Another day..just breathe.

Haiiiiiiiiii!..Ok, I’m on a roll, and I might take advantage of it while I’m feeling inspired. Contrary to the last post(s) for this one I decided to go kawaii again. >.<! Bear with me, since I’m going to spam you with pictures, hopefully they’ll be worth the pain of spam. XD! I’m feeling all colorful again, and the sun is out now until 8/9pm YAY for ‘summer time’!..While I was putting two of the outfits together, bruuu sent me her newest release, thought I would like it, well, I don’t I ❤ IT!!..Super cute ‘blue like nevermind tunic’, a puffy kawaii dress in all colors you could think of to cheer up your inventory. Ohhh she’s a talented one and I couldn’t resist not wear it, so there, PUFF, 3 in one, once again. I chose the obvious BLUE, since the other two outfits where based on pink and yellow. So there, Hope you like it ❤ Uma


kawaii I

kawaii II

kawaii III

Details (1st outfit) :

Hair – ‘short bangs dango2/silver’ by *BP

Hair accessory – ‘eating strawberry – chocolat hair accessory’ by H+K (honey kitty)

Scarf – ‘Donna pink scarf’ by barerose

Top/Blouse – ‘cotton blouse – berry’ by **En Svale**

Pants – ‘check pants/pink’ by *BP

Bag – ‘Vintage petit sac – rose’ by P-K

Socks – ‘more girly socks – peach’ by H+K

Shoes – ‘merry (pink)’ by LOTTA

2nd outfit .

Hair – ‘hair13 rabi white’ by Little Heaven

Hair accessory – ‘(dot) ribbon holic set katyusha hair band’ (color change) by H+K

Brooch/attachment – ‘sailorette attachment in blue’ by Artilleri

Dress – ‘Blue like nevermind tunic (blue)’ by Pididdle

Socks – ‘check socks / white’ by Hanauta

Shoes – ‘Barcelona sling back prussian blue’ by Armidi

3rd outfit .

Hair – ‘GR8 caramel brown’ by DEJAVU

Glasses – ‘white & gold vintage shades’ by [SpeXx]

Top/Dress – ‘Mariniere striped dress’ by P-K

Shorts – ‘ Jeanius shorts black’ by Veschi

Socks – ‘more girly socks (banana)’ by H+K

Sneakers – ‘Drunks’ by UBU (color change made them all white with gold ‘swoosh’)

Backpack – ‘RUCKSACK’ (color change) by *ARAI*

Earring – ‘GOLD Bamboomerangs! black stripes L’ by *KC*

Listening to Telepopmusik – Breathe

Poses by : pda . Torrid . =Izumyia= . u:ka . and *V*

Surprisingly cold…

Today I woke up just feeling like layering a bunch of really warm clothes! Something more up my alley, my style. After checking ”new(est)” BomBon release (biggest fan of tokoro back when the store was just a little stand at tokoro’s home), I couldn’t resist coming back, it inspired me today. Two different options, long or short, two different sleeves and collars, I decided I’d show you at least two of the four (?) coats for sale. It’s surprisingly cold outside so I’m dressed for it, and omg, I can’t wait for spring, but sometimes (just sometimes) it’s good to stay in, watch the rain and wind and super cold outside and just play pixel paperdollism!..k, that’s what I bring you though, a cute winter look, oh and who would have guessed, wide leg jeans! My favorite redgrave shoes (well, sneakers) and lots of so needed winter accessories. Muahs, ❤ Uma.


wintery I

Details :

Hair – ‘+*Lack*+ (chocolate)’ by Mirai Style

Skin – ‘Hana’ by Redgrave

Jacket(s) – ‘maru coat blue and maru coat red check’ by BomBon/GriBon

Shirt (under) ‘i love pocky (gray)’ by me/toastface

Jeans – ‘wide leg jeans’ by FTV

Scarf – ‘linen stole muffler (turquoise)’ by creamshop

Gloves – ‘ushuaia gloves in purple  and ushuaia gloves in red by FTV

sunglasses – ‘vintage it shades’ by [SpeXx] and ‘mom glasses classic tortoise’ by (yummy)

sneakers – ‘Athlete Sneakers -Cyan/Pink’ by Redgrave

System overload

OH yeah, I’m back (or black) for more! Who would have thought I’d do an 180º degree turn from ‘retro’ to urban that fast. But yes! Soooo…this time I decided to put an outfit together, that came out of the blue and turned to, basically umm, black. As I was dressing ‘up’ today and listening to Love lockdown from Kanye west, everything made sense and came together.  Some time ago Omnia oh has presented me with some upcoming skin releases from beauty avatar, and little did I know I’d fall for so fast for ‘Diana’. However, I have to say this skin is amazing, I haven’t changed my shape for it at all, and even though I didn’t, I love the way it looks. This chocolate color skin is just yummi, plump glossy lips, perfect tone, great features. AH, the finishing touch I needed for this whole look. For blogging I usually think of the best way to put an outfit together, and that not only means clothes but skin, background and basically the right attitude. That being said, I hope you like it. ❤ Uma.

system overload

System overload I

Details :

Hair – ‘ASHIME’ (black) by C&H

Skin – (first pic) ‘Diana black skin 07’ (second pic) ‘Diana black skin 01’ (soon to be released)

Jacket – ‘039 RAS PARKA BLACK’ by Marinesta

Shirt –  ‘Longshirt “Boarder” blue(inner)’ by (Roo)

Skirt – ‘black high waist’ by Emery

Pants – ‘Skinny jeans yellow’ by Emery

Shoes -‘Slinky stilletos (white)’ by Maitreya

Necklace – ‘Natural Stone Necklace  turquoise’ by Swallowtail

Gloves – ‘Full Finger Gloves Dark Teal’ by DoMoCo

Bag – ‘Twiggy bag_Records resize’ by Baiastice

Glasses – ‘White & Gold Vintage Shades’ by [SpeXx]