I’m good I’m gone


I don’t really feel like writting much..but I do have to say a few things about these two looks. I’ve battled with myself, if I should or not blog them, but I’ve been wanting to make some looks with these AMAZING Tres blah bags and, I’ve wrote down some time ago to remind myself I should get them but, I would either forget or not know where they were. Yeah, because sometimes, I am retarded! Anyways, once found, I could not resist and got the infamous Bubbles fundraiser outfit and !lamb‘s unbirthday redux, a different version of the one released for hair fair and omg, I ended up loving these looks. Another thing I really need to say is, Tokeo.Plastik‘s Boudoir dresses might well be my most favorite short/tight dress EVER. I’m serious. It’s so amazingly done, I struggle with skirt prims a lot (i bet you do too) and this one is just PERFECT. There’s different graphics to each color, and all extremely well done. Hey that’s a lot to say, knowing its such a ‘simple’ (which doesn’t mean easy) design and the graphic designs are quite discrete but beautiful. Hair corsages are from AtomicBambi, a store I’ve blogged before and these are new in store, you’ll get two for one (they’re resizable aswell) and they are an awesome addition to our accessories bag, I love hair accessories so..you know, I love them!


……<3 Uma


Details :

1st look .

Hair – ‘oh my happyness’ by [OH] – Hair [OH] (creator Fhaya denimore)

Skin – ‘petal frex [light] april -pure3’ by Curio/Gala Phoenix

Hair corsage – ‘london I (blush)’ by AtomicBambi

Dress – ‘Boudoir – JL – Paisley’ by [Plastik]

Leggings – ‘fucsia leggings 1 (ghost hunt freebie)’ by FTV

Socks – ‘Socks mit suspenders – black’ by Pig

Shoes – ‘ANT FLATS – RAZZMATAZZ’ by Miel

Bag – ‘Chic Satchel (pink)’ by Tres Blah


Hair – ‘Unbirthday redux – chocolate bars pack’ by !lamb

Hair Corsage – ‘bangkok II (saffron)’ by AtomicBambi

Dress/Jumper + lil buttoned shirt + bubbles forever necklace – all part of bubbles fundraiser outfit by (fd)

Leggings – ‘basics sheer leggings [Concrete]’ by !Ohmai

Shoes – ‘petanko cross camel’ by [0N]

Bag – ‘Chic Satchel (white but slightly darkened) by Tres Blah

Listening to ….Lykke Li – I’m good I’m gone

That’s Miss to you!

Hi! I was in a good mood when I started writting this post, but about 3 hours ago I logged into to wordpress with a msg that my posts were disabled for some odd reason. So of course, I waited, I got mad and I plurked. Not exactly in that specific order. Fortunately it didn’t take more than 3 hours for wordpress to solve the issue. Hello? could you be any slower?

Anyways on to what I came here to do. While I have much to say about wordpress I don’t about this outfit,  I just..like it. A lot. Irie Campese‘s skirt (from So Many Styles) was my inspiration. I probably own almost every highwaisted skirt in sl and I have plenty in my other life too, so you know I love them. This one has a very retro feel to it and I thought  it would go pretty well with this shirt. I added a little vest to it so that only the shirt prims would show.  I feel kinda ‘naked’ without socks, lol, for some reason I just wear them a lot but I wanted this look to be simple and with not a lot of clashing colors. The Q-steps from Periquita are another favorite shoes (I’m all for the t-bars!) and I thought an updo would suit this look better. !lamb‘s ‘unbirthday’ hair which I love and have not featured yet, seemed perfect. Also, another great addition to your inventory, would be these poses, imo. I was sent a little pack and have to say they work great. I’m using two of [Lyndz-Matic] poses which will be available soon. If you’re in need of some more cute poses, do check this store. ❤ Uma

miss to you

thats miss to you

Details :

Hair – ‘Unbirthday . butterfinger . chocolate bars pack’ by !lamb

Skin – ‘LondonLight – makeup5b’ by former MMS/LeLutka

Glasses – ‘Ray-band glasses’ by (W)

Shirt – ‘Louise shirt/peachpuff’ by LeLutka

Vest‘Classy vest’ by *IR*

Skirt – ‘Flower Highwaist skirt red-grey’ by {SMS}

Shoes – ‘Q-Steps’ (color change/scripted) by .:Periquita:.

