Girls just wanna have fun!

haihai!…It’s clearly obvious I’ve had a lot time to kill lately and apart from it, I just wanna have fun blogging! So as I got home from college, I was thinking about making a couple of outfits, based on some ‘high school stereotypes’. I have not succeeded though, but had it in mind while mix and matching (a whole damn lot). Because it’s not my intention to spam feeds with pictures I figured I’d just squeeze them all together *clearly not a pretty picture* but hey, I’m lazy and I almost got sick of changing. ALMOST!…So I guess if I’d have to ‘label’ each look, I’d call (from left to right) the first, ‘tough pride girl’, second ‘awkwardly cute nerd’, third  ‘bootsie boho’ and fourth ‘artsy ballerina’. I clearly missed out the bitch-sie and the pop-sie girls but hey…there’s just so much time and patience to do this and in order to stay true to myself, I chose the ones I have a bitsie in common with. ! I do hope you like it!! On a side note, I AM SO IN LOVE WITH LAMB’S NEW HAIRS OMG!  muahs! ❤ Uma


Listening to ‘Cindy Lauper – Girls just wanna have fun’

Girls just wanna have fun!

Worn (left to right) :

Hair – ‘Say – Ink’ by !lamb

Skin – ‘::CleO:: cream – Ohboi’ by Dutch Touch

Hat – ‘FUR HAT’ by LeLutka

Jacket – ‘Soft Riders (grey)’ by NINIKO

Shirt – ‘My loose tshirt . fawn’ by (Milk Motion)

Suspenders by {Kari} (scripted)

Pants – ‘Hot Cocoa Stain Jeans . dark gray’ by [SC] / Surf Couture

Boots – ‘NAU combat boots’ by <The Abyss>

Glasses – ‘Ray-band’ by (W)


Hair – ‘Poppyseend – powder’ by !lamb

Skin – ‘Skye <Honey> Beestung’ by [PF] / Pink Fuel

Sweater – ‘Argyle Knit_Black’ by *ARAI*

Top – ‘Savoir turtleneck top silver/blue’ by Maitreya

Bowtie – ‘Bow Tie diagonal stripes black/silver’ by Adjunct

Shorts – ‘Black Tweed Half Pants’ by MNK*SHOP

Socks – ‘Check socks – black’ by HANAUTA

Shoes – ‘Low chucks’ (scripted) by AKEYO

Glasses – ‘Ducklips glasses’ (scripted) by Gritty Kitty


Hair – ‘Say – Butterfinger’ by !lamb

Hair accessory – ‘Hair stuff (leftovers)’ by (fd)

Skin – ‘Petal [Light] April – Pure3’ by Gala Phoenix

Jacket – ‘Tweedle Dee jacket’ by Narwhal

Shirt – ‘I ❤ plaid – dennis hybrid’ (old gift) by *Thimbles*

Shorts – ‘Lagoon (part of outfit)  short denims’ by :bijou

Socks – ‘Knit Knee socks  . chocolate’ by Shiny Things

Boots – ‘Cowgirl boots . beige’ by [hoorenbeek]


Hair – ‘Say – ugly red lipstick’ by !lamb

Skin – ‘Lake – red wings (norm freckles)’ by &Bean

Shirt (under) and belt – ‘Flaming Leaves’ by Paper Couture

Corset – ‘Jasmine vest’ by Paper Couture

Skirt – ‘Signalling through the flames Mog’ by &Bean

Socks – ‘Ella stockings – natural – light brown’ by *League*

Shoes – ‘Mina flats [platinum]’ by >TRUTH<



Powder Puff and Snugs = <3

Hey everyone!! 😀 I’ve been soooo excited to blog this, mostly because I’ve witnessed Kookie’s creation process of these amazing shoes, and been waiting for heads up to blog them. Also, this is my first post ever for both girls and boys so yay for that. I could not resist it since, these ‘snugs‘ shoes are the first official men’s shoes Kookie made and I personally think she achieved something greater. Suede ftw! I think men will love these, either for a more formal or really casual look, they work perfectly and look amazing. I myself may consider getting them for me aswell or steal Elijah’s 😉 !

Anyways, on to what could well be one of my favorite pair of shoes EVER. The ‘Powder puff‘. These have all the features I was waiting and nagging Kookie to create, perfect high wedges, t-bars and adorable colors. They come in 8 different colors : sun gold, bordeaux, sea glass, jade, spruce, cloud, teal and peach. They are soooo sweet and sexy and cute, all at the same time. How can you resist these? Make sure you go check, now. ❤ Uma

pp and snug


powder puff and snug

Details :

On Elijah :

Hair/Hat – ‘Natural BLACK ~ CHRIS Casual’ by .::MADesigns Hair::.

Jacket – ‘Merino Knit Jacket .  [White]’ by Armidi

Shirt – ‘Daddy’s out at the bar . plaid’ by Thimbles

Pants – ‘Boyd dress trousers . Outer Space’ by [W&B]

Shoes – ‘Snugs . *Dirty Ash*‘ by Kookie


On meh :

Hair – ‘Girl anachronism – Milk’ by .:[Tiny Bird]:.

Skin – ‘April June 2’ by Gala Phoenix/Curio

Jacket – ‘Ladies Like Flowers eggshell’ by Pig

Dress – ‘Rex Plaid Tunic – dust’ by Salsa!

Shoes – ‘Powder Puff – Peach’ by Kookie


I have to thank Heather beebe, for I wouldn’t have as much fun and feel as inspired today if she hadn’t shared with us this awesome, AWESOME, ‘character skin’. If you watch the feeds, you probably already own it, if not, rush now, you must have it in your invo. ❤ Uma



Details :

Hair – Parallel hair – platinum’ by !AVZ!

