Girls just wanna have fun!

haihai!…It’s clearly obvious I’ve had a lot time to kill lately and apart from it, I just wanna have fun blogging! So as I got home from college, I was thinking about making a couple of outfits, based on some ‘high school stereotypes’. I have not succeeded though, but had it in mind while mix and matching (a whole damn lot). Because it’s not my intention to spam feeds with pictures I figured I’d just squeeze them all together *clearly not a pretty picture* but hey, I’m lazy and I almost got sick of changing. ALMOST!…So I guess if I’d have to ‘label’ each look, I’d call (from left to right) the first, ‘tough pride girl’, second ‘awkwardly cute nerd’, third  ‘bootsie boho’ and fourth ‘artsy ballerina’. I clearly missed out the bitch-sie and the pop-sie girls but hey…there’s just so much time and patience to do this and in order to stay true to myself, I chose the ones I have a bitsie in common with. ! I do hope you like it!! On a side note, I AM SO IN LOVE WITH LAMB’S NEW HAIRS OMG!  muahs! ❤ Uma


Listening to ‘Cindy Lauper – Girls just wanna have fun’

Girls just wanna have fun!

Worn (left to right) :

Hair – ‘Say – Ink’ by !lamb

Skin – ‘::CleO:: cream – Ohboi’ by Dutch Touch

Hat – ‘FUR HAT’ by LeLutka

Jacket – ‘Soft Riders (grey)’ by NINIKO

Shirt – ‘My loose tshirt . fawn’ by (Milk Motion)

Suspenders by {Kari} (scripted)

Pants – ‘Hot Cocoa Stain Jeans . dark gray’ by [SC] / Surf Couture

Boots – ‘NAU combat boots’ by <The Abyss>

Glasses – ‘Ray-band’ by (W)


Hair – ‘Poppyseend – powder’ by !lamb

Skin – ‘Skye <Honey> Beestung’ by [PF] / Pink Fuel

Sweater – ‘Argyle Knit_Black’ by *ARAI*

Top – ‘Savoir turtleneck top silver/blue’ by Maitreya

Bowtie – ‘Bow Tie diagonal stripes black/silver’ by Adjunct

Shorts – ‘Black Tweed Half Pants’ by MNK*SHOP

Socks – ‘Check socks – black’ by HANAUTA

Shoes – ‘Low chucks’ (scripted) by AKEYO

Glasses – ‘Ducklips glasses’ (scripted) by Gritty Kitty


Hair – ‘Say – Butterfinger’ by !lamb

Hair accessory – ‘Hair stuff (leftovers)’ by (fd)

Skin – ‘Petal [Light] April – Pure3’ by Gala Phoenix

Jacket – ‘Tweedle Dee jacket’ by Narwhal

Shirt – ‘I ❤ plaid – dennis hybrid’ (old gift) by *Thimbles*

Shorts – ‘Lagoon (part of outfit)  short denims’ by :bijou

Socks – ‘Knit Knee socks  . chocolate’ by Shiny Things

Boots – ‘Cowgirl boots . beige’ by [hoorenbeek]


Hair – ‘Say – ugly red lipstick’ by !lamb

Skin – ‘Lake – red wings (norm freckles)’ by &Bean

Shirt (under) and belt – ‘Flaming Leaves’ by Paper Couture

Corset – ‘Jasmine vest’ by Paper Couture

Skirt – ‘Signalling through the flames Mog’ by &Bean

Socks – ‘Ella stockings – natural – light brown’ by *League*

Shoes – ‘Mina flats [platinum]’ by >TRUTH<



…It’s Friday I’m in Love

Such a timeless The Cure song and I still love it as I love almost all their songs. It suits this post, it’s friday and I hope you have a great weekend. I’m not going to say much about this look, but thank my good friend Amika for helping me find these awesome boots I had been looking for. Uh, language barrier aside she has become a good friend, check her blog, she has the cutest looks aswell. Have a great one ❤ Uma


friday's II

Details :

Hair – ‘Laine’ (blond pack) by ETD

Jacket – ‘Leather Blouson’ (chocolat) by AOHARU

Pants – ‘Isabeaux Leather Pants’ by LF Fashions

Necklace – ‘Shell statement necklace’ by p.c.

