Orange Mood

Why hello there!..if my last post was a super fresh boho-ish summer look, this one has nothing to do with it, besides probably, the color orange. Guess I’m in a orange mood and I also feel like an orange juice, right now. Go figure!..So I’ve just decided to show off one more of Kin’s recent hairs. I love this one,  there aren’t a lot of updo’s I like in sl, this one just fit me perfectly without having to edit it at all, and its a quite feminine and ‘relaxed’ one. So I’ve just decided to take out some ‘old’ clothes, and mix them together, something I love doing. The jeans are of course the most recent item but it has that washed look to it I just love in my pants (both worlds) and I said previously in another post I’m becoming addicted to them. The jacket was actually a bargain, found it in my invo under piles of other clothes (or folders) and went to visit =IZUMIYA= again just for kicks, and I can’t believe this was part of a 25L outfit. Lol, so cute. If you happen to go there check the backpacks, I will eventually do another post with one of them. They’re super cute and super cheap. On another note, if you didn’t happen to see the new issue of second style magazine, (<-click there). I have collaborated with SS, styling for a bridal editorial, and for the ones who haven’t checked, hope you like it! ❤ Uma

orange love one

orange mood

Details :

Hair – ‘Eleanor (blonde)’ by Kin

Skin‘Bird – heavy brow’ by (fd)

Hair accessory – ‘kanzashi silver’ by Kurotsubaki

Scarf – ‘salmon plaid’ by Miel

Jacket – ‘fashion set no.19 jacket’ by =IZUMIYA=

Top – ‘romantic sweater brown . undershirt and underpants’ by **DP**yumyum

Vest‘Itimo vest [desert]’ by Armidi

Jeans‘BF jeans #08’ by Maitreya

Socks – ‘woolen tight socks orange’ by *PERSONA*

Bag – ‘jaden bag orange’ by LeLutka

Shoes – ”sayuri (midnight Y:brown & ribbon) pumps’ by HAYSURIZA (scripted)

Poses by *TorridWear*

Funky grown up

Hai everyone! Today’s look is based on Milla’s (owner of MichaMi) new release, this ‘little’ awesome outfit called Lulu. Of course, and as we’re used to, perfect detailed work on every MichaMi pieces, allowing you to wear it in all layers you could possibly think of. Thanks Milla 😉  For this post, I wanted to do a more funky look, different from what I’ve been doing lately, but very toned down in terms of colors. Opting for brown tones and white. I’ve also been obsessed with this Fascino hair, think it’s pretty kawaii and it gives a little nutty but not totally over the top look, so I’m finally blogging it. However this outfit is very versatile, so you can mix and match, or choose to wear just the top with the outfit’s belt, anyway, I just thought a little style tip wouldn’t hurt. 😉 I hope you like it, ❤ Uma.

funky grownup

funky grownup1

*also, what’s up with wordpress, apart from the new display, pictures won’t open to see larger and they look blurrier than usual when in fact I know they aren’t and it’s definitely not an sl prob* ugh* >_<

Details :

Skin – ‘Ana*cinna – runway’ by Bebae

Hair – ‘Ghia’ (white) by Fascino

Outfit – ‘Lulu’ (brown) by MichaMi

Sweater – ‘striped sweater (white)’ by *aN*

Scarf – ‘chunky scarf – tassel brown knit’ by Muism

Belt – ‘leather braided belt’ (part of  ‘summer fields’ outfit) by Kenzie

Tights – ‘Woolen tights (black) by Persona

Socks – ‘prim socks (brown)’ by Shiny Things

Shoes – ‘coron (snake&cork)’ by LUCE

Bag – ‘Vain bag (brown) by Cachet

Shades – ‘numero 21 argento’ by *ottico*

Reindeer chihuauha (shoulder) by Mochi Milena


So I’m back to what I’d call the ‘look of the day’ (or the day before). For some reason this whole outfit reminds me of the ‘newspaperboy’ look. Maybe because of the cap, which reminds me of the late 19th (early 20th century) trend of berets amongst the boys and young adults of the time and became associated with the newsboy look. Ok, so putting it that way I’m not sure I look feminine at all? But I do think It looks cute. Contradict me if I’m wrong. The long shorts are an ‘old’ kurotsubaki item I have always loved so I’m happy to after a year take them out of the closet and wear them again. Plaid? Check. The bag is from plod, which I’ve blogged before, only this time I chose to wear the 2nd option called ‘Travel’, (made it smaller) and I think this is one of those looks that would be missing something if I didn’t wear it. Both beret and the awesome jacket with this worn/vintage look can be found at Malt fashions a store that I like to visit once in a while. I could’ve worn a million different haircuts here, but the awesome ‘sun’ from maitreya did give it a little edge to the whole boyish look. Hope you like it, ❤ Uma



Details :

Hair – ‘Sun’ (nuts pack) by Maitreya

Hat – ‘Classic Gabroche hat’ (grey) by MALT fashions

Shirt (under) – ‘Neo Japanism’ by *ROARS*

Jacket – ‘Callie Coat – Calico’ by MALT fashions

Shorts – ‘check shorts’ (comes with skirt option) by Kurotsubaki

Tights – ‘Woolen tights’ (petroleum) by Persona

Shoes – ‘Beauchamp Heels’ (red sea) by Gbberish

Bag – ‘LeatherShoulderBag – Travel’ by plod

Ok so yeah, Hi again..

I told myself I would give blogging a rest for the next few days but while strolling around sl today I found this amazing little cute store that (correct me if I’m wrong) has never been blogged before. So, I KNEW I had to come back and share it with you. There is too much good stuff there to be passed unnoticed. The first thing that I noticed was the boa parka and the pea coat (there is two versions, for both guys and girls). Now, we all know Bombon’s pea coat and personally it’s one of my favorite, but when I saw this one I knew I had to get it aswell. I would have been happy already if that was the only good thing at this store, but no…there’s MORE. So here’s a couple of my favorite things (which I got) at **en svale** and what you (in my opinion) should check out.
things worth getting
But because I couldn’t wear it all, here’s just two of the outfits I’ve put together.
en svale
So what am I wearing?
Left outfit :
Hair – ‘heart 3’ (black) by Kurotsubaki
Dress – ‘Pile tunic’ by **en Svale**
Sweater (underneath) – (part of outfit) ‘Hunting season by [MG fashion]
Tights – ‘woolen tights’ (petroleum) by *PERSONA*
Boots – ‘Billow boots’ (cerulean) by Maitreya
Accessories :
Scarf – ‘BP*scarf with corsage’ (brown) by BP*
Bag – ‘Diana’ (brown) by barerose
Right outfit :
Coat – ‘Pea coat’ (girl’s version) by **en Svale**
Shirt (under) – ‘Long tank top’ (white) by Camie Cooper
Skirt – ‘Tiered_skirt(red)**nikukyu**’ by MNK*SHOP
Boots – ‘Billow Boots’ (cherry) by Maitreya
Eyes by bijou ’emotional eyes’ (silver)
Skin by redgrave ‘Lyla’
Mani by Detour ‘Lacquer’ (plum)
Also, I know I blog too much *LOL* so check previous posts, in case youre curious.