…a day by the beach.

Ironically enough its raining cats and dogs today (in rl).  I am as depressed and pouty as I could be, so I decided to pretend and imagine how I’d love this day to be.  Sunny and warm and by the beach, drinking an espresso and watching the sun shine on the water. YES, that would have happened if it wasn’t such a sh*tty day. In sl however it can be whatever we want and I’m pretty sure it’s not raining all over the globe so..there I hope you like this outfit. The beret is my favorite (edited) piece, is part of Muism’s hair, edited off the hair and made it fit as I wanted to, slouchy and pretty much just how I wear my berets in rl, so we could say that was the inspiration. I opted to do a more warmer version of the same outfit, by adding Nylon’s jacket and taking off the top, which is pretty much what happens when you go to a coffee place by the beach here  in spring, while the sun is out you feel all warm but by the time the sun gets down, it gets slightly colder and you just put on a jacket to stay warm. ❤ Uma

a day by the beach

a day by the beach I

Details :

(1st pic)

Hair – ‘Faye – caramel’ by Maitreya

Skin – ‘Mia Sunrise skin vol. 6’ by ..::MAI::..

Top – ‘Boho Babydoll cyan’ by !Doux Petit Dahl

Top (under) – ‘Lace Trimmed Lady Beater – white’ by Camie Cooper

Belt – ‘Gems Belt Seagreen’ by {SMS}

Skirt – ‘BillyJoe Skirt’ by Skin Flicks (slightly edited shorter)

Shoes – ‘flower flats green’ by 50 Flats

Beret – (part of) ‘Sara hair’ by *Muism*

(2nd pic/changed)

Jacket – ‘Snap Jacket Blue’ by (NO)

Shades – ‘Machimo sunglasses – genesis’ by Armidi

Bracelet – ‘Istanbul Bangle’ by *Fishy Strawberry* (albero hunt gift)

Bag – ‘Martini Hand Bag – dark green’ by Dollita

Poses by {flowey} . [Golden Delish] . =IZUMYIA=


Haiiii! >.<! I told myself today, that I would focus on just one outfit but again it proved to be impossible. Then I decided I should make a ‘cute dresses’ post and then I’ve put some pants on. I just couldn’t decide. I’ve had these two dresses for a while now but was too lazy to blog them, basically because they make the whole outfit and there’s nothing we can really add to it without looking too ‘busy’. So I’ve opted for 3 rather simple looks but that I’m actually in love with. Lately I’ve been obsessed with Mai’s skins but today Maika spoiled me with new Mayden Couture’s ‘lilith’ skin (which is out already) and I didn’t resist wearing it for the middle outfit.  Make sure you check them out, if you liked the previous ones you might enjoy this one. Now, let me go back to sort my closet..it’s a mess!! :O ❤ Uma


threesome I

threesome II

Details :

(1st pic)

Hair – ‘Sasha bun – platine’ by (P-K)

Skin – ‘Mia Sunrise Skin Vol.10’ by ..::MAI::..

Dress – ‘(fid) – A-02 pink’ by Fall into decay

Top (under) – ‘Savoir turtleneck *rosedusk*’ by Maitreya

Necklace – ‘ball necklace white’ by .+*AA*+.

Shoes – ‘Bambee *Milky* Wedges’ by Fuel

Pose – ‘I’m in the middle of your picture’ by {flowey}

(2nd pic)

Hair – ‘Mirella hair – natural brown’ by [LeLutka]

Skin – ‘LILITH N10’ by *Mayden Couture*

Shirt – ‘Jane Ruffel Sleeve – white” by Skin Flicks

Pants – ‘Wide Leg jeans’ by FTV

Belt – ‘High Waisted Belt V.2 *Patent Yellow*’ by M * A * ii * K * I

Shoes – ‘Slinky Stilletos – white’ by Maitreya

Necklace and earrings – ‘Gold Pendant & pierce’ by *::UM::*

Bag – ‘Hobo Black and White’ by Skin Flicks

Pose – *colamonico* Girls

(3rd pic)

Hair – ‘Gwen golden’ by ETD

Skin – ‘ Mia Sunrise Skin Vol.10’ by ..::MAI::..