Cig by Fnky

Pose(s) ‘cig break’ and ‘thats miss to you’ by [Lyndz-Matic]


Hey everyone!..So as you will see (down below) I’m lately more inspired to, mix and match ‘old’ stuff with some new, but mainly, old. In sl old for me means treasured. Treasured because there are some pieces I am still in love to this day and others no longer available. I don’t wear them as much as I should so, letting them see the ‘light of day’ a little, does feel good.  Like ‘old’ paper couture stuff or creamshop or Artilleri (which will never go out of style) or Grandma!. I was talking to my friend Amika jewell the other day, Grandma is in the present a furniture store but in the past, Hanae Nishi (owner of grandma!) used to own a really awesome vintage inspired clothes store and I really, really miss it. I am happy to own mostly everything from there and I wish Hanae Nishi could re-launch her clothing line, but, as far as I know it’s gone. For now I hope! Anyway, here’s 3 different looks, made out of awesomeness with digged from old mama’s chest, I hope you like. ❤ Uma



Left to right :

Skin – ‘belle light naturale NB skin’ by vivé9

Hair – ‘Marcelle – auburn’  by Coif

Sunglasses – ‘Mom glasses – classic tortoise’ by (Yummi)

Poncho ‘midnight poncho (mossgreen)’ by {creamshop}

Tunic (shirt layer) – ‘asian tunic brown by Kurotsubaki

Shirt  (undershirt layer) – ‘driftwood tank top . white’ by Surf Couture

Belt – ‘I heart colors belt’ by Reek

Skirt – ‘Carla skirt . white’ by Artilleri

Socks – ‘socks mit suspenders . antique mint’ (by Pig) + Mokomoko socks (by *UnTone Quilt*)

Shoes – ‘drunks’ by UBU


Hair – ‘Dog Roses’ by !lamb

Jacket – ‘Ritta leather jacket’ by Cachet/LeLutka

Scarf – ‘Sweater Scarf’ by Armidi

Dress – ‘Cake of sugar’ by Grandma! (store closed)

Socks – ‘Arvike just fine socks . grey’ by Djunk

Boots – ‘Cowgirl boots . blue’ by [hoorenbeek]


Hair – ‘beach hair – dark brown’ by [Curio]

Hair accessory – ‘Flowery peacock’ (free) by *Fuel*

Top – (part of) ‘Leather and wool’ by Paper Couture

Bag – ‘Signature series tote bag . black’ by SLink

Pants – ‘My harem pants black’ by (Milk Motion)

Socks – ‘mint blue socks’ by +SPICA+

Shoes – ‘ChiChi Pumps . pastel green’ by Maitreya

Listening to :  ”Overpowered” . Roisin Murphy

Hair Fair . Top 9 . #1

I feel totally overwhelmed with such kindness, from all the designers that spoiled me already with some of my favorite HF hairs.  So on the course of the next two days, I’ll do a list of my favorite hairs, that will be sold in hair fair. So instead of a top 10, I’m making a top 9, lol, since its more logical in terms of pictures 3 in each row. I will try and feature only my most favorite ones so far, though I’m trying not to do more than 1 hair from each designer, it proves difficult.

In this post, I’ll feature : [Curio], fashionably dead, !lamb, *Fuel*, Wasabi pills, .::MADdesign::., sWEET Hair by sWEET Faces and Miau Haus. Such an amazing job you guys, thank you so much.

So on to the pictures 😉 ❤ Uma

curio maddesign fuel

Left to right :

Post Ironic‘ (black) by Curio . ‘Vasean hair‘ (chocolate brown)’ by Miau Haus .  ‘Mimi‘ (caramel brown)’ by *Fuel*

maddesign fd and lamb

Chris casual‘ (copper f1 cpI)’ by MADesign . ‘Dorothy’s day‘ salt by (fd) . ‘Dog roses‘ (butterfinger) by !lamb

(all scripted)

curio wasabi pills sweet hair

beach hair‘ (auburn) by [Curio] . ‘Ailith hair‘ (jet black) by Wasabi Pills . ‘baroness v2 – colorR03′ by sweet hair sweet faces

Teased up!

Haiiii!! I told you I’d come back again today. So..here I ams! First things first, lamb bellic has ‘returned’ and this time with a new hair. Teased up is somewhat, a hatless version of Mister Sister. If you liked Mister Sister, you will definately like this one. So sweet, thank you for spoiling me lamb! ❤ This was basically the reason why I’ve put this outfit together. There’s also a  couple of things I really love about this outfit, old things I had in invo mixed with a couple of new ones. The jacket is an ‘old’ hunt freebie from []::Tuli::[] and the skirt is part of Polina’s recent release, the ‘summer dress’, (thank you Poli) and the shirt Pink Outfitter’s latest creation. I think all things worked pretty well together, and my favourite details are an old Chapeau Tres Mignon brooch I’ve attached to left ear, so I could use it as a head accessory and Fishy’s strawberry brooch (part of Bon bon top in gold). Those are the pieces that tie everything together. Also, I could’nt NOT talk about chocolat yifu’s super awesomely cute flats. I ❤ them!!! So, If you haven’t been in untone quilt lately, do check them out. Now..the books, (thank you Vasean for telling me about the gifts <3)lol, I love random things, random attachments, this is a super kawaii one, not-to-be-missed, free at Tekuteku store (make sure you get it ..and also, check the new hair!! it was too much for me to show you in this post). MUAHS ❤ Uma


teased up

Details :

