‘Haiiii! Another day, another outfit. Or should I say, night? This is the kind of unpretentious look for a cold ‘night out’ with friends.  Prolly because I wouldn’t wear a sequin dress during the day, though, whatever I’d choose differently, would definitely work for a day look. However, I’ve always loved this P-K’s and I wanted to do an outfit with it. I have blogged a short ‘Pure Style’ fur coat before but this time I’m showing you a longer version. Again, all made of sculpties (latest obsession for a layer addict). I took the collar part so I could wear the ‘scarf tube’, also the whole coat has resizable script. <3. The accessories are definitely my favorite things on this outfit, they’re the latest creation of dango jewell for .::Fabulous::., I absolutely adore the ‘black sheep’ bangles. ❤ dango! I wanted them to stand out, so the whole ‘black’ look suits perfectly. How awesome are these? Mhm. You should definitely check out her little store. Hair is from deja vu, not released yet  and my inspiration for this outfit! Muah ❤ Uma.

night girl

night girl I

Details :

Hair – ‘Mademoiselle (caramel brown)’ not for sale yet, by Deja Vu

Skin – ‘London light makeup 5a’ by Le Lutka

Jacket – ‘Long fur coat (dark gray)’ by Pure Style

Dress – ‘sequin tank dress’ by P-K

Scarf – ‘scarf tube knit 1 black’ by Cachet

‘Pants’ – ‘Cachet wool pants black1’ by Cachet

Shoes – ‘peeping tom white’ by Royal Blue / worn with Soho boots (cocktail grunge) top attachments by Maitreya

Bag – ‘tote black’ by SLink

Accessories :

Earrings – ‘StillMatic platinum earrings’ by .::FabulouS::. (by dango jewell)

Bangles – ‘Black Sheep bangles (white gold/L+R) by .::FabulouS::. (by dango jewell)


Haiiiii! So lately I’ve been more inspired to do different styles, more themed or music related maybe? Because really, music and fashion have always been intrinsically linked, with music inspiring or at least supporting whole fashion looks. I wanted to do something completely different from the last post, more dark(ish) gothy doll inspired. I’ve had this awesome sinistyle jacket for a while now, and though I wear it often I don’t think I’ve blogged it before. It’s called ‘death dealer’ and though you have to buy the shorter version separately,  it also comes with a longer version and all with resizable script! My inspiration was Milk Motion’s necklace, with the little skull! I love Marie’s creations, and Royal Blue’s boots seemed perfect on this look! Bed hair choice, because I love it and it seemed appropriate for how I feel! God, I hate mondays >_< and I feel like a mess! So ok, I know I’ve done a 180º turn again but hope you like this look! muahs ❤ Uma

gothly doll

gothy doll I

Details :

Hair – ‘Ayase (raven)’ by Zero Style

Skin – ‘Lyla’ (smoky) by Redgrave

Necklace – ‘my skull necklace (white)’ by Milk Motion

Jacket – ‘death dealer coat f + death dealer short bottom’ by Sinistyle

Dress – ‘sussi dress’ by Little Fish

Leggings – ‘gray scale 3 leggings’ by Cachet

Boots -‘Tied metal charcoal and silver’ by Royal Blue

Bag – ‘Ribbon tote bag (black)’ by {Cherry}

Bird on hair – ‘chickweed hair pick (red)’ by GINZA jewelry Kohime

50 days!

Yay!!! You know sometimes, we’re really not very motivated to blog others we’re just not inspired to dress and we just feel like putting on some cute and comfy jeans a sweater, and we’re done. Other times, we just can’t stop putting outfits together, wear our fav shoes or match those colors we not always felt like mixing. Ok, this week has been hectic and I’m really in multitask mode but I’m also not feeling overwhelmed and disorganized (as I usually do). I’ve been able to keep having fun in sl, to hang out with friends, to put outfits together, shop, make tshirts and still have time and motivation to blog. YAY! I am really in love with today’s outfit, not only because it’s still girly and cute but because it has some attitude, or it’s just the way I feel! As a rl fan of ankle boots, Marni’s (royal blue) new  ‘heavy metal’ ankle boots are a recent fav! Also, burt laundry has released this cute little set, of top and dress, I wanted to wear it all but because I also felt like wearing a jacket (to feel warmer)  I chose to only wear the top! keikoooo<3 from &bean has also released some new stuff, these pants being perfect for this outfit (they’re high waisted but again we can only do what we can with layers), also thank you James for letting me ‘borrow’ your bag and complete the whole outfit. Btw, wearing two belts over each other was a personal touch, maybe pointless but it adds to quirky..ness! ❤ Uma

quirky rock

quirky rock

Details :

Hair – ‘Glamour’ (white) Docomo hunt freebie hair.