Sunglasses – ‘Madrid sunglasses black’ by Mokoptica

Boots – ‘HR boots’ by Five minutes after

Bag – ‘Leather Tote Bag’ (black) by SLink

Another day…

And yet again another outfit. As you may have seen on Fashion Feed or at MG fashion blog, Maria Gherardi has released some new goodies. Maria is (in my opinion) probably the best portuguese designer around the grid and though I had planned to say a little word or two before about her amazing work, I have decided to do it now. Though she may not know this, I have always been a fan of her work. Extremely creative, great attention on details and awesome work on textures is basically what describes her creations and what we can expect all the time. This time is no exception. The new Vest&Jacket is beautifully done and basically what made me put these outfits together and come back to blog about. Also, Emilia has released a new line of skins which probably you have seen already and there is no doubt I am a big Redgrave fan so I had to ‘slip’ on one of them. I have come to aknowledge that I should stop doing it because I instantly know I’m going to fall in love with it. Bummer! I did! *Also, and on a (BIG) small note, I have to thank a good friend of mine, Longefellow (and apologize for not have done it before) for thoughtfully sending me a notecard with all the instructions to add slurls/links and what not. I did it Longies!! see see?* ❤ Uma

mg outfits

Details :

Left outfit

Hair – ‘autumn chignon/twin’ (coffee) by BP*

Skin – ‘Sakura – Natural’ by Redgrave

Jacket – ‘Salmon/Purple’ by [MG fashion]

Shorts – ‘Jeanius shorts’ (black) by Veschi

Leggings – ‘melanie’s leggings’ by corduroy

Shoes – ‘lime lights pink suede’ by Maitreya

Gloves – ‘full finger gloves’ (grey) by DoMoCo

Glasses – ‘LeeLee glasses’ by p.c.

Right Outfit :

Hair – ‘autumn chignon/side’ (coffee) by BP*

Vest – ‘Ves&Jacket Teal/brown’ by [MG fashion]

Shirt – (part of outfit) ‘Cambridge’ by {Gisaci}

Jeans – ‘Jeans {Classic} charcoal’ (wide leg) by Zaara

Shoes – ‘Funny Girl flats’ (lime) by periquita

Bag – ‘LoveJUNKYbag’ (FULLgrass) by Cachet

Thought of the day : «Most of our pocket wisdom is conceived for the use of mediocre people, to discourage them from ambitious attempts, and generally console them in their mediocrity.» (R.L.S.)

Thursday Girl

I finally gave in and bought 69’s ‘envy me’ hair! Basically because it was exactly what I needed for this look, I wasn’t too sure about it before because I knew how much editing I knew I had to do in order to look just like how I wanted! You may not notice it, I’m just an uncorrectable perfectionist! I also modded the necklace, making the squares and rings bigger along with the whole length! This whole look however, revolves around my favorite wool ‘sweater’ of the moment! Sonya (No Face designer/owner) will be releasing them ‘soon’ along with the opening of her new store and I can’t wait to see what’s in her ‘sleeve’! If anything this piece (part of the minimalist line) is just a confirmation that she’s here to stay and lead us all to bankruptcy! 😉 Perfect prim work and textures! That being said, I was all about the accessories on this outfit, and personally I don’t think they stand out more than they’d need to! ❤ Uma

