Damn everything but the circus

Damn everything but the circus

Worn :

Hair . ‘Goodbye Horses’ by Clawtooth by Clawtooth

Skin . ‘Hiccup ‘Mummer’ (light/winged brows) by Tres Blah for DUIII

Dress . ‘Dolly border balloon dress’ by ::SUGARCUBE

Shirt . ‘Ruffled silk shirt’ by ::SUGARCUBE

Shorts (under dress) . ‘Madras check pants *pink*’ by +KiiToS!!+

Gloves . ‘Full finger gloves *red*’ by (DoMoCo)

Hat . ‘The Damsil’ by (royal blue) for DUIII

Socks . ‘The death of a clown in blue chill’ by (royal blue) for DUIII

Shoes . ‘Ashia Ballet Pointe Pewter’ by SLink

in hand ‘My love is in my pocket’ by Singing Moth for DUIII

Knit doll

Hi, hi!…All about feeling warm today, Truth’s group gift couldn’t come in a better moment..and I’ve been planning to grab vintage’s beret (check the subway at trilogy sim, cute stuff there), so I had the opportunity today. I don’t think I’ve ever featured these pants from sugarcube either, though they’re old. I like the baggy look  and cute feel to them. Also loviiiiiing modd.g jacket, so cute, so warm. Thank you moddypoo ❤ joo! I’ve worn these flowers in my hair, way too many times but I cannot resist hair accessories and I thought it finished the look and how I feel. Then doppelganger leggings (find them at blackmart) and So Many Styles (soon to be released) socks, because I am a sock sucker. Or should I say socker? lol. funny, funny, anyways, MUAHS! ❤ Uma

Worn :

Skin – ‘Babushka-ya-ya – (halloweens freebie)’ by &Bean
Hair – ‘SULTAN 30 – plush brown’  by ::69::
Hat – ‘Baggy knit hat – plaid (scripted)’ by (epoque) find it at trilogy sim
Hair accessory – ‘Hair corsage Dubai (pearl)’ by AtomicBambi
Jacket – ‘Leigh jacket’ by Modd.G
Top – ‘gray tank top’ by **DP**yumyum
Scarf – ‘Lygon scarf’ (group gift) by >TRUTH< (attached to spine)
Pants – ‘Hakama pants (khaki)’ by ::SUGARCUBE
Leggings – ‘candy cane long johns (grey)’ by Doppelganger inc. (at blackmarket)
Socks – ‘Knit socks beige’ (soon to be released) by {SMS}
Shoes – ‘Mishima dawn shiny tan’ by Maitreya

So last week!

Damn! I have to tell you, a week without blogging or looking at pixel clothes made my head explode when I thought about dressing up. I haven’t been on much, apart from friday for trilogy opening …I have been m.i.a. and I am neglecting blogging so much I didn’t feel like coming back. However if I kept delaying it I think I wouldn’t blog again lol. I is lazy! First look made me happy though, its all fairly new and I thought I’d wear Milk Motion’s fur(ilicious) jacket in a slightly different way, more like a stole/vest and it looked pretty damn cute with the highwaisted pants (also from Milk Motion)!..I just noticed how I look super tall on the second (threeway) picture, eyes do deceive us!

The second look is an old outfit I made and that was just resting in some almost trashed folder but I thought I’d take it back (just updated shoes aha) it was especially done for a vain inc. spread (with bru <3) but since I missed it, I thought I’d show you. Hope you like it..muah muah! ❤ Uma

Outfit ‘one’ :

Hair – ‘Ghost . Powder’ by !lamb / Skin – ‘Bird Skin – Heavy Brow’ by (fd) / Jacket – ‘My vintage fur coat (just prim) by Milk Motion / Top – ‘meduse – noir tank’ by ::SUGARCUBE / Pants – ‘My highwaist wool pants’ by Milk Motion / Bag – ‘Enamel bag (black)’ by [ICoN] / Shoes – ‘St.Tropez (black)’ by LeLutka / Glasses – ‘Ray-band glasses’ by (W)

