The Grasshopper

Waking up this morning to 3 little chapeau tres mignon gifts, was reason enough to make my day, and come back to blog! *stretches* Good morning everyone!!!…This was an outfit I was putting together yesterday, quite simple but I adore the colors. The top is my favorite piece,  Krisha is the owner of Dollita, the store is open but doesn’t have much up yet, but when she sent me this top I really liked it, it’s super cute, hopefully she’ll work on more and I’ll keep an eye on it. The grasshopper hat is amazing, I have always been a fan of Chapeau Tres Mignon, probably my favorite hat store and to celebrate spring, Megg Demina has created a new collection and re-built her store! You must check it out, these hats are absolutely divine! ❤ Uma

the grasshopper

the grasshopper I

Details :

Hair – ‘Cherry – Kit Kat’ by !lamb

Hat – ‘grasshopper hat’ by Chapeau Tres Mignon

Jacket – ‘MIMIcoat – morning’ by Cachet/LeLutka

Top – ‘Dolcevita top’ by Dollita

Skirt – (part of) ‘cotton mini dress – green’ by Kyoot

Leggings – ‘leggings/grayscale 1’ by Cachet/LeLutka

Shoes – ‘Venus sandals sleek noir’ by *HUB*

Early Valentine!

Hai everyone! Just came by to share with you a special Bebae release. Torie has created a special edition of ‘Belina’ skins,  the make ups are called Valentine and they were especially made for it. I think they’re out now and these skins will be available for a month, until February 25th and not be sold after that! If you’re a Bebae fan, make sure you grab them, there’s two different make ups on each skin, pink or red lipstick of your choice! Because I don’t wanna ‘spam’ you with lots of pictures I’ll just show you one of each skin!…I don’t think I’ve ever tried coco’s skin tone, and of all of them, it is definitely my fav, love the Valentine make up on this one! I have a soft spot for good black skins, this is perfect! Also, Saeya from Kyoot has just released these cute dresses, they’re simple and discrete, but perfectly made and super cute! ❤ ❤ Uma

Bebae Valentine

early valentine

Details :

1st pic (left to right)

– BEBAE – Valentine *Coco: Red/- BEBAE – Valentine *Caramel: Red

– BEBAE – Valentine *Cinna: Pink/- BEBAE – Valentine *Creme: Pink

2nd pic :

Hair – ‘Vasha (black)’ By ETD

Skin – ‘Valentine *Cinna: Red’ by Bebae

Jacket – ‘FurCoat (Gray)’ by *~PureStyle~*

Dress – ‘Cotton Mini Dress – Grey’ by Kyoot

Belt – ‘BT_CheckShirtDress(Belt)’ by AOHARU

Jeans – ‘ Grace Jeans – Faded Chic’ by Armidi

Boots – ‘Amazone’ by Storm Schmooz

Bag – ‘Bag sholder(brown)’ by [ICoN]

Freckles, anyone?

How many of you are freckles lovers?..well from now on, I am. Heather Bebee from Rockberry has added a freckle version to all 6 skin lines – Eva, Kate, Lily, Mia, Sasha and Willow – and was kind enough to spoil me with them. Although I’m usually not used to look for freckled skins (though in rl I am slightly freckled <3) I was truly surprised with these, not only because of the freckles itself but the face is just yummy!! Love it!  Skin addicts  get over there and check them for yourselves. I couldn’t be more pleased or surprised with these! You know, I don’t consider myself a great reviewer, I’m not the kind that points out all the details and shades and what not on  skins. However, I take in consideration the face and once I blog something, It’s not only because I love it but also because it’s worth it. Trust me on that! I mean, lol, I’m a narcisist (I admit) and I can’t stop looking at myself now *coughs* !! ❤ Uma

Eva A - Kate B Rockberry – Eva (a) / Kate (b)

Lily F - Sasha A Rockberry . Lily (F) / Sasha (A)

Mia B Willow E Rockberry : Mia (b) / Willow (e)


Outfit details :

Skin – ‘Eva a – natural FR’ By Rockberry

Hair – ‘Burly hair type A – coffee’ by Uncleweb

Strapless top – ‘Body con is not dead in silver’ (jacket layer) by Royal Blue

Shirt – ‘the scarlet mobster’ (‘old’ and always cherished and I still love it) by Kyoot Army

Pants –  ‘Taupe Ghost Harem High Waists’ by Royal Blue

Socks – ‘tartan tights  black socks’ by !*G^G*!

Boots – ‘Black Hitch Hiker Boot’ (not the greatest/not perfect, but I love the chunkyness imperfection on them, and wow, it was only 1 linden) by Domestic V

Headband – ‘flower katsusha gold’ by *chicoco*

Study time

Hai everyone!! Today I feel very ‘schoolish’. Probably inspired by new untone releases, specifically the ‘sallopette skirt’ I’m wearing. It inspired me to grab my little tie and cardi and just walk around sl today with books in hand pretending I didn’t care about anything but reading. I’ve been planning to put an outfit together with Tosl’s holiday gift – the toe  socks. They’re so much fun, it comes with an option with ‘toes’ if you’re the staying at home kind and you’re not freaked out by them. I wish I had snapped a picture of it. Anyways, I also take this opportunity to speak about a new store that’s opening fairly soon. This is one of the hairs Miss Violet Morellet will have for sale at ‘inorite’.  (it’s  called ‘Uma’ *wink wink* and it’s pretty much unisex, I’m sure boys will rock it as much as girls <3).  She worked sooo hard these last months, probably pulling out her own (rl) hair while building them, so don’t forget to check them out when it opens!! ❤ Uma.


study time I

Details :

Hair – ‘Uma’ (pot kettle black) by Inorite

Skin – ‘Belina *cinna* Navy 1a’ by Bebae

Headband – ‘hair bow headband’ by [Y.M.X] (tinted by me)

Overall – ‘sallopette skirt’ (caramel) by Untone Quilt

Cardigan – ‘sweat cardigan (beige)’ by DP*yumyum

Shirt (under) – ‘the scarlet mobster shirt’ by Kyoot Army

Tie – ‘classic italia (tucked in)’ (purple) by Gisaci/Armidi

Socks – ‘Toe socks’ (v1.4 violet) by TOSL

Shoes – ‘pinup (burgundy patent)’ by Stilleto Moody

books by [[mismatch]]

Stump by Truth Hawks


Ok. Another day, another outfit, or should I say, outfits? Tosl has come out with a really cute jacket which was my inspiration for this look. If you don’t know New Marron’s house yet you should give it a look, see this little dress was a great find. Who would have thought it would just be ONE LINDEN! Talk about bargains eh? hope you like it!! ❤ Uma

Details :
1st Outfit
Hair – ‘Hot Mess’ by Kyoot
Hair accessory – ‘Zoe’ by [gisele]
Jacket – ‘Madeleine’ (blue) by TOSL
Pants – ‘Jeanius!’ By Veschi
Bag – ‘maman noir+blue’ pack by [gisele]
Shoes – ‘Funny Girl Flats’ in yellow by periquita shoes

Second outfit
Hair and accessory – ‘Zoe Nuit’ (caviar) by [gisele]
Dress – ‘K*S one piece 6-flour’ by new marron’s
Shoes – ‘Button Boots’ (brown) by Shiny Things
Socks – ‘MokoMoko socks’ (brown) by Untone Quilt