..yeah, right so…

1.35am ! That makes it oficially the 6th of november, and therefore I guess I didn’t ‘break the rules’. Yeah, I’m being sarcastic. For the ones who didn’t know or didn’t want to even know about what the 5th  of november was about, in our ‘little’ second life community, it meant a boycot on second life with the intent of letting second life ‘bosses’ know how pissed *cough* and concerned we are about content theft.  Taking in consideration most of us actually dedicated our time to ‘talk’ about it..I’ll give you my little input on it. The intent of this ‘day’ had a really positive and important meaning behind it, and if not all of us have followed the ‘rules’ to really make a difference we did by just voicing our opinions about content theft. We do need to take action, we do need to spread the word, and do whatever we can to stop it, however, let’s not just dedicate one day to it but every day, in any way we can. I do think part of our responsability is to also, educate people, people who are not aware of how big this community is or are not involved in sl in a way we are, include them and not exclude them..and make sl a better experience, for everyone. Respect!

Now…on to the outfit..❤ Uma




Listening to : Soko . ‘I will kill her’

....right, so yeah.

Worn :

Hair by Maitreya

Skin by Vivé9

Glasses by (W)

Jacket by AOHARU

Shirt by (Milk Motion) for designers united

Pants by Grandma! (no longer available as far as I know)

Shoes by ANEXX

Poses by Irie Campese {SMS} . soon at {SMS}

I’m good I’m gone


I don’t really feel like writting much..but I do have to say a few things about these two looks. I’ve battled with myself, if I should or not blog them, but I’ve been wanting to make some looks with these AMAZING Tres blah bags and, I’ve wrote down some time ago to remind myself I should get them but, I would either forget or not know where they were. Yeah, because sometimes, I am retarded! Anyways, once found, I could not resist and got the infamous Bubbles fundraiser outfit and !lamb‘s unbirthday redux, a different version of the one released for hair fair and omg, I ended up loving these looks. Another thing I really need to say is, Tokeo.Plastik‘s Boudoir dresses might well be my most favorite short/tight dress EVER. I’m serious. It’s so amazingly done, I struggle with skirt prims a lot (i bet you do too) and this one is just PERFECT. There’s different graphics to each color, and all extremely well done. Hey that’s a lot to say, knowing its such a ‘simple’ (which doesn’t mean easy) design and the graphic designs are quite discrete but beautiful. Hair corsages are from AtomicBambi, a store I’ve blogged before and these are new in store, you’ll get two for one (they’re resizable aswell) and they are an awesome addition to our accessories bag, I love hair accessories so..you know, I love them!


……<3 Uma


Details :

1st look .

Hair – ‘oh my happyness’ by [OH] – Hair [OH] (creator Fhaya denimore)

Skin – ‘petal frex [light] april -pure3’ by Curio/Gala Phoenix

Hair corsage – ‘london I (blush)’ by AtomicBambi

Dress – ‘Boudoir – JL – Paisley’ by [Plastik]

Leggings – ‘fucsia leggings 1 (ghost hunt freebie)’ by FTV

Socks – ‘Socks mit suspenders – black’ by Pig

Shoes – ‘ANT FLATS – RAZZMATAZZ’ by Miel

Bag – ‘Chic Satchel (pink)’ by Tres Blah


Hair – ‘Unbirthday redux – chocolate bars pack’ by !lamb

Hair Corsage – ‘bangkok II (saffron)’ by AtomicBambi

Dress/Jumper + lil buttoned shirt + bubbles forever necklace – all part of bubbles fundraiser outfit by (fd)

Leggings – ‘basics sheer leggings [Concrete]’ by !Ohmai

Shoes – ‘petanko cross camel’ by [0N]

Bag – ‘Chic Satchel (white but slightly darkened) by Tres Blah

Listening to ….Lykke Li – I’m good I’m gone


Hey everyone!..So as you will see (down below) I’m lately more inspired to, mix and match ‘old’ stuff with some new, but mainly, old. In sl old for me means treasured. Treasured because there are some pieces I am still in love to this day and others no longer available. I don’t wear them as much as I should so, letting them see the ‘light of day’ a little, does feel good.  Like ‘old’ paper couture stuff or creamshop or Artilleri (which will never go out of style) or Grandma!. I was talking to my friend Amika jewell the other day, Grandma is in the present a furniture store but in the past, Hanae Nishi (owner of grandma!) used to own a really awesome vintage inspired clothes store and I really, really miss it. I am happy to own mostly everything from there and I wish Hanae Nishi could re-launch her clothing line, but, as far as I know it’s gone. For now I hope! Anyway, here’s 3 different looks, made out of awesomeness with digged from old mama’s chest, I hope you like. ❤ Uma



Left to right :

Skin – ‘belle light naturale NB skin’ by vivé9

Hair – ‘Marcelle – auburn’  by Coif

Sunglasses – ‘Mom glasses – classic tortoise’ by (Yummi)

Poncho ‘midnight poncho (mossgreen)’ by {creamshop}

Tunic (shirt layer) – ‘asian tunic brown by Kurotsubaki

Shirt  (undershirt layer) – ‘driftwood tank top . white’ by Surf Couture

Belt – ‘I heart colors belt’ by Reek

Skirt – ‘Carla skirt . white’ by Artilleri

Socks – ‘socks mit suspenders . antique mint’ (by Pig) + Mokomoko socks (by *UnTone Quilt*)

