Come this way

Black Chant

black chant

“Come this way” — some say with sweet eyes,
Opening their arms, and sure
That it could be good that I would listen to them
When they say: “Come this way”!
I look at them with unattached eyes,
(In my eyes there is irony and tiredness)
And I cross my arms,
And I never go that way…
This is my glory:
To create inhumanity!
Never to accompany anybody.
—For I live with the same unwillingness
I teared my mother’s womb with.
No, I won’t go that way! I only go through where
My own steps take me…
If what I search to know none of you can answer,
Why do you repeat: “Come this way”?
I prefer to slide on muddy corners,
To whirl at the wind,
Like rags, to drag my bleeding feet,
Than to go that way…
If I came to the world, was
Only to deflower virgin rain-forests,
And to draw my own feet on the unexplored sand!
All the rest I do is worth nothing.
How come you are the ones
Who will give me axes, tools and courage,
For I to throw down my obstacles?…
It runs, in your veins, the old blood of the grand-parents,
And you love what is easy!
I love the Far and the Mirage,
I love the abysses, the torrents, the deserts…
Go! you have roads,
You have gardens, you have flower-beds,
You have homelands, you have roofs,
And you have rules, and treatises, and philosophers, and wisemen.
I have my Madness!
I hold it high, like a torch, burning in the dark night,
And I feel foam, and blood, and chants on the lips…
God and the Devil are the ones who guide me, nobody else.
All of you had a father, all of you had a mother;
But I, who never start or end,
I was born from the love between God and the Devil.
Hah! That nobody gives me pious intentions!
That nobody asks me for definitions!
That nobody tells me: “Come this way”!
My life is a storm-wind that got unlocked.
It is a wave that has risen.
It is an extra atom that got animated…
I don’t know where I’m going through,
I don’t know where I’m going,
—I know I’m not going that way.

This is a (poor) translation of a  poem called, ‘cântigo negro‘ (Black Chant) written by a portuguese poet called, José Régio and one of my all time favorites. Lazy doing no justice to outfit pics by yours truly ❤ Uma

black chant II

Details :

Hair  – ‘Pushed and shoved’ (blonde tones) (slightly modded) by VW

Skin – ‘April’ Petal [Dark] – Tulip 2′ by Curio/Gala Phoenix

Hat – ‘Ladybird hat’ by Chapeau Tres Mignon

Collar – (part of) ”Falling Leaves” by Paper Couture

Jacket (feathers) – (part of) ‘giacca brickfeather . cross’ by *bf* (bianca foulon)

Corset – ‘Altra Corsetta’ by [S-P] (creator – disembodied hand)

Skirt – (part of) ‘going out piume’ by *bf*

Leggings – ‘cherry blossom’ by *Kookie*

Boots and socks – ‘Button boots and brown prim socks’ by Shiny Things


Uh, what can I say other than I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to post again?…Call me crazy..or just insomniac! AH!’s 3am and yay, I’m alive and kickin but not so talkative. I love this outfit, rather simple. I’ve had my eyes on Coco’s recent release for some time now but hadn’t the time to grab it. I did it today, it reminds me one of those retro cocktail dresses, the textures of the folds are rather amazing, and I absolutely love the shape of this dress. However I chose not to wear the skirt (a stripey black and white skirt) that is part of the dress to make it look more fun and light. Both thighs and tats have a reason though, I wanted to give it a little ‘edge’ like a little rocker/rockabilly goes glam…meets in between and adds some color to it. Well hope you like it!! ❤ Uma


Retrocker IIDetails :

Hair – ‘Pushed and shoved . blonde tones’ by (VW)

Skin – ‘coral *cinna : coral b3′ by Bebae

Necklace – ‘Pearl strand set’ by p.c.

Dress – ‘TulipHemDress – beige’ by *COCO*

Thighs – ‘Crochet thighs – lemon’ by !Doux Petit Dahl

Shoes – ‘Kat platforms . noir’ by Kookie

Tattoos – ‘dragonfly forest . darken’ by GoK

Bag – ‘Dynasty *blackstar’ by .::FabulouS::.