Skin – ‘Character skin’ (free) by [ROCKBERRY]

Jacket – ‘Straight Jacket Surrealist’ by Kyoot

Top (under) – ‘SoCal Tube Top (white 2) by [Detour]

Skirt – ‘Shark Fin (white)’ by *Thimbles*

Shoes – ‘Slinky Stilletos (white)’ by Maitreya

Antlers – ‘Sika Antlers’ by *~*Illusions*~*

Tattoos – ‘arm feathers’ (gloves layer) for  Tiny Bird (free) (by Haver Cole)

‘Mechanic Tattoo’ (not free) by >Bitter Thorns<

Listening to Ready or Not (Aphrodite rmx dubplate)


Soooooooo…I have been able to do all things I need irl for my little trip and I still have a little time to blog ’til thursday. <3!..Multi-tasking atm, but I decided I’d do another 2 in 1 post, basically because, again, I couldn’t choose between these two looks. The reason why I came back is, Dejavu hair. Lilkim will open the store this week or so at cupcakes and of course we’re all eager for that. Not sure if I’ll be here when it does, but surely will keep up to date while I’m away. These are two of lots of other hairs, we’ll see at dejavu. How cute is the short one? I love it. The second one reminds me of a redesigned version of an old dejavu group gift, but with the little braids in front. Also, church of luxe, recently released these cute checkered dresses, they’re adorable. However I decided to wear the top part as a shirt, since its so versatile. Apatia also just released the most awesome stripey sweaters, so these were my two inspirations. Both looks are rather simple, but I hope you like ❤ Uma

two in one

two in one I

Details :

Hair – ‘CATEYE (dark brown)’ by DEJAVU

Skin – ‘Melinda 4k’ by Mayden couture

Shirt – ‘Morgan (lemon)’ by Church of luxe

Vest – ‘Damara vest’ by Last Call (no longer available)

Suspenders – ‘classicbracesbrown’ by -SG-

Pants – ”jeans smog capri’ by Fishy Strawberry

Boots – ‘Kensington boots *bronze*’ by Tesla

Poses (all) by Torrid

two in one II

two in one III

Details :

Hair – ‘YURUHUWA 1 black’ by DEJAVU

Sweater – ‘Cleo  at the cafe pink/white’ by *Thimbles*

Skirt – ‘carla circle skirt *white*’ by Artilleri

Socks – ‘Socks mit suspenders *cranberry*’ by Pig

Boots – ‘Woo boots’ by [0N]

Bag – ‘LeatherShoulderBag – christmas version (hunt freebie)’ by ::plod::

Bandaid – ‘kiss my knee bandaids’ by Domestic-V

Poses by c’est la vie / AnaLu

Street Boho.

haihaihaihai! >.< Ok, so I’ve been looking through my ‘closet’ to see if I could find a boho.ish tunic that I have actually neglected or haven’t worn in a long time. Once I *finally* found it, I thought about putting together a cute little boho look. Something also warm and unpretentious! I couldn’t leave this jacket in the closet, since it took me forever to mod it and because I love it, why not wear it again?…I have a similar one in rl and I always go back to wearing it over and over and I’m never sick of it.  I was also invited by Rosemary Galbraith to check Cupcakes! skins, to my surprise (and shame) I had never checked them and I was happily surprised. There is a new skin line called ‘lovespell’ but this one caught my little eyes and of course I was right. I love the face! It has a more grown up look (in comparison to lyla) but fresh and young looking so I decided to make a little change from my last posts and I really feel comfortable wearing it. Cute! What can I say…Anyways, hope you like this look and and and..until next time..or, tomorrow I’ll leave you with this amazing Arthur Rusell song -> a little lost 😉 ❤ Uma

boho street chic

boho street chic I

Details :

Hair – ‘SpringBreeze*BROWN*’ by ((JUNWAVE))

Skin – ‘Celebrity / Vanilla – Autumn’ by CUPCAKES!

Jacket – ‘Leather bomber jacket – dark brown/beige’ by *Muism*

Scarf – ‘Donna Brown Scarf (Chest)’ by B@R

Tunic – ‘Aztec Jewel Tunic purple’ by .::SM::.

Top (under) – ‘Barfight Brenda Tank Undershirt’ by *Thimbles*

Jeans – ‘overall yoyoribbon denim’ by *UnTone Quilt*

Boots – ‘Girls’ Biker Boots – Brown’ by Redgrave

LookBook . Uma Ceawlin . 2008.08.14

So I had this little glitter (FTV) jacket for some time and I just love it so much but never figured out what to wear it with. The sleeves are just perfect, and it’s one of those pieces which prims don’t annoy/concern you, fitting perfectly. Now the new maitreya’s frenzy pumps are just awesome, the textures perfect. So mixing them together with black thighs and a mini dress seemed the best way to show them off. I always add a little color, make it a little fun and playful, so the bow is that tiny colorful detail here. The hair helps aswell. I hope you like it ❤ Uma.

Details :

Hair – Zero Style ‘Milca’ (in white)

Jacket – FTV ‘Jojo’s dream top’ (part of ‘frozen turquoise valentine’ outfit)

Dress – *Thimbles* ‘Love, Marleen’ (pale gold)

Thighs – Veschi ‘career funk’ (tintable thighs)

Neck/bow – Veschi ‘Le Poufe Pink’ bow (part of outfit)

Shoes – Maitreya ‘frenzy – dangerous’