Paris is burning!


I’m feeling the summer. Don’t know if that’s the reason why I don’t feel like writting much but it’s definitely the reason why I haven’t dedicated so much time to blogging. I’ve been a lazy butterfly and for the next days, or week(s), I’ll keep being so. That means I won’t be around much or if I am, it will be rather random. I cannot stay away that long, you know me, but it means I won’t be blogging that often and I surely will miss a lot…Anyways, there are some things I do need to say, before I’m gone…

I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with Nena Janus, owner/mind/heart/creative power behind *League*, she has just ‘recently’ started working on skins and after hbox skin fair, she has updated Misty skin, into lighter and pale skin tones, which makes me truly happy! Though we are in summer and tanned skins suits the season I couldn’t help but squee to see Misty in a lighter skin tone and with blonde hair base option. Now, not all skinners give us all options we ask for and Nena has really put some effort into that, not only she made a lighter skin tone she included all possible hair options we could think of, the brown hair base/eyebrows but now, blonde hair base/eyebrows must of you were eager to find/see. Hey, Misty was on my top ten and suddenly upgraded to my top 3!

Another thing I can’t help but point out, is of course’s recent opening. Big fuss around it and with a reason, this store brings you the best of all casuals, pieces you will always find possible to mix and match with whatever you feel like dressing. From tops to jackets, shorts to pants and cardigans, omg, cardigans! Eh, it’s not easy to resist right? But what really brought me to my knees was this specific hair, which is now, not new for most of us but a true must have in my opinion.  I’m partial thats how my rl hair looks at the moment so I