Girls just wanna have fun!

haihai!…It’s clearly obvious I’ve had a lot time to kill lately and apart from it, I just wanna have fun blogging! So as I got home from college, I was thinking about making a couple of outfits, based on some ‘high school stereotypes’. I have not succeeded though, but had it in mind while mix and matching (a whole damn lot). Because it’s not my intention to spam feeds with pictures I figured I’d just squeeze them all together *clearly not a pretty picture* but hey, I’m lazy and I almost got sick of changing. ALMOST!…So I guess if I’d have to ‘label’ each look, I’d call (from left to right) the first, ‘tough pride girl’, second ‘awkwardly cute nerd’, third  ‘bootsie boho’ and fourth ‘artsy ballerina’. I clearly missed out the bitch-sie and the pop-sie girls but hey…there’s just so much time and patience to do this and in order to stay true to myself, I chose the ones I have a bitsie in common with. ! I do hope you like it!! On a side note, I AM SO IN LOVE WITH LAMB’S NEW HAIRS OMG!  muahs! ❤ Uma


Listening to ‘Cindy Lauper – Girls just wanna have fun’

Girls just wanna have fun!

Worn (left to right) :

Hair – ‘Say – Ink’ by !lamb

Skin – ‘::CleO:: cream – Ohboi’ by Dutch Touch

Hat – ‘FUR HAT’ by LeLutka

Jacket – ‘Soft Riders (grey)’ by NINIKO

Shirt – ‘My loose tshirt . fawn’ by (Milk Motion)

Suspenders by {Kari} (scripted)

Pants – ‘Hot Cocoa Stain Jeans . dark gray’ by [SC] / Surf Couture

Boots – ‘NAU combat boots’ by <The Abyss>

Glasses – ‘Ray-band’ by (W)


Hair – ‘Poppyseend – powder’ by !lamb

Skin – ‘Skye <Honey> Beestung’ by [PF] / Pink Fuel

Sweater – ‘Argyle Knit_Black’ by *ARAI*

Top – ‘Savoir turtleneck top silver/blue’ by Maitreya

Bowtie – ‘Bow Tie diagonal stripes black/silver’ by Adjunct

Shorts – ‘Black Tweed Half Pants’ by MNK*SHOP

Socks – ‘Check socks – black’ by HANAUTA

Shoes – ‘Low chucks’ (scripted) by AKEYO

Glasses – ‘Ducklips glasses’ (scripted) by Gritty Kitty


Hair – ‘Say – Butterfinger’ by !lamb

Hair accessory – ‘Hair stuff (leftovers)’ by (fd)

Skin – ‘Petal [Light] April – Pure3’ by Gala Phoenix

Jacket – ‘Tweedle Dee jacket’ by Narwhal

Shirt – ‘I ❤ plaid – dennis hybrid’ (old gift) by *Thimbles*

Shorts – ‘Lagoon (part of outfit)  short denims’ by :bijou

Socks – ‘Knit Knee socks  . chocolate’ by Shiny Things

Boots – ‘Cowgirl boots . beige’ by [hoorenbeek]


Hair – ‘Say – ugly red lipstick’ by !lamb

Skin – ‘Lake – red wings (norm freckles)’ by &Bean

Shirt (under) and belt – ‘Flaming Leaves’ by Paper Couture

Corset – ‘Jasmine vest’ by Paper Couture

Skirt – ‘Signalling through the flames Mog’ by &Bean

Socks – ‘Ella stockings – natural – light brown’ by *League*

Shoes – ‘Mina flats [platinum]’ by >TRUTH<



All you can attach buffet..!

Ugh, I’m bored. I’m so bored I decided I’d attach as much stuff as I could to myself!..This post however, goes out to my babay Esme, I miss her, and I know if she was here (today) with me, she’d like new 69 hair, not specifically this one but meh I know she would…BUT she’s not around cause she lost her internets. 😦 I miss her like our kitties miss catnip. >.< ! I miss her afk-ness while we’re shopping and I miss her telling us (me and stokki bffs) we needed a leash to drag her around places. LOl. So yeah, this post is all about her and me attaching all I could attach to my little pixel self in a kawaii random way. Wearable? Yes, if youre a prim queen ❤ Uma

all you can attach buffet

all you can attach buffet I

Details :

Hair – ‘AMK2 – chestnut’ by ::69::

Skin – ‘Mia Sunrise Skin Vol.10’ by ..::MAI::..

Jacket –  ‘Layered beaded sweater – yellow’ by (NO)

Shirt  – ‘RolledCuff Skirt – baby pink’ by [MG fashion]

Skirt – ‘Neon Red Jean Skirt’ by Sh*t Happens

Belt – ‘burger vision belt’ by [AMH]

Socks – ‘Womens craze sox – style 06’ by Action

Shoes – ‘Rain Boots (seafoam)’ by ETD

Hands (gloves) – ‘Painter Hands’ by Tres Blah

On head (onigiri) – ‘Onigiri Mini Angry’ by !*Rebel -X- *!