Dress – ‘[yft] – brown’ by Yui’s favorite things

Shoes – ‘ ”kahakai” gold’ by R2 fashion

Poses – Beautiful dirty rick and wake up call by [Golden Delish]

Glam rock cupcake queen.

I decided before I blogged the (2nd) look I didn’t end up showing on the ‘say hi to your mum’ post, to just share today’s look with you. See elka, we can have food on our hair too!! I swear I don’t usually run around with cupcakes in my rl hair, well, not lately no. I promise I’ll get serious soon. >_<
cupcakes anyone?
Now on to the look I had planned to show you a couple of days ago. The inspiration was basically MMS new Mary kate hair. I was thinking of doing a mary kate/ashley inspired look but as things progressed it turned out being a little different but still interesting. It’s just a style tip with things we may have already mixed with some more recent ones. Hope you like it ❤ Uma
MK outfit
MK outfit 2
Details :
(look of the day)
Hair – Maya (cinnamon) by Zero Style
Coat – ‘FurCoat’ (grey) by [PureStyle]
Shirt – ‘Top polo ramones’ by Emery
Skirt – (part of outfit/group gift) by ”In the Light”
Belt – ‘Music belt’ (black) by Atomic Kitty
Leggings – (part of outfit) by Cachet
Boots – ‘Boho Chic’ (soho boots) by Maitreya
Cupcake headband by CuppycakeUms

(second outfit)

Hair – ‘Mary Kate’ (blondes pack) by MMS

Skin – ‘Moscow pale’ by MMS

Glasses – ‘Urban Shades – metal’ (black frames/lenses) by VW

Sweater – ‘Mary Ann Sweater’ (black) by Skin Flicks

Shirt – [Oversized Shirt] by Muism

Belt – ‘High Waisted Belt *Patent Warm Red*’ by M * A * ii * K * I

Leggings – part of outfit by Cachet

Shoes – ‘schoo black’ black by AW Design

Bag – ‘Signature Series Tote Bag Red Rose’ by SLink

Cool things to keep you warm.

Today all I can think about is feeling comfy and warm, so it’s more likely to see me dress down and in a really ‘crazy’ looking way. Cold weather’s coming our way, it doesn’t snow in this spot of the world but it’s as cold as if it would.  So I chose just a couple of things from a couple of stores around the grid to fill the winter ‘corner’ of our closets. Skin flicks has (recently) released a couple of really gorgeous and warm looking sweaters and cardis (and a bunch of more stuff) and En svale a really cool jacket (aswell as some cute dresses im not featuring in this post). Burt’s Laundry boots are just too cute and too comfy, and because that’s what I was wearing today, I wanted to point them out, for the ones who haven’t checked burt’s landry lately or at all.
cool things to keep you warmz
But my favorite piece of it all, if I had to choose is the fur jacket I’ve found at PureStyle, now the awesome thing about it is that is entirely made of prims, which are resizable by touch. This way you can wear it with a jacket layer which makes our ‘work’ way easier when we’re mixing and matching and playing with layers. It fits perfectly! For all of you who haven’t checked it yet, do it, it’s worth it. It has all the basic colors, black grey white and brown and 2 or 3 more with animal prints. I might do a couple of more outfits with it in the future, maybe dress it up a little more.  If you’re still eager to spend some more money there don’t forget to check the small ponchos, they’re super cute. ❤ Uma
cozy warm

Details :

(top pic from left to right)

‘Christy sweater’ by Skin Flicks

‘B-3  Jacket’ by En Svale

‘Mary Ann Sweater’ (black) by Skin Flicks

‘Knit point boots’ by Burt Laundry

‘Over Knit’ (gray) by *~PS~*

(bottom pic)

Skin – ‘Moscowpale-1a’ by MMS

Hat/cap – ‘Knit booooooo!!! Knit cap’ by .:::: dEVOL ::::. (comes with hair option aswell)

Hair – ‘Envy’ (blackishbrown) by 69

Coat – ‘FurCoat (Gray)’ by [PureStyle]

