‘Morniiiiing!..I have done some ‘navy’ inspired looks in the past, and I love them! Navy colors + stripes, always a fav for me and timeless I would say. So yesterday I’ve put this look together, it’s another option to some other navy inspired looks I’ve done in the past. Similar in some details. I’ve decided to pair Polina’s new opened blazer, which I love for being slightly longer than what we see around, and Artilleri’s new ‘sailorette’ top seemed perfect with it. Since I wanted a slightly more casual look, my old high waisted shorts from Gisaci matched perfectly. I love the fact the jacket is almost as long as the shorts. I am also in love with new cupcakes! skin, ‘seduction’, I don’t own a lot of red lipstick make up skins and the ones I have, are absolute favorites. Of course that was not the only one I got, and thanks to Rosemary who totally spoiled me yesterday, filling my invo with another set of great skins, I’m sure if you liked lovespell you will love Seduction. It keeps getting better and better. ❤ Uma!


Isn’t it just yuuuuuuums?


sailorette II

Details :

Hair – ‘the bunny hop #215 gift’ by W&Y

Eyes – by Poetic  – easter lilac (The Bunny Hop #011)

Skin – ‘Seduction . Cameo – ‘retro’ by Cupcakes!

Jacket – ‘Opened Blazer (marine)’ by (P-K)

Top – ‘sailorette top (blue)’ by Artilleri

Shorts – (part of) ‘Dans La Ville – Milano ashes with Dark blue’ by Gisaci/Armidi

Shoes – ‘Classic pumps – peppercorn’ by Juicy

Socks – ‘Prim Socks blue’ by Maitreya

Bag – ‘SACK bag / white’ by [LeLutka]

Necklace – ‘coin necklace’ by Maitreya

Listening to With Every Heartbeat

and I’ll take my clothes off and it will be shameless

Haiiii!! XD This will be  a quickie little post! I don’t know how many of you have waited at dp yumyum for the awesome down vest on lucky chair or how many do actually love it. I know I do! I wondered when I’d see others, similar even until i found them today. If you haven’t checked YORIM’s factory lately (or at all) know that you’ll find these 3 little awesome vests there, no lucky chair to drive you nuts. They come in red blue and green and I’ve decided to make three simple outfits to show you a bit of diversity with the three vests. ahh, go check them (and make sure you check the hair store in front of it at japan canvas)  😉 ❤ Uma


quickie I

Details :

(2nd pic . left to right ya?)

Hair – ‘SideTailHair (brown)’ by ((JUNWAVE))

Vest – ‘dawnDAWNdawn (blue) ‘ by YORIM’s f

Dress – ‘well loved dress – tope ‘ by Nylon Outfitters

Sweater (under) – ‘chenille sweater U – brown ‘ by Pig

Belt -‘coin belt beige’ by Maitreya

Socks -‘prim socks brown’ by Shiny Things

Sneakers – ‘Cora’ (color change)’ by Akeyo

2nd .

Vest – ‘dawnDAWNdawn red’ by YORIM’s f

Top – ‘crimson color on color’ by Sh*t Happens

Shorts – ‘cambridge II shorts – gold’ by Gisaci/Armidi

Socks – ‘kneesocks wool red’ by Sysy’s

Belt/Braces – ‘ClassicBracesBrown’ by -SG-

Boots – ‘Wo boots’ by [0N]


Vest – ‘dawnDAWNdawn green’ by YORIM’s f

Tank top – ‘beater tank top grey’ by [VG] (store closed)

Sweater – ‘chenille sweater spring green’ by Pig

Pants – ‘shoreline marine’ by &Bean

Belt – ‘colour changing belt’ by .:MALT:. Fashions

Listening to The Fear

Possibly maybe.

I have been secretly wearing this shirt forever and ever in world! I don’t really know why, maybe I’m in a more basic/discrete mood lately. Vests have also been a big obsession of mine so I decided I’d bring you…nothing really new but a look that will always work. Wether you choose to wear your  skinny jeans, or take off the vest, or try a different hair. I mean, you can’t go wrong, but there are some details on this outfit that just give it a little something, namely the scarf (a re-designed version of Polina’s ‘carre de soie’) and Kookie’s ‘ella petite’ flats. The ribbon and ‘cameo’ like details on these just give it a unique and sweet look! They’ll be for sale soon <3! All in all I found this to be a cute, classic look I decided to share with you while listening to this tune! Make sure you click on that!! ❤ Uma

possibly maybe

possibly maybe I

possibly maybe II

Details :

Hair – ‘The Introvert – Brown Tones’ by (VW)

Skin –  ‘Melinda 4K’ by *Mayden couture* (store opens  on the 10th)

Shirt – ‘BT_StripeShirt_White’ by Aoharu

Scarf – ‘Carre de soie Vert’ by (P-K)

Vest – ‘Cambridge Knit Vest – Black’ by Armidi/Gisaci

Belt –  ‘CroppedPants_Belt’ by *COCO*

Pants – ‘WOOL PANTS-morning’ by LeLutka/Cachet

Shoes – ‘Ella Petite flats Noir’ by Kookie (will be for sale soon)

Bag – ‘Forest Print Bag [[Study]]’ by =IZUMIYA=

50 days!

Yay!!! You know sometimes, we’re really not very motivated to blog others we’re just not inspired to dress and we just feel like putting on some cute and comfy jeans a sweater, and we’re done. Other times, we just can’t stop putting outfits together, wear our fav shoes or match those colors we not always felt like mixing. Ok, this week has been hectic and I’m really in multitask mode but I’m also not feeling overwhelmed and disorganized (as I usually do). I’ve been able to keep having fun in sl, to hang out with friends, to put outfits together, shop, make tshirts and still have time and motivation to blog. YAY! I am really in love with today’s outfit, not only because it’s still girly and cute but because it has some attitude, or it’s just the way I feel! As a rl fan of ankle boots, Marni’s (royal blue) new  ‘heavy metal’ ankle boots are a recent fav! Also, burt laundry has released this cute little set, of top and dress, I wanted to wear it all but because I also felt like wearing a jacket (to feel warmer)  I chose to only wear the top! keikoooo<3 from &bean has also released some new stuff, these pants being perfect for this outfit (they’re high waisted but again we can only do what we can with layers), also thank you James for letting me ‘borrow’ your bag and complete the whole outfit. Btw, wearing two belts over each other was a personal touch, maybe pointless but it adds to quirky..ness! ❤ Uma

quirky rock

quirky rock

Details :

Hair – ‘Glamour’ (white) Docomo hunt freebie hair.

Headband by me (toastface) (not for sale..yet)

Skin – ‘alice nude freckles’ by Milk Motion

Jacket – ‘tweed jacket green’ by DP*yumyum

Top (under) – part of  ‘check pink set’ by Burt Laundry

Pants – ‘we own the sky (moss)’ by &bean

Shoes – ‘heavy metal – teal and silver’ by Royal Blue

Belt – (part of) ‘Lima trenchcoat’ (tinted by me) by Gisaci/Armidi

Belt – ‘colour changing belt’ by Malt Fashions

Socks – ‘tartan tights  purple socks’ by !*G^G*!

Bag – part of ‘sfd pilot costume’  by Innisfree home of sf design

Mani by detour

Study time

Hai everyone!! Today I feel very ‘schoolish’. Probably inspired by new untone releases, specifically the ‘sallopette skirt’ I’m wearing. It inspired me to grab my little tie and cardi and just walk around sl today with books in hand pretending I didn’t care about anything but reading. I’ve been planning to put an outfit together with Tosl’s holiday gift – the toe  socks. They’re so much fun, it comes with an option with ‘toes’ if you’re the staying at home kind and you’re not freaked out by them. I wish I had snapped a picture of it. Anyways, I also take this opportunity to speak about a new store that’s opening fairly soon. This is one of the hairs Miss Violet Morellet will have for sale at ‘inorite’.  (it’s  called ‘Uma’ *wink wink* and it’s pretty much unisex, I’m sure boys will rock it as much as girls <3).  She worked sooo hard these last months, probably pulling out her own (rl) hair while building them, so don’t forget to check them out when it opens!! ❤ Uma.


study time I

Details :

Hair – ‘Uma’ (pot kettle black) by Inorite

Skin – ‘Belina *cinna* Navy 1a’ by Bebae

Headband – ‘hair bow headband’ by [Y.M.X] (tinted by me)

Overall – ‘sallopette skirt’ (caramel) by Untone Quilt

Cardigan – ‘sweat cardigan (beige)’ by DP*yumyum

Shirt (under) – ‘the scarlet mobster shirt’ by Kyoot Army

Tie – ‘classic italia (tucked in)’ (purple) by Gisaci/Armidi

Socks – ‘Toe socks’ (v1.4 violet) by TOSL

Shoes – ‘pinup (burgundy patent)’ by Stilleto Moody

books by [[mismatch]]

Stump by Truth Hawks

Boss lady vs Outdoor fun

Hai everyone! I hope you had an awesome weekend, because I surely did. Thank you everyone for all the love and kind words and happy bdays!! You made my day today! Because I had no time for sl shopping these last days, I bring you two outfits I have thought of posting before, but for one of them I was actually waiting patiently for Tesla’s new release. The oxfords. So these are two completely different styles, one more mature and put together almost like a business woman look and the other more cute and suitable for outdoor fun with this cold weather. ❤ Uma.

boss lady

boss lady I

Details :

Skin – ‘London SunKissed makeup 4b’ by MMS

Hair – ‘Mariya’ (brown pack) by Aden and ‘Jamie bangs’ (brown) by MMS

Shirt – ‘Dietrich shirt (white) by Cachet

Vest – ‘Dietrich vest (grayscale1) by Cachet

Tie – ‘classic italia set’ (tucked in) purple’ by Gisaci

Skirt – ‘plaid skirt (black) by First Impressions

Tights -‘pc tights’ (pc freebie) by Paper Couture

Earrings – ‘black pearl drops’ by Paper Couture

Shoes – ‘High oxford (black) by Tesla

Poses by Toko Voom

outdoor fun

outdoor fun I

Details :

Skin – ‘LondonSunKissed-makeup2b’ by MMS

Hair –  ‘*Anya*(Strawberry Chocolate)’ by Zero Style

Jacket – ‘BT_ChicCape_Green’ by AOHARU

Scarf  – ‘SCARFtube_knitt1’ by Cachet

Shirt –  ‘Malina Jacket in Black’ (shirt layer) by MichaMi

‘Skirt’ – (part of) ‘Lux’ outfit by Bijou

Jeans – ‘Stonewash Jeans’  by [CALYPSO GIANO]

Socks – ‘Knit knee socks jade’ by Shiny Things

Boots – ‘MultiColoredMoutonBoots_LightGreen’ (lucky chair gift) by AOHARU

Sunday Goodies

Hai everyone!! Hope you’re having an awesome weekend. As Christmas gets closer we see a lot of good things happening around the grid, from new creations to freebies and hunts. It’s probably the christmas spirit, inspiring everyone. So last night before I went to bed I was told about the plod hunt. I’m a lazy person when it comes to hunts but this one I couldn’t say no. I’m a huge fan of plod and I have been obsessed with their leather bag for a while now. Big thank you to Vanity ❤ who whispered in my ear about the hunt and helped me find those nutty snowmen. It’s seriously worth it guys, if you like their brown leather bag you will love this white one! So after all the hunt crazyness I decided to finally put this outfit together. As you all know armidi has launched a website for all the crazy shopaholics who can’t afford teleporting to the store and lose their patience with things not rezzing and major lag. This is definitely a great idea! Kudos!  What really caught my eye was the new pinstripe blazer, which apparently is only sold on the website and I can’t resist these blazers. Once I bought it I had to come back to get it in more colors, trust me, it’s that good! soooooooo..I hope you have a great sunday, ❤ Uma.

sunday look

sunday goodies

Details :

Skin – ‘Moscow light-makeup 3b’ by MMS

Hair – ‘Nico’  (ebony) by Maitreya

Eyes – ‘quicksilver . medium’ by Lano Ling

Jacket –  ‘Classic pinstripe blazer (light blue) by Armidi

Vest – ‘cambridge knit vest’ by {Gisaci}

Top – ‘white tank top’ by camie cooper

Shorts – (part of)  ”down by”  by Savvy?

Belt – ‘cropped pants belt’ by *COCO*

Warmers – ‘leg warmers knit (horizon blue)’ by ce cubic

Shoes – ‘Dockers – white leather’ by [hoorenbeek]

Bag – ‘leather shoulder bag ”christmas version” by plod