Haiiiii! So lately I’ve been more inspired to do different styles, more themed or music related maybe? Because really, music and fashion have always been intrinsically linked, with music inspiring or at least supporting whole fashion looks. I wanted to do something completely different from the last post, more dark(ish) gothy doll inspired. I’ve had this awesome sinistyle jacket for a while now, and though I wear it often I don’t think I’ve blogged it before. It’s called ‘death dealer’ and though you have to buy the shorter version separately,  it also comes with a longer version and all with resizable script! My inspiration was Milk Motion’s necklace, with the little skull! I love Marie’s creations, and Royal Blue’s boots seemed perfect on this look! Bed hair choice, because I love it and it seemed appropriate for how I feel! God, I hate mondays >_< and I feel like a mess! So ok, I know I’ve done a 180º turn again but hope you like this look! muahs ❤ Uma

gothly doll

gothy doll I

Details :

Hair – ‘Ayase (raven)’ by Zero Style

Skin – ‘Lyla’ (smoky) by Redgrave

Necklace – ‘my skull necklace (white)’ by Milk Motion

Jacket – ‘death dealer coat f + death dealer short bottom’ by Sinistyle

Dress – ‘sussi dress’ by Little Fish

Leggings – ‘gray scale 3 leggings’ by Cachet

Boots -‘Tied metal charcoal and silver’ by Royal Blue

Bag – ‘Ribbon tote bag (black)’ by {Cherry}

Bird on hair – ‘chickweed hair pick (red)’ by GINZA jewelry Kohime

Snow Doll

I have been on a blog roll lately, but it’s past midnight and I can alledgedly say it’s Wednesday. Therefore another ‘day’. 😀 I love dressing in sl according to our rl season. It’s definitely not snowing here (yay!) but I have to say I love the snowy magical side of sl. It warms my heart (and pixels) to see it, and winter means warm clothes too. I tend to dress in a more kawaii way, gloves, knit caps, umbrellas, scarves, comfy boots. This time was no different, if I have to get out of my house I’ll do it prepared to face the ‘worse’ weather ever, but I added some color to this outfit, I’m in a happy mood. ❤ Uma



Details :

Hair – ‘Escape 03’ (pearlplatinum) by 69

Skin – ‘Morgana Natural’ by Beauty Avatar (soon to be released)

Jacket – ‘Winter coat pink’ by *little fish*

Dress – ‘knit one piece dress0 by Maruko

Socks – ‘kushukushu kutsushita’ (brown) by shop seu

Boots – ‘Leather boots (khaki)’ by Bukka

Umbrella – ‘Trilogy umbrella rbdot’

Snow effect – part of BP* hunt gift