Sweater – ‘Christy sweater’ (beige) by Skin Flicks

Pants – ‘Leggings beige’ by **DP**yumyum

Boots – ‘Knit point boots’ by Burt Laundry

Camera – ‘Shoulder camera (black) by Saya

Trunks by En Svale

Thursday Girl

I finally gave in and bought 69’s ‘envy me’ hair! Basically because it was exactly what I needed for this look, I wasn’t too sure about it before because I knew how much editing I knew I had to do in order to look just like how I wanted! You may not notice it, I’m just an uncorrectable perfectionist! I also modded the necklace, making the squares and rings bigger along with the whole length! This whole look however, revolves around my favorite wool ‘sweater’ of the moment! Sonya (No Face designer/owner) will be releasing them ‘soon’ along with the opening of her new store and I can’t wait to see what’s in her ‘sleeve’! If anything this piece (part of the minimalist line) is just a confirmation that she’s here to stay and lead us all to bankruptcy! 😉 Perfect prim work and textures! That being said, I was all about the accessories on this outfit, and personally I don’t think they stand out more than they’d need to! ❤ Uma

Details :
Skin – ‘Lyla’ by Redgrave
Hat/hair – ‘envy me’ by 69
Sweater – ‘wool swater – minimalist’ by NF/No Face
Pants – (part of) ‘Victoria Winter Sports wear/brown’ by Skin Flicks
Shoes – ‘Dune boots – champagne’ by Maitreya
Bag – ‘Everyday Tote (tan weave) by ETD
Frames – ‘Aviator sunglasses’ (blue) by emery
Necklace – ‘pyramid necklace/green/brown’ by 69
Earrings – ‘Art Deco’ by p.c.
Bracelet -*4 bangles’ by fetch


I’ve been listening to Ladytron and it inspired me to put this outfit together. Looks a bit ‘electro’ influenced so I decided to blog the hell out of it. Total black with a touch of blue. Edgy but still simple. Also, You’ll be seeing these boots A LOT. My ‘new’ favs ❤

Hair : ‘Shirley 2’ by Truth

Jacket : ‘Zina fur coat’ by Skin Flicks

Dress : ‘Keiko Tunic Dress’ By Armidi

Boots : ‘La jalousie Suede Boots’ (moonlight) By Gbberish

Bag : ‘DS bag’ (in blue) by [ICoN]

Earrings : ‘Chandy earrings’ by p.c.

Day to night!

Have you ever been in a situation when time is running out and you need to change from a day time look to a night out one, needing to change at lightning speed before someone’s picking you up? well, even if you haven’t there is always that one thought of, making the best out of what you have and how to reinvent your outfits so they can fit several situations and moods. This was my thought for today…Having one dress only as inspiration and doing two different looks by undressing some and only changing jackets and shoes. Bag’s optional. I decided to show off one I haven’t gone out with. ❤

Details :

1st two pics (day look)

Hair – ‘Mariko’ (dyed in blonde) by Dernier Cri.

Jacket – (part of) ‘Victoria Winter Sports Wear’ outfit by Skin Flicks

Dress (skirt) – ‘Flirtable Cocktail dress’ by Skin Flicks

Jeans – ‘Classic F’ by Calypso Giano

Shoes – ‘Chloe Sculpted Flats’ (purple) by L&E

Sunglasses – ‘Aviator Sunglasses’ (blue) by Emery

Camera – ‘(applesauce) Fisheye Camera’ by Krez McAllister (bought at ‘old’ Veezy)

Bag – ‘pochette verte’ by NF/No Face

Headphones – ‘headphones plain’ by booN

Last Pic (night look)

Hair – ‘Mariko’ (dyed in blonde) by Dernier Cri

‘Bolero sleeves’ – (part of) ‘Isabella dress’ outit by Skin Flicks

Dress – ‘Flirtable Cocktail dress’ by Skin Flicks

Shoes – ‘Black Ribbon short boots’ by Aoharu

Bag – ‘Reflection bag’ (black fur) by Queen Couture