Shoes – ‘drunks’ by UBU


Hair – ‘Dog Roses’ by !lamb

Jacket – ‘Ritta leather jacket’ by Cachet/LeLutka

Scarf – ‘Sweater Scarf’ by Armidi

Dress – ‘Cake of sugar’ by Grandma! (store closed)

Socks – ‘Arvike just fine socks . grey’ by Djunk

Boots – ‘Cowgirl boots . blue’ by [hoorenbeek]


Hair – ‘beach hair – dark brown’ by [Curio]

Hair accessory – ‘Flowery peacock’ (free) by *Fuel*

Top – (part of) ‘Leather and wool’ by Paper Couture

Bag – ‘Signature series tote bag . black’ by SLink

Pants – ‘My harem pants black’ by (Milk Motion)

Socks – ‘mint blue socks’ by +SPICA+

Shoes – ‘ChiChi Pumps . pastel green’ by Maitreya

Listening to :  ”Overpowered” . Roisin Murphy

As warm as..

So I recently moved in sl to a snowy mountain in floyd! We’re still decorating our little snow cabin (this isn’t it) and I’m still waiting for a fireplace *whistles*! It’s the hubby’s ‘job’ but meanwhile I can only warm up wearing as much clothes as I can! Again, with some pieces from fav little stores! I’m in a playful and kawaii mood, so this is like a cute and messy outfit, it’s sunday its supposed to be like that! ❤ Uma.

sweet as candy

sweet as candy I

Details :

Hair – ‘YuruFUwa Futatumusubi (strawberryblonde)’ by [C&H]

Skin – ‘Willow E – Freckles’ by [Rockberry]

Hat – ‘knit cap brown’ by Kurotsubaki

‘Poncho’ – ‘Fur Poncho (gray)’ by DP*yumyum

Sweater/Dress – ‘NordicDress blk’ by The Closet

Pants – ‘tweed half pants – black’ by Kalmia labo. (MNK*SHOP)

Socks – ‘bird socks hot kiss’ by Grandma

Boots – ‘3way engineer boots (B)’ by J’s

food – ‘Toaster Pastry’ (texture change) by [PINK FUEL]

scooter – ‘kickboard love’  by Kurenai Motorcycle

Poses by Snooky’s poses

Harajuku Girl

I guess that says it all. I was going to do this a long time ago but only decided on putting it together today. Japan is probably the country I most want to visit, it is on the top of my travel list. I’m planning to be there in a year from now (hopefully) so today is all about the harajuku girls look. Only it’s my personal ‘view’ of them. I guess I could say I simplified the looks, a lot. Ehe! If I had to ‘label’ each look, I’d say ‘Lolita’, ‘Street style Fashionista’ and my own ‘simple’ ‘ganguro gyaru’ style. I know I’m not as tanned (as a ganguro) or chose to wear a skin with ‘white’ lipstick and heavy make up (which I think you can still find at gigi couture) and they’re mostly seen in shibuya but, as I said, this is my own personal ‘translation of it. Or maybe I was just inspired by the funky colorful fashion girls around tokyo. Anyway, I hope you like it ^^ and there’s more to come. ❤ Uma

*click pics to view larger*
Details : (left to right)
Hair – ‘Sioux’ by Refuge (mod a little)
Hat – ‘skull hat’ by Chapeau tres Mignon
Top – ‘Poker Corset’ by House of Nyla
Skirt – (part of) ‘scalleeewag’ dress by [twee]
Leggings – by system 3rror
shoes – ‘black ribbon short boots’ by AOHARU
necklace – ‘Le Masque Black Chic’ by mijn boa

‘Tokyo Street Style’:
Skin – ‘Hana’ (pale/nude) by Redgrave
Hair – ‘Fuka’ (chocolate) by [MS], Mirai Style (mod by me)
Jacket – ‘Knit Cardi’ (green) by Malt Fashions
Scarf – ‘Scard and Corsage’ (blue) by BP*
T-shirt – ‘Ghost doodles’ tshirt by me/Toastface (if interested you can find them at Dogtown)
Shorts – ‘Denim Shorts’ (brown) by Malt Fashions (belt is color change)
2nd Belt – ‘Music Belt’ (black) by [ATOMIC]
Stockings – ‘wool tights’ (argyle black11) by BP*
shoes – ‘black ribbon short boots’ by AOHARU

Colorful Tokyo Gyaru:
Skin – ‘Ma peau – emerald sea’ by mijn boa (not for sale)
Hair – ‘Wilma’ (beach blonde) by MMS Hair
Jacket – ‘minihood’ (pink) by Fishy Strawberry
Ear Muffs – ‘Bunny Ear Muffs’ (white) by Chapeau Tres Mignon
Necklace – ‘I ❤ sushi set’ by [ATOMIC]
Dress – ‘Lola’ – sunrise’ by T..a..R..t
Stockings – ‘bird socks – grape candy’ by GRANDMA!
Shoes : ‘MoutonBoots’ (soft blue) by AOHARU
*poses by [LAP], AnaLu, and snOokys Poses*