Headband by me (toastface) (not for sale..yet)

Skin – ‘alice nude freckles’ by Milk Motion

Jacket – ‘tweed jacket green’ by DP*yumyum

Top (under) – part of  ‘check pink set’ by Burt Laundry

Pants – ‘we own the sky (moss)’ by &bean

Shoes – ‘heavy metal – teal and silver’ by Royal Blue

Belt – (part of) ‘Lima trenchcoat’ (tinted by me) by Gisaci/Armidi

Belt – ‘colour changing belt’ by Malt Fashions

Socks – ‘tartan tights  purple socks’ by !*G^G*!

Bag – part of ‘sfd pilot costume’  by Innisfree home of sf design

Mani by detour

Freckles, anyone?

How many of you are freckles lovers?..well from now on, I am. Heather Bebee from Rockberry has added a freckle version to all 6 skin lines – Eva, Kate, Lily, Mia, Sasha and Willow – and was kind enough to spoil me with them. Although I’m usually not used to look for freckled skins (though in rl I am slightly freckled <3) I was truly surprised with these, not only because of the freckles itself but the face is just yummy!! Love it!  Skin addicts  get over there and check them for yourselves. I couldn’t be more pleased or surprised with these! You know, I don’t consider myself a great reviewer, I’m not the kind that points out all the details and shades and what not on  skins. However, I take in consideration the face and once I blog something, It’s not only because I love it but also because it’s worth it. Trust me on that! I mean, lol, I’m a narcisist (I admit) and I can’t stop looking at myself now *coughs* !! ❤ Uma

Eva A - Kate B Rockberry – Eva (a) / Kate (b)

Lily F - Sasha A Rockberry . Lily (F) / Sasha (A)

Mia B Willow E Rockberry : Mia (b) / Willow (e)


Outfit details :

Skin – ‘Eva a – natural FR’ By Rockberry

Hair – ‘Burly hair type A – coffee’ by Uncleweb

Strapless top – ‘Body con is not dead in silver’ (jacket layer) by Royal Blue

Shirt – ‘the scarlet mobster’ (‘old’ and always cherished and I still love it) by Kyoot Army

Pants –  ‘Taupe Ghost Harem High Waists’ by Royal Blue

Socks – ‘tartan tights  black socks’ by !*G^G*!

Boots – ‘Black Hitch Hiker Boot’ (not the greatest/not perfect, but I love the chunkyness imperfection on them, and wow, it was only 1 linden) by Domestic V

Headband – ‘flower katsusha gold’ by *chicoco*

Happy New year!!

Wishing you all a happy new year! If possible Better than the last! ❤ Uma.


May this new year bring many opportunities your way, to explore every joy of life and may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm, turning all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements.

*Hair by coif

*headpiece by Triangle Caudron

*top by Armidi

*Skirt by *creamshop*

*Leggings by *fishy strawberry*

*Shoes by Royal blue

*clutch by NF (no longer available)

Undenied Street Rocker

Oh! Hai and..I’m back! >_< I’ve been working on a little rl project so I’ve been lazy to blog, here’s what I’ve put together. I won’t say much about this outfit but actually ❤ it. Gogol bordello says ‘start wearing purple’! I say you should check this link first->


(click pic to view larger)

Hair – ‘Loelle’ by Maitreya (was a freebie at the time/edited/mod by me)

Scarf – ‘Super Scarf, frooosh’ by &Bean

Vest – ‘Biker Vest – grey’ by Muism

Top – ‘Isabella Tank Strapple’ by Emery

Belt – ‘Skinny Zebra belt’ by Irelyn

‘Skirt’ – (part of outfit) ‘Keiko – Tunic dress/palatinate Purple’ By Armidi (pants layer)

Pants – ‘Skinny Jeans – Salmon’ by Emery

Bangles – ‘Fish Bangles’ by Fishy Strawberry

Gloves – ‘Half Gloves’ by Royal Blue

Shoes – ‘pornstar xtra hi-tops’ (all white) by UBU

Skin – Soul Skins ‘Afrodite’

x Uma