, its not often that I mix red and blue (unless I go navy like mood) and not often that I blog an outfit made of things I haven’t bought ‘recently’. I have also decided I should stop being lazy and ‘try’ to make some accessories and play with sculpties (not that I’m good at it) and hopefully will have some headbands and stuffs (because omg, I’m addicted to hair accessories) in the future! ❤ Uma muahs!

pocky love

pocky love I

Details :

Hair – ‘Ilias’ (madder red) by Uncleweb

Headband by me (not for sale..yet?)

Skin – ‘Alice nude freckles’ by Milk Motion

Scarf – ‘bell scarf’ (gift) by >TRUTH<

Hoodie – ‘Funky retro hoodie grey’ by So Many Styles

Skirt – ‘Denimskirt black’ by Untone Quilt

Socks (underpants layer) ‘your everyday socks (blue)’ by Twosome

Knee socks – ‘knee socks wool – red’ by SySy’s

Boots – ‘Billow boots in cherry’ by Maitreya

Pocky  by AetherStyle