Outfit ‘two’ :

Hair – ‘JAJAY Simple [Black pearL]’ (edited) by CheerNo. / Hat – ‘cornflowerblue hat fabricB’ by LeLutka / Scarf – ‘Ebba Scarf in Purple’ by MichaMi / Cloak – ‘Chidori Habit B/W Cloak’ by ::: B@R ::: / Jacket – ‘Piumino jacket’ by *BF* (bianca foulon) / Shirt – ‘Turtle neck/gray’ by LeLutka / Shirt prim from ‘my loose tshirt’ by Milk Motion / Skirt – ‘black skirt (old gift)’ by **DP**yumyum /  Leggings (old gift) by .:MALT:. /  Socks by So Many Styles / Shoes – ‘Athena (black)’ by Kookie

Listening to : Death cab for cutie – ‘meet me on the equinox’

Lintu Star, freebies and smersh awesomeness!

Ok, I seriously don’t know where to start here. As well all know, Onyx (from Maitreya) has released a couple of awesome jeans recently. Because I’m all about the baggy/loose lately I chose (as if I could resist) the boyfriend style jeans. They’re not overly baggy but they’re not the skinny type and of course, they are absolutely PERFECT.  I will not take these off for a while. At the same time, and while I was shopping I noticed Anya wearing ::SUGARCUBE‘s loose (string) tank top and because we can never have too many loose pieces, I couldn’t resist it either. Thank you Sayuri!!! ❤ and YAY for sculpts <3! Another awesooooooooome thing I was waiting for, was  Flopsie‘s (the skilled mind/hands behind SMERSH) new HICH CHIK BIKE! Again, another favorite thing in sl, rides. Especially when they’re as hot as this one! Damn! Get your own, it works as ao aswell so take it off and just go for a ride. <3!

Next, as you can notice I couldn’t add anything else to these pictures, but all you can see : closet, thermometer (in mouth) card box, cans and ashtray and awesome shorts are all part of Lintu Star sim opening gifts. All dollarbies, though shorts are freebie and the thermometer you pay 10L and get random (toothbrush or thermometer). There’s also other gifts such as, a garden hose or shirts, and there’s a men’s version for these awesome shorts (and girls can wear them too). Just look at those pockets!! So Kawaii! you will REALLY need to check the sim out, because it’s too cute! This totally made my day! ❤ Uma

lintu star freebies



Hair – ‘Icaro blue/black’ by *Fishy Strawberry* . Skin – ‘Aokie – Light purify skin’ by V9 . Headband – ‘am tulip headband/vino’ by Miel . Jacket – ‘Opened blazer/blue’ by Polina Kaestner . Pants – ‘Boyfriend Jeans #02’ by Maitreya . Top – ‘String tank top/baby pink’ by ::SUGARCUBE . Shoes – ‘jogging white/pink sneakers by [hoorenbeek] . Bike (and garbage can)  ‘the hich chick‘ by SMERSH . Closet / Wood Closet (freebie) by Garbage CollectionCans/cardbox and ashtray (freebie) by No.3 feathers in Lintu Star Sim!



Hair – ‘+*gl*+4+choco black’ (lucky chair gift) by Glitter Hair . Pipe – ‘bent apple usagi’ (old valentines gift) by Kurotsubaki . Top – ‘String tank (lavender)’ by ::SUGARCUBE . Shorts – ‘madras check pants orange’ by +KiiToS!!+ (not free but there’s the same ones in pink and men’s version for free in Lintu Star Sim) . Shoes – ‘ant flats – fedora’ by Miel . Watermelon by Kurotsubaki (old csr gift)

Poses by  [LAP] , TorridWear, and Esme Milena 😉

Pink, Green, Orange and love.

