Say Hi to your mom

Today I woke up listening to it and I think it’s a really underrated band.  For all of you who like the indie inspired look and a bit boyish, I really enjoyed putting this outfit together since this is what I’d totally wear in rl and as a matter a fact I actually wore something very similar to this a couple of days ago. Kudos to Mariya who blogged this jacket some time ago and it is definitely something we should all have in our closet. Have one just like that irl and missed it in sl. I had two outfits I wanted to blog today, so I may well be back later on to blog the other since I have an indie fix, it was easier to choose this one. The thing about this look is that everything I’m wearing looks like refashioned, recycled and repurposed wearables. Or just bought at a second hand shop. Hope you like it ❤ Uma.


indie II

Details :

Hair – *Anne* (cinnamon) by Zero Style

Skin – ‘Moscow pale makeup4a’ by MMS

Hat – ‘Fedora’ (suede/beige) by Akeyo

Scarf – ‘Knitted Scarf’ (wheat N’ colors) by Tres Blah

Jacket – ‘Jacket_black’ by ‘S’ store

Shirt  – ‘1410509’ by 141

Pants – ‘Side button jeans’ (contrast) by M&R Cupcakes

Boots – ‘Billow boots’ (black) by Maitreya

Bag – ‘Anya bag’ by Cachet

Sunglasses – ‘Urban Shades – metal’ by VW

Closet digging.

There’s a couple of things I like about this look, I’m still not over fall colors and you could say this seems a bit like an ‘upscale tourist’ look with the camera and all. It’s something I’ve been enjoying in rl lately, going out and walking around with my camera and just take some pictures, especially at this time of the year when it gives you the chance to capture really beautiful color palettes. I have tried to make a look from ‘old’ pieces in my closet, something we do all the time in rl, it’s not like we go shopping everyday and don’t wear an outfit more than once, so that’s what I tried to do with this look. Thanks to Abra I have finally made up my mind about buying these boots, so we could say I actually did some shopping for this look but well worth it, everything else is basically a mix and match of what I already had in my closet, reinventing the pieces, focusing on the right colors and the right accessories. I liked the end result, hope you do too ❤ Uma



bohobo one

Details :

Skin – ‘Moscow Light makeup2a’ by MMS

Hair – ‘*Anne*’ (cinnamon) by Zero Style

Top (jacket layer) – ‘SoCal Tube Top’ (plum3) by Detour

Top (shirt layer) – ‘Theo Blouse’ (champagne) by Cachet

Skirt – (part of outfit) ‘Cupcakes modern suspender set’ (red) by M&R Cupcakes

Stockings – ‘Cozily Maroon tintable stockings’ by Veschi

Socks – ‘KneeSocks wool’ (red) by SySy’s

Boots – ‘Amazone’ by Storm Schmooz

Accessories :

Bag – ‘(MB) Sculpty Bag’ (suede cherry) by MB – CreationZ

Hat – ‘Fedora’ (beige suede) by Akeyo

Sunglasses – ‘Urban Shades – metal’ by VW (color change lenses and frames)

Camera – ‘Camera Obscura 1.1’ by THORU’s SHOP

Gloves – by DoMoCo

Sweet come back!

After 6 long, longgggggg, days I’m back! The laptop was fixed, I was happy, but no backup meant «empty laptop» and the feeling is not quite like having a new one. It’s just torturing to think of how much stuff I lost and how much work I have in front of me to recover all of it back. Well, at least some. Oficially I was back yesterday, but no photoshop meant no blogging so I had to wait until this morning, but omg, I missed it and I missed shopping even more.  What I bring you though, are two outfits I had planned to put together before all this laptop crisis, but with an awesome addition. Yes, well I have seen a thousand looks with Zaara’s pashminas (all beautiful)  but how could I resist not wearing it? Erm, I couldn’t. There isn’t much more to say about them, I think we all love it. So yay to come backs. ❤ Uma

sweet come back

pashminariderDetails :

First look

Hair – ‘barberyumyum 09’ (chocolate) by **DP**yumyum

Skin – ‘sakura’ by Redgrave

Vest – ‘Itimo leather vest’ (desert) by Armidi Limited

Shirt – (part of outfit) ‘Swa..:: Poofy sleeveTNeck’ by Second Wave apparel

Skirt – (part of outfit) ‘checkskirtdress’ (red) by AOHARU

Socks – ‘Knit knee socks’ (red) by Shiny Things

Shoes – ‘Frenzy banana’ (tawny) by Maitreya

Gloves by panjen

Second Look :

Hair – ‘liya’ by Kin

Sunglasses – ‘numero21 rayban argento’ by Ottico

Vest – ‘itimo leather vest’ (black) by Armidi Lmtd

Shirt – (part of outfit) ‘Swa..:: Poofy sleeveTNeck’ by Second Wave apparel

Pants – ‘[High Waist Trouser]’ (Beige) by Muism

Shawl – ‘pashmina shawl *almost black*’ by Zaara

Boots – ‘HR boots’ by Five minutes after

Gloves by DoMoCo

Leather Girl.