ALL Poses by {flowey}

Listening to ‘Ladytron – Runaway’

Is it midnight already?

Ok, so I’ve been sitting on this outfit for some hours, trying to figure out if I should blog it or not, but though its simple, I wanted to do a more elegant/classy look, something different from what I use to do and I ended up liking the soft colors put together. So this is gonna be a quick little post, and because I had the pictures done I decided I wouldn’t let them go to waste. I’ve blogged another outfit with these pants already, but how many times do we have the chance to wear same things, or..recycle them into different looks? I like to do it a lot and I don’t think there would be more perfect ones than these, though some brown/tan leggings/thighs would work just as good. ❤ Uma

midnight shine

midnight shine I

Details :

Hair – ‘Charlotte – mocha’ by Pixel Dust

Skin – ‘London – Light Makeup 5’ by [LeLutka]

Top and Skirt – ‘Glamour Top and skirt – cream’ by Chikka Design

Belt – ‘Adorable belt – tan’ by +plus

Pants – ‘OLIMPIA pants / tan’ by [LeLutka]

Earrings – ‘pearl earrings’ by p.c.

Poses by Tuli . Kinbo and c’est la vie

Listening to – Chromatics ‘running up that hill’

Sweet & Slow come back.

Haiii everyone!!…I’m back! It seems I’ve missed a lot and I am so overwhelmed with what’s new and what I saw on feed I feel kinda lost. It will take some time for me to catch up for sure and absorb it all. A week and some days off sl seem like a whole year so this outfit, is of course nothing ‘new to you’ though they’re some things I was eager to grab my hands on. Very classy and fresh look, soft colors, spring deserves it!…Oh god, even writting seems harder now, I hope I can keep up with blog as I was used to and hopefully bring you better and more looks in the days to come. One more thing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABAY <3!! 😉 xoxo Uma

come back

come back I

Details :

Hair – ‘Amber – triacle’ by >TRUTH<

Skin – ‘London sunkissed makeup4b’ by LeLutka

Scarf – ‘carre de soie rose’ by (P-K)

Top – ‘SHIRI top – orchid’ by LeLutka

Pants – ‘Sarrouel pants – beige’ by AOHARU

Shoes – ‘dorothy (brown)’ by Lotta

Bag – ‘Madrid leather weave bag – champan’ by creamshop

Shades – ‘logo aviators – passion’ by p.c.

Listening to In My Arms


I’ve been where the eagle flies
Rode his wings ‘cross autumn skies
Kissed the sun, touched the moon
But he left me much too soon
His lady bird…he left his lady bird

Lady bird come on down
I’m here waiting on the ground
Lady bird I’ll treat you good
Ah, lady bird I wish you would
You lady bird…pretty lady bird


Lightning flashed across the sky
The night he taught me how to fly
The sun came up and then I found
Too soon he let his lady down
His lady bird…I’m his lady bird

Lady bird come on down
I’m here waiting on the ground
Lady bird I’ll treat you good
Aw, lady bird I wish you would
You lady bird…pretty lady bird

ladybird I

I’m your Lady Bird…

Hair – ‘Piper II’ by Maitreya

Hat – ‘LadyBird hat’ by Chapeau Tres Mignon

Top (under) – ‘Savoir turtleneck top *rosedusk*’ by Maitreya

Bustier – ‘Material girl bustier – gun’  by Fishy Strawberry

Skirt – ‘high mini skirt d. autumn final foliage’ by ”T.Z”

Leggings – ‘Jumpsuit Laura leggings’ by Emery

Shoes – ‘Athena  *black* open toe stilletos’ by Tesla

Necklace – ‘pearl strand set ‘ by p.c.