I’ve had a lot to think about, I’m still in a weird mood and I’m still trying to give sl a break. Mostly socially, which only means less time spent in sl and the time I’m on, focused on what I like doing. Don’t know if this phase is a acumulation of several feelings/situations I haven’t had the cold blood to step back or not get influenced by, however I’m still in love with clothes!..and I’m still in awe by the support, the kind words and the people that are worth, coming back, blogging, sharing thoughts with, and worth of my attention aswell. I’ve said in reply to friends words that lately all I take joy and pleasure of is, with no doubt, blogging. So that’s where all my thoughts will be directed to. I’m 3 days away from being 2 years old, and omg, maybe this is just a nostalgic phase I’m going through? Buh. As I think back and evaluate my sl experience, all I can be thankful for is the people I’ve met, the friends I’ve made and the experience of starting a blog and the (positive) feedback I’ve received from everyone. My last post, wasn’t a goodbye one, by no means I’ll give up doing what I love the most. I was just sharing my thoughts on how I feel about lot of things that have been going on, how the negativity/shallowness I see around affects me in a serious level. However I’ve always been able to not care/think or even make an effort to know about (or participate) in drama/be affected by it, so that’s what I’ll try to do again, from now on. As I’m turning ‘2 years old’ my blog is turning one year old. I started blogging on june 13th (2008) and OMG, as I look back it feels like it was yesterday. So bear with me (and my moods)  I plan on celebrating a year of blogging experience in a (hopefully) happy way/mood. With all this in mind and focusing on what I really *heart* doing, let me spam you a little bit. These outfits are a tribute to niniko vs BomBon (which I planned on putting together some time ago) and a special thank you to Sayuri for her kindness by sending me the (amazingly beautiful) goldfish dresses, which I couldn’t resist not wearing. Much ❤ Uma

prettyful pink


Hair – ‘.+*Chib*+. Mattcocoa’ by Mirai Style .

Skin – ‘Bird – sun drops’ by Fashionably Dead

Top – ‘chiffon cutsew red*red’ by NINIKO

Belt – ‘stripe pants belt’ by NINIKO

Pants – ‘Border Pants gray’ by BomBon

Leggings – ‘complimentary leggings – cream’ by Random Fashions

Socks – ‘mokomoko . charcoal’ by *UnTone Quilt*

Shoes – ‘petanko cross blood’ by [0N]

prettyful green


Hair – ‘Spring black’ by Love Kitty

Sweater – ‘hasami knit’ by BomBon

Pants – ‘Dot Pants’ by NINIKO

Suspenders – ‘new school suspenders’ by {Kari}

Shoes – ‘retro pumps (artichoke)’ by *UnTone Quilt*

Sketch pad/pencil by Gritty Kitty (csr 2008 gift)

prettyful orange


Hair – ‘Kia – cinnamon’ by Analog Dog

Skin – ‘Imani’ by LAQ

Hair Flower – ‘rose hair flower *orange*’ by Artilleri

Dress – ‘Goldfish dress . orange’ by ::SUGARCUBE

Necklace – ‘deer flower pendant’ by Paper Couture

Shoes – ‘the alice cullen ballet flats . ivory’ by {cherry}

Poses by . {flowey} .  Snook poses .  Luth . [Y.M.X]

Lover, you should’ve come over

hai. oi. hello.

I’m not in a writting mood, more like a listening and a dressing up one. ❤

Domo Arigatou Sayuri Cremorne, and sweet, happy welcome back 😉


sugar cube
Details :
Hair – ‘o’ – onyx’ by (fd)
Skin – ‘bird – heavy brow’ by (fd)
Jacket – ‘carnation jacket’ (without collar and bottom part) by P.C.
Top (under) – ‘Wispy Vest – green’ by *Kookie*
Skirt – (part of) ‘Ruckle Summer dress’ by ::SUGARCUBE
Leggings – ‘sculpt leggings – white’ by M*A*ii*K*I
Shoes – ‘Slinky stilletos – white’ by Maitreya
Bag – ‘easy handbag’ by Djunk
Bird – ‘a place to call home – they’re so raven’ by Bubbles Clawtooth