Bow (on head) – ‘Kawaii Polka Ribbon – black’ by [Detour]

Backpack – ‘Onigiri Backpack’ by !*Rebel -X- *!

bunny (leg)  – ‘ Sad Bunny (bloody) leg’ by [PF]

Panda (arm) by [PF]

Mouth – ‘Marshmallow B’ by :::Last Ride::: (free/random)

Eyelashes by Boom* and GLOW Studio – (chin)

‘Little’ !lamb

Ladies and …mmm muts. 😉 There’s a new store in town, and I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to tell you about it! !lamb is a (promising) hair store, and it opened its doors to the public just a few ago. I can honestly say I wouldn’t know of it, if lamb bellic haven’t ‘knocked’ on my door today..and oh I’m so glad she did. When I tried it on, omg, love at first sight! I… love this hair! Perfect hair+hat  and what the hell? Sometimes I think it’s just fate, I was putting this outfit together, another ‘indie’ kinda look when ‘Mister Sister’ fell on my lap. Keep an eye on this store, I think it’s here to stay, and I’m already a fan! if you’re curious, tp here ! muahs, ❤ Uma


!lamb 1

Details :

Hair – ‘Mister Sister (Kit Kat)’ by !lamb

Skin – ‘lyla pale – smoky4’ by Redgrave

Glasses – ‘white plastic fantastic’ by H&V

Jacket – ‘MIMI coat – dark gray’ by Cachet

Shirt – ‘longshirt boarder green’ by (roo)

Scarf – ‘afghan stole = simple [A]’ (color change) by :sey

Jeans – ‘female dirty rips black jeans’ by Fetch

Belt – ‘color changing belt’ by .::MALT Fashions

Boots – ‘engineer boots  (‘old’ group gift)’ by J’s

Panda (leg) by Pink Fuel

listening to : (and please do click here->) toxic

As warm as..

So I recently moved in sl to a snowy mountain in floyd! We’re still decorating our little snow cabin (this isn’t it) and I’m still waiting for a fireplace *whistles*! It’s the hubby’s ‘job’ but meanwhile I can only warm up wearing as much clothes as I can! Again, with some pieces from fav little stores! I’m in a playful and kawaii mood, so this is like a cute and messy outfit, it’s sunday its supposed to be like that! ❤ Uma.

sweet as candy

sweet as candy I

Details :

Hair – ‘YuruFUwa Futatumusubi (strawberryblonde)’ by [C&H]

Skin – ‘Willow E – Freckles’ by [Rockberry]

Hat – ‘knit cap brown’ by Kurotsubaki

‘Poncho’ – ‘Fur Poncho (gray)’ by DP*yumyum

Sweater/Dress – ‘NordicDress blk’ by The Closet

Pants – ‘tweed half pants – black’ by Kalmia labo. (MNK*SHOP)

Socks – ‘bird socks hot kiss’ by Grandma

Boots – ‘3way engineer boots (B)’ by J’s

food – ‘Toaster Pastry’ (texture change) by [PINK FUEL]

scooter – ‘kickboard love’  by Kurenai Motorcycle

Poses by Snooky’s poses

Funky grown up

Hai everyone! Today’s look is based on Milla’s (owner of MichaMi) new release, this ‘little’ awesome outfit called Lulu. Of course, and as we’re used to, perfect detailed work on every MichaMi pieces, allowing you to wear it in all layers you could possibly think of. Thanks Milla 😉  For this post, I wanted to do a more funky look, different from what I’ve been doing lately, but very toned down in terms of colors. Opting for brown tones and white. I’ve also been obsessed with this Fascino hair, think it’s pretty kawaii and it gives a little nutty but not totally over the top look, so I’m finally blogging it. However this outfit is very versatile, so you can mix and match, or choose to wear just the top with the outfit’s belt, anyway, I just thought a little style tip wouldn’t hurt. 😉 I hope you like it, ❤ Uma.

funky grownup

funky grownup1

*also, what’s up with wordpress, apart from the new display, pictures won’t open to see larger and they look blurrier than usual when in fact I know they aren’t and it’s definitely not an sl prob* ugh* >_<

Details :

Skin – ‘Ana*cinna – runway’ by Bebae

Hair – ‘Ghia’ (white) by Fascino

Outfit – ‘Lulu’ (brown) by MichaMi

Sweater – ‘striped sweater (white)’ by *aN*

Scarf – ‘chunky scarf – tassel brown knit’ by Muism

Belt – ‘leather braided belt’ (part of  ‘summer fields’ outfit) by Kenzie

Tights – ‘Woolen tights (black) by Persona

Socks – ‘prim socks (brown)’ by Shiny Things

Shoes – ‘coron (snake&cork)’ by LUCE

Bag – ‘Vain bag (brown) by Cachet

Shades – ‘numero 21 argento’ by *ottico*

Reindeer chihuauha (shoulder) by Mochi Milena