Details :
Skin – ‘Lyla’ by Redgrave
Hat/hair – ‘envy me’ by 69
Sweater – ‘wool swater – minimalist’ by NF/No Face
Pants – (part of) ‘Victoria Winter Sports wear/brown’ by Skin Flicks
Shoes – ‘Dune boots – champagne’ by Maitreya
Bag – ‘Everyday Tote (tan weave) by ETD
Frames – ‘Aviator sunglasses’ (blue) by emery
Necklace – ‘pyramid necklace/green/brown’ by 69
Earrings – ‘Art Deco’ by p.c.
Bracelet -*4 bangles’ by fetch


I’ve been listening to Ladytron and it inspired me to put this outfit together. Looks a bit ‘electro’ influenced so I decided to blog the hell out of it. Total black with a touch of blue. Edgy but still simple. Also, You’ll be seeing these boots A LOT. My ‘new’ favs ❤

Hair : ‘Shirley 2’ by Truth

Jacket : ‘Zina fur coat’ by Skin Flicks

Dress : ‘Keiko Tunic Dress’ By Armidi

Boots : ‘La jalousie Suede Boots’ (moonlight) By Gbberish

Bag : ‘DS bag’ (in blue) by [ICoN]

Earrings : ‘Chandy earrings’ by p.c.

And now for something completely different…

It is not about fashion this time, well at least not so obvious. I’ve missed taking pics and ‘playing’ with them so this is more like an experiment. I’ve gone for the ‘theatrical doll’ look, like the puppet with strings to maybe tell a little story/concept behind the outfit I’m wearing.  Suiting all moods and a wide range of fashion tastes (aswell as ‘pockets’), BareRose is a place where we can (also) find the most odd/unusual pieces and this time was no different. ‘It’s only a paper moon’ is an awesome and inspiring outfit. The skirt is something to die for, Unusual and with an unique look, whether you wear it for a theatrical look or as a Fashion statement, you won’t pass unnoticed. It is the Pièce de résistance on this outfit.

Details :

Skin – ‘Ripe’ (light skin/beauty pack) by fd/fashionably dead.

Hair – ‘Ribbon’ (platinum) by MMS

Eyepatch – ‘bloody eyepatch’ by Little Heaven

Hat – (part of) ‘It’s only a paper moon’ outfit by Barerose

Collar – (part of) ‘It’s only a paper moon’ outfit by Barerose

‘Jacket’ Layer – (part of) ‘Romantic Soliloquy’ outfit by p.c.

Top (under)/skirt/shoes – (part of) ‘It’s only a paper moon’ outfit by Barerose

Bird – ‘Little Birds’ in (white/pastel cheek) by HPMD

Leg – ‘Sailor moon leg’ (tinted by me) by Mijn Boa (not for sale)


A second skin for the winters…a tough look with a touch of feminine class, relaxed, uncompromised, but still put together. That’s how I’d describe this look. Leather was my choice for today’s look, here I’m wearing Naima’s ‘Roma (blackpearl) coat, the textures on this jacket are top-notch, the sculpted work is also amazing. This jacket striked my attention, especially on the textures details, amazing shading and leather texture. It is absolutely irresistible. It comes with two options, so you can choose to wear it closed or opened. I paired it with an opened shirt with a wide brown leather belt, muism new skinny jeans (awesome details on those aswell) with rolled up cuffs and mishima shoes from Maitreya. Again, paying attention on details and textures. The accessories finish the look giving it a more feminine touch. I’m waiting for autumn which is almost knocking at my door and gave up on a little color this time. ❤

Details :

Hair : ‘Natasha’ by dernier cri.

Jacket : ‘Roma (blackpearl) Coat’ by Naima.

Shirt : (part of) ‘Wide Belted II’ by League.

Pants : ‘skinny jeans’ (black) by Muism.

Shoes : ‘Mishima – dawn’ (shiny tan) By Maitreya.


Sunglasses : ‘Logo Aviator frames’ (in umber) by p.c.

Earring : ‘Dianni’ (gold) by =Dela*=

Necklace : ‘Niama Necklace – tarnished’ by Armidi/Gisaci.