Little drop!

Namasté! ❤ Uh, been feeling a little uninspired lately, mostly because we had such a rush on new releases lately that I feel I’ve shopped for the whole year already and haven’t seen anything exciting lately. However, putting clothes together is never a problem for me, I could get distracted for hours dressing up and down and changing and what not. Today is one of those days I have digged on my closet for things I already had and felt like putting together.  Another friday, yay, and the last before christmas. Get your socks ready ❤ Uma

casual kawaii

casual kawaii I

Details :

Hair – ‘egle’ (black) by Muism

headband – ‘ribbon holic katyusha o1’ by Honey Kitty

Vest – ‘fall vest (green)’ by Dernier Cri

Sweater – ‘chunky knit (mist grey)’ by MALT Fashions

Skirt – ‘ella copper green velvet skirt’ by Zagoskin

Leggings – ‘leggings grayscale’ by Cachet

Shoes – ‘suede bootie (pink) by *COCO*

Bag – ‘saggy bag antilope fur/dark” by Cachet

warmers – ‘arwarmers – midnight set – grey’ by Maitreya


So I’m back to what I’d call the ‘look of the day’ (or the day before). For some reason this whole outfit reminds me of the ‘newspaperboy’ look. Maybe because of the cap, which reminds me of the late 19th (early 20th century) trend of berets amongst the boys and young adults of the time and became associated with the newsboy look. Ok, so putting it that way I’m not sure I look feminine at all? But I do think It looks cute. Contradict me if I’m wrong. The long shorts are an ‘old’ kurotsubaki item I have always loved so I’m happy to after a year take them out of the closet and wear them again. Plaid? Check. The bag is from plod, which I’ve blogged before, only this time I chose to wear the 2nd option called ‘Travel’, (made it smaller) and I think this is one of those looks that would be missing something if I didn’t wear it. Both beret and the awesome jacket with this worn/vintage look can be found at Malt fashions a store that I like to visit once in a while. I could’ve worn a million different haircuts here, but the awesome ‘sun’ from maitreya did give it a little edge to the whole boyish look. Hope you like it, ❤ Uma



Details :

Hair – ‘Sun’ (nuts pack) by Maitreya

Hat – ‘Classic Gabroche hat’ (grey) by MALT fashions

Shirt (under) – ‘Neo Japanism’ by *ROARS*

Jacket – ‘Callie Coat – Calico’ by MALT fashions

Shorts – ‘check shorts’ (comes with skirt option) by Kurotsubaki

Tights – ‘Woolen tights’ (petroleum) by Persona

Shoes – ‘Beauchamp Heels’ (red sea) by Gbberish

Bag – ‘LeatherShoulderBag – Travel’ by plod

This is not laundry day.

And this is definitely not how I dress when i do my laundry. I had put this outfit together on friday but since then I couldn’t log back.  So first thing I did when I logged back was shoot it. Don’t ask me why I’ve shot it with my laundry machine, because I have no excuse but being tired and hungover. However if anything, you should check ‘blonde’. I’m a sucker for retro objects, and furniture and this store is heaven on slearth for great retro looking (especially kitchen) furniture. I don’t think you’ll resist it!! ❤ Uma

landry girl

laundry girl 2

Details :

Hair – ‘summer chignon’ by BP*

Headband – ‘Hair bow headband’ by [Y.M.X]

Jacket – ‘cowchan coat’ by Bellange

Top – ‘Carmela – nude’ by Michami

Shorts – ‘Denim shorts brown’ b MALT fashions

Socks – ‘kushukushu kutsushita’ (brown) by shop seu

Boots – ‘Billow boots pearl’ by Maitreya

Bag – ‘Raaf 2009 gold’ by Baiastice

Laundry machine by BLONDE

ice cream ballerina.

I think today was the first time I chose to wear something and not change it for the entire day. It might say something about what I’ve put together here, I felt pretty and comfy, just like it should be and I love it. There isn’t much to say about it though, (or the title) besides pointing out the amazing job jb did with these boots. Again! ❤ Uma

Details :
Skin – ‘Hana’ (pale/natural) by Redgrave
Hair – ‘Laine’ (brown pack) by ETD
Headband – ‘glass ring katyusha’ by chicoco
Jacket – ‘full sculted knit jacket’ (dark gray) by Ce Cubic
Tunic – ‘Autumn tunic’ by Malt Fashions
Scarf – ‘Linen Stole Muffler’ (light beige) by creamshop
Bag – ‘DS bag’ (brown) by [ICoN]
Pants – ‘kogo skinny pants’ (old navy) by Armidi Limited
Boots – ‘real toe 2wayshort boots’ (beige) by J’s


I have been waiting ‘patiently’ for toraji to release her oh ‘so yummi’ coats and they’re finally here! I’m a big yumyum fan so it was hard to choose which coat colors and which look to post so again I’m doing a three in one! The coat comes with 4 different collars you can choose from, with or without corsage and fur collar, and they’re just irresistible! It’s also obvious my love for soho boots so those were the two things I couldn’t give up on! Hectic, hectic week, but never enough that we forget what to dress, even if we do it 3645464 times a day! ❤ Uma

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Plaid..plaid..and..oh, more plaid?

Or tartan, in any way color or shape you want! We could say it’s a big autumn/fall trend this year and its not different in sl! It can be worn in a variety of ways, skinny pants, jackets, dresses, skirts or scarfs, you name it. Rather than the traditional red tartans, this year, plaid embraces a palette of muted greys, blues, greens and browns. Whether it’s ‘preppy’, ‘grunge’ or ‘country chic’, it is back, full power! That’s why I decided to put on three looks, with the ‘recent’ Muism’s release of tartan pants, (of course) in a more basic way, because sometimes we’re a little limited in sl and this might just be the first of more ‘tartan’ dedicated posts. Mix it how you want! ❤ Uma

Details :
(look one)
Skin – ‘Moscow – pale makeup-7a’ by MMS
Hair – ‘Natasha’ by Dernier Cri
Scarf – ‘Minimalist – Carre de soie’ by NF (mod by me)
Jacket – ‘Pea Coat’ (red) by Ibizarre
Pants – ‘Tartan check pants – Macrae’ by Muism
Boots – ‘Bax ankle boots/black patent’ by Bax Coen
Bag – ‘crocodile skin – red’ by Muism
Earrings – ‘Naturelle N&E Crimson.silver’ by Lucas Lameth
(look two)
Skin – ‘Moscow – pale makeup 5a’ by MMS
Hair – ‘Wilma’ by MMS
Necklace – ‘SW necklace/gunmetal’ by [ICoN]
Bangles – ‘BG Bangle'(black/ivory) by [ICoN]
Bag – ‘Anya bag’ by Cachet
Top – (part of) ‘Keiko tunic dress’ (black) by Armidi
Pants – ‘Tartan check pants – Stewart’ by Muism
Boots – ‘Billow Boots’ (black) by Maitreya
(look three)
Skin – ‘Moscow pal makeup 6a’ by MMS
Hair – ‘ribbon’ by MMS
Sunglasses – ‘Jarvis Shades’ by p.c.
Top – (part of) ‘Ringleader of the torments’ outfit by Emery
Pants – ‘Tartan check pants – Scott’ by Muism
Belt – (part of) ‘Denim shorts’ outfit/color changing belt by Malt Fashions
Shoes – ‘Mishima dawn – shiny tan’ by Maitreya
Purse – ‘Clutch bag ‘zazu’ (crocodile garnet/red) by =DeLa*=

week goodies!

I have decided to do like a 2 in 1 post! I had put the ‘boyish’ outfit together but had to share with you two of best goodies of the week! Elfa’s silky dress and MNK’s! Now, if you don’t know Uncleweb hair yet, you should check them out! They have a lot to choose for both men and women and the shorter hairs are just too cute! My favs are definitely ‘Ilias’ (shown on the ‘boyish outfit) and Ann&Anna shown on the second pic (on the left)! But the bargain of the day might well be MNK dress, I have blogged before about this little store at creator’s pavillion, the prices are super cheap and they always think of more than one option to wear on each outfit. This dress comes with 3 different options to choose from, plus two different colors red and blue. Here I’m just showing you 2 of the blue version! Not bad, especially for 160L! I love, love exploring creator’s pavillion and find all kinds of new gems! ❤ Uma

Details :
1st pic (boyish look)
Hair – ‘Uw.St. Ilias’ hair (madder red) by UncleWeb
Jacket – ‘piumino’ by bianca f
Shorts – ‘Isa bermuda shorts’ (red) by Cachet
Belt – MALT fashions
Tights – ‘Tartan Thighs’ (brown pack) by Elfa
Shoes – ‘Athena’ by Tesla

Second pic (goodies/left to right)
Hair – ‘Uw.St. Ann&Anna’ (cocoa) by uncleweb
Dress – ‘silky dress’ (green) by Elfa

Hair – ‘Sasha’ (black) by MMS
Dress – ‘Nut caramelized nikukyu’ by MNK shop