Hair – ‘teased up – chocolat bars – butterfinger’ by !lamb

Skin – ‘bird skin – sun drops’ by (fd)

Jacket – ‘Cable Knit cropped vest – sand’ (hunt freebie) from  []::Tuli[]

Shirt – Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse – white’ by [Pink]

Skirt/belt – (part of) ‘Two Straps Summer Dress’ (belt tinted by me) by (P-K)

Pants – ‘Vintage Saloppete midnight blue’ by *COCO*

Shoes – ‘Retro pumps (gobou)’ by *UnTone Quilt*

Head accessory – ‘Cameo Brooch’ (attached to left ear) by Chapeau Tres Mignon

Brooch – ‘Bon Bon brooch – Gold’ by *Fishy Strawberry*

Books by =TEKU+Eko=

P.S. Pink outfitters blouse works WONDERFULLY with P-K’s skirt part (without the jacket) and it almost seems like they were made for each other. ❤


Haiii! Another friday and omg, did this week pass really fast. I could say this is my ‘look of the day’ disregarding the fact they’re two. Hardly anything is new here, however I felt like making another 2 outfits, with stuff I had in my closet and haven’t worn for some time. Tesla’s boots are a recent favorite and Tesla work always seems to surprise me, her skills are amazing as we all know, but its how she excells in everything she does, and how eclectic she is that really makes me :O. Always. Another new piece I’m wearing (in the second look) is, Irie Campese, soon to be released ‘maria’ tops. Really refreshing, and colorful as we’re accustomed to, with a touch of religious/folk art in them.  Symbolic fun. Love it. Hope you have a great weekend ❤ Uma

casual one

casual II

Details :

Hair – ‘bang bang – Snickers (straight bangs)’ by !lamb

Hat – ‘Homburg Hat – corduroy’ by Apollon

Glasses – ‘Machimo sunglasses – gold’ by Armidi

Jacket and shirt – ‘Naomie Barley tee and jacket’ by [CoL]

Scarf – ‘Knitted scarf (wheat n’ colors)’ by !tb

Belt – ‘Coin Belt brown’ by Maitreya

Jeans – ‘Grace jeans faded chic’ by Armidi

Bag – ‘Bellissima 09 brown – additional’ by barerose

Shoes – ‘Sissy (brown)’ by *LOTTA

fun casual

fun casual II

Details :

Hair – ‘ Ilias-Hair cool brown’ by Uw.st (uncleweb)

Jacket – ‘Leather jacket purple’ by :::LiNe:::

Hoodie – (part of) ‘Parker in gray’ by *ARAI*

Top – ‘Maria tank black’ by {SMS}

Top (under) – ‘Beater tank top (banana)’ by [VG] (store closed atm)

Jeans – ‘Denim Vintage’ by Emery

Boots – ‘Harvey Biker boots’ by Tesla

Bag – ’15 bag black’ by bbb

Poses by striking poses . Golden Delish . ::SC

Listening to Maria João & Mária laginha

Don’t wake me..I plan on sleeping in.

Woot Hai!..I have always been a fan of shirohato, and once in a while I go back to see if there’s anything new. Yesterday I went back and saw this cute little dress. As usual Maruko’s work, is very girly, I love the flowy, girly, look on the dresses and I especially like their prices. So cheap for such awesomeness. Might not be newness for you but I decided I’d keep it in closet so I could wear it today. It comes with two skirt options thought I decided for this one. I’m also wearing, lamb’s newest hair, which I absolutely love, and made my day today!!.. There’s a straight bangs option and a sideways one, here I’m wearing the sideways. Love how it looks and the bunny likes it aswell 😉 I’m a scribble fan, lol, everytime I see a notice about the newest releases, you’ll prolly find me there. Drooling. ❤ Uma

sleeping in

sleeping in I

Details :

Hair – ‘bang bang – snickers (sideways bangs)’ by !lamb

Hair accessory – ‘Skellyflies’ by Canimal

Skin – ‘coral *cinna : coral b3’ by Bebae

Necklace – ‘feuille naturelle necklace silver’ by (luc)

Dress – ‘Fan Tail’ by shirohato

Socks – ‘knee socks mit suspenders (flamingo)’ by Pig . group gift

Shoes – ‘Dorothy shoes (brown)’ by LOTTA

Bunny – ‘Holding bunny / baby bunny in hand (sable)’ by Scribbles

Listening to ‘The Postal Service – Sleeping in’