Because I’m a big fan of leather, especially boots and jackets, being cropped cuts or vintage styles, leather jackets have become sexier and more versatile, with cutting edge looks and still feminine. In sl it’s fun to see how they all fit us so perfectly. Take this supposedly ‘men’s leather jacket’ from AOHARU. It’s awesome, I love it and yes, who said we couldn’t wear ‘men’s clothes’? 😉 At least here we can pull it off perfectly (just had to mod the collar and sleeves a bit). It was the fur collar though, which striked my attention and what made me fall in love with it. This look however couldn’t be completed without this specific bag. I was going crazy trying to find the one, so a special thanks to Cayce who so quickly helped me find it. Yay. ❤ Uma

*as usual click pics to view larger*

Details :

Hair – ‘Envy’ by 69 (slightly mod by me)

Skin – ‘Moscow light 1a’ by MMS

Jacket – ‘Fur Leather Jacket’ (beige) by AOHARU

Belt – ‘Dark Brown Leather Belt’ by ”Reale”

Skirt – (part of dress) ‘Mirabelle’ (light gray) by =DeLa*=

Leggings – ‘Cherry blossom leggings’ by Kookie

Boots – ‘Billow boots’ (tan) by Maitreya

Bag – ‘Leather Shoulder bag’ by ::plod::

No day but today…

and this is the look I chose. I have been going through my trenchcoat corner and found out I have more than I thought I should, but they’re never enough and of course, Aoharu’s new trenchcoats reminding me of the burberry check pattern we all know so well had to be part of my closet. Only when I wore it, this whole look came up together. I wanted something comfortable, and care free but effective. Something that would work in any kind of situation, on a daily basis, when you’re not all dressed up but you keep it understatedly elegant and (casual) girly. Yes, sundays can be interesting! ❤ Uma

*click pic to view larger*
Details :
Hair – ‘white clover’ (brown) by (JUNWAVE)
Skin – ‘Moscow light’ (freebie from ghost hunt) by MMS
Headband – ‘gold parl katsusha’ by chicoco
Sunglasses – ‘Retro Chic Frames’ (brown) by FD/Fashionably dead
Necklace – ‘Kaya malachite necklace + black gold’ by { Zaara }
Bag – ‘Anya bag’ by Cachet
Coat – ‘Check Short Trenchcoat’ (brown) by AOHARU
Pants – ‘Jeans *moss*’ (Classic) by { Zaara }
Shoes – ‘Tuli Pumps’ (brown) by Shiny Things

Plaid..plaid..and..oh, more plaid?

Or tartan, in any way color or shape you want! We could say it’s a big autumn/fall trend this year and its not different in sl! It can be worn in a variety of ways, skinny pants, jackets, dresses, skirts or scarfs, you name it. Rather than the traditional red tartans, this year, plaid embraces a palette of muted greys, blues, greens and browns. Whether it’s ‘preppy’, ‘grunge’ or ‘country chic’, it is back, full power! That’s why I decided to put on three looks, with the ‘recent’ Muism’s release of tartan pants, (of course) in a more basic way, because sometimes we’re a little limited in sl and this might just be the first of more ‘tartan’ dedicated posts. Mix it how you want! ❤ Uma

Details :
(look one)
Skin – ‘Moscow – pale makeup-7a’ by MMS
Hair – ‘Natasha’ by Dernier Cri
Scarf – ‘Minimalist – Carre de soie’ by NF (mod by me)
Jacket – ‘Pea Coat’ (red) by Ibizarre
Pants – ‘Tartan check pants – Macrae’ by Muism
Boots – ‘Bax ankle boots/black patent’ by Bax Coen
Bag – ‘crocodile skin – red’ by Muism
Earrings – ‘Naturelle N&E Crimson.silver’ by Lucas Lameth
(look two)
Skin – ‘Moscow – pale makeup 5a’ by MMS
Hair – ‘Wilma’ by MMS
Necklace – ‘SW necklace/gunmetal’ by [ICoN]
Bangles – ‘BG Bangle'(black/ivory) by [ICoN]
Bag – ‘Anya bag’ by Cachet
Top – (part of) ‘Keiko tunic dress’ (black) by Armidi
Pants – ‘Tartan check pants – Stewart’ by Muism
Boots – ‘Billow Boots’ (black) by Maitreya
(look three)
Skin – ‘Moscow pal makeup 6a’ by MMS
Hair – ‘ribbon’ by MMS
Sunglasses – ‘Jarvis Shades’ by p.c.
Top – (part of) ‘Ringleader of the torments’ outfit by Emery
Pants – ‘Tartan check pants – Scott’ by Muism
Belt – (part of) ‘Denim shorts’ outfit/color changing belt by Malt Fashions
Shoes – ‘Mishima dawn – shiny tan’ by Maitreya
Purse – ‘Clutch bag ‘zazu’ (crocodile garnet/red) by =DeLa*=


I think that’s what this outfit reminds me off, like a punkish aristocratic inspiration going on there but basically with a cool, modern feel to it! Maybe a little less girly than usual but with more attitude! Soft brown and pink tones because yes, fall asks for it. No accessories on this look, since the jacket is what calls the attention for, but I couldn’t resist showing these beautiful earrings, which were my only (accessory) choice. Their delicate simplicity and texture is almost mirrored by the jacket’s color tone being the perfect addition to the whole look. Again, my favorite boots of the moment, when we experience top notch quality its hard to give it up. Thank you Onyx! As for the jacket, it is included in an outfit called ‘inferno’ (from land of goodies – barerose) and it comes with three different colors. I love modern cut military inspired jackets, so this was easily an instant fav. ❤ Uma

Details :
Skin – ‘Moscow Pale baseA’ by MMS
Hair – ‘+*Tori*+.Cream’ by Mirai Style
Jacket – (part of) ‘Inferno’ outfit, by b@r/barerose
Top – (part of) ‘second dress’ (black) by ‘in the light’
Gloves – ‘Ushuaia gloves’ (red) by FTV
Pants – ‘jeans/classi moss’ by Zaara
Boots – ‘billow boots’ (brown) by Maitreya
Earrings – ‘Sally Earrings’ by Chantal Gossipgirl