Sunglasses – ‘supa dupa frames two tone/brown’ by Nylon Outfitters

Bag – ‘maman noir’ by [Gisele]

Syrup & Honey

Hi! ^^ So, I remember Ivalde, being one of the first stores I visited back when I was a noob. I was challenged to pick some pieces from Ivalde and put an outfit together with my choices. As a sign of respect for Neferia’s work and because I have always admired it, (more than just to accept a challenge)  I’ve decided to put two outfits together with two Ivalde pieces I already had. One being probably my favorite (70’s inspired) coat and probably one of my favorite and must have pieces. Comes with 2 versions, longer and shorter. Also, this will probably be my last ‘boho’ look for a while, though it is more hippie inspired than usual. The other piece I chose is part of a whole outfit but I’ve decided to wear just the shirt and mash it up with other things. Puff sleeves + stripes, something I cannot resist. Again, they’re totally different from each other and I hope you like it, xoxo ❤ Uma


syrup and honey

Details :

Hair – ‘Apple nuts pack – hazel’ by Maitreya

Skin – ‘Lyla’ by Redgrave

Glasses – ‘logo aviators – Umber ‘ by p.c.

Scarf – ‘‘Long Scarf *champagne*’ by Maitreya

Coat – ‘kita beige suede jacket 1970’ by IVALDE

Skirt by Maitreya

Socks – ‘knit knee socks chocolate’ by Shiny things

Boots – ‘woman cowgirl boots – beige’ by Hoorenbeek

Bag – ‘Leather Shoulder bag (travel)’ by ::plod::

syrup and honey I

syrup and honey II

Details :

Hair – ‘ribbon (peroxides)’ by LeLutka

Shirt – ‘Lill black set – red belt’ by IVALDE

Scarf – ‘sue scarf *red plain*’ by artilleri

Pants – ‘flare trousers_ pants (black)’ by Ce Cubic

Shoes – ‘ribbon short boots – red’ by Aoharu

Bag – ‘enamel bag [white]’ by :::Last Ride:::

Listening to Syrup & Honey

Boss lady vs Outdoor fun

Hai everyone! I hope you had an awesome weekend, because I surely did. Thank you everyone for all the love and kind words and happy bdays!! You made my day today! Because I had no time for sl shopping these last days, I bring you two outfits I have thought of posting before, but for one of them I was actually waiting patiently for Tesla’s new release. The oxfords. So these are two completely different styles, one more mature and put together almost like a business woman look and the other more cute and suitable for outdoor fun with this cold weather. ❤ Uma.

boss lady

boss lady I

Details :

Skin – ‘London SunKissed makeup 4b’ by MMS

Hair – ‘Mariya’ (brown pack) by Aden and ‘Jamie bangs’ (brown) by MMS

Shirt – ‘Dietrich shirt (white) by Cachet

Vest – ‘Dietrich vest (grayscale1) by Cachet

Tie – ‘classic italia set’ (tucked in) purple’ by Gisaci

Skirt – ‘plaid skirt (black) by First Impressions

Tights -‘pc tights’ (pc freebie) by Paper Couture

Earrings – ‘black pearl drops’ by Paper Couture

Shoes – ‘High oxford (black) by Tesla

Poses by Toko Voom

outdoor fun

outdoor fun I

Details :

Skin – ‘LondonSunKissed-makeup2b’ by MMS

Hair –  ‘*Anya*(Strawberry Chocolate)’ by Zero Style

Jacket – ‘BT_ChicCape_Green’ by AOHARU

Scarf  – ‘SCARFtube_knitt1’ by Cachet

Shirt –  ‘Malina Jacket in Black’ (shirt layer) by MichaMi

‘Skirt’ – (part of) ‘Lux’ outfit by Bijou

Jeans – ‘Stonewash Jeans’  by [CALYPSO GIANO]

Socks – ‘Knit knee socks jade’ by Shiny Things

Boots – ‘MultiColoredMoutonBoots_LightGreen’ (lucky chair gift) by AOHARU