We are always running for the thrill of it thrill of it

Ok, bear with me.  First I had no patience to do anything but the basic to the pictures, second I will spam your little butt with lots of them. For some reason that has no explanation but being a fortunate coincidence I keep bumping into new down vests. I blogged some before and today I returned to a little store I have been some time ago, called +*+Laba-Laba+*+ and there they were. I’ve never seen these and they’re really awesome. First they’re a real bargain, 30L each and they fit perfectly! I’ve decided to put together two sporty outfits with them, nothing really over the top, just so I could showcase them. Anyways, I had previous put together another outfit, so this post will (again) be a 3 in one. The first two actually have something to do with each other while the 3rd is completely out of the context but…ya know, that’s how I like it. Diversity. It has however something in comon since the cardigan is also from Laba-Laba and again costs 30L. There’s other colors too but you can check for yourselves if you happen to be in a shop smart mood. MUAHS! ❤ Uma

thrill of it

thrill of it I

Details : Hair – ‘Spring Breeze (browns)’ by ((JUNWAVE)) .  Skin – ’07 Sole Green_Gold’ by *YourSkin* . Hat – ‘color changing cap’ by Art Lago .  Headphones – ‘Retro Hipster Headphones’ by (NO) . Vest – ‘Down Vest (black/white)’ by +*+Laba-Laba+*+ . Pants – ‘Sport Stylez’ by F.A.T. Designz . Sneakers ‘Superstars black/white’ by SOREAL . Belt – ‘Nintendo belt’ by Eishtendo!

thrill of it II

thrill of it III

Details : Hair – ‘Poof hair (blondes)’ by Magika . Vest – ‘Down Vest (green/white)’ by +*+Laba-Laba+*+’  . Top – ‘Savoir turtleneck top silver blue’ by Maitreya . Belt – ‘:::Sole Bend POACH BELT ::: (lemon)’ by Sole Accessory . Pants – ‘Wide Leg Pants’ by FTV .  shoes – ‘slipons’ (free)’ by Ordinary

classic sporty

classic sporty I

Details : Hair – ‘Faye (caramel)’ by Maitreya . Hat – ‘Hunting cap (grey)’ by Apollon . Jacket – ‘border cardigan white/blue’ by +*+Laba-Laba+*+ . Sweater – ‘Turtleneck+Vneck Sweater – tin’ by *Muism* – Sleeves – ‘savoir turtleneck top silver blue’ by Maitreya . Suspenders – ‘new school suspenders’ (color change) by { Kari } . Shorts – ‘Tweed Half Pants (grey)’ by MNK*Shop . Socks – ‘socks mit suspenders *clean white*’ by Pig . Shoes – ‘barcelona slingbacks (prussian blue)’ by Armidi.

Listening to Walking on a dream

Hair Fair 2008!

I have to say personally I wasn’t that excited for the Hair Fair. Not to the point I’d rush there and blog much about it. But, to my surprise when the time came I was surprisly excited and CURIOUS to see what the designers would come up to. So as soon as I was able to (knowing first hand I’d be facing the ‘laggiest hours’ my laptop and my patience would be able to cope with) I tp’ed there. I was especially interested in looking for hairs with accessories/hats since there aren’t as much or as good as we all would like to see/buy/wear. It exceeded my expectations! Praise the slord I had the patience to face it all, resist the lag and the crashes and it was worth every second! Here are some of my favorites…<3

Hair Details :

Top row :

1st . ‘Hunting’ (chiffon/black pack/color changing hat) by ARGRACE

2nd. ‘Alex’ (black, color/texture changing hat&buttons) by Refuge

3rd. ‘Kitten’ (white) by Magika

4th. ‘Jade’ (color changing hat/blacks pack) by Maitreya

Bottom row:

1st. ‘Chloe’ (color changing hat/browns pack) by Maitreya

2nd. ‘Raina’ (browns pack/comes with several beanies) by HCT

3rd. ‘Fedora LaRoux’ (blonde, 2 hat color options/color changing hat stripe/band) by TorridWear

4th.’Mischa’ (black/white pack) by AOHARU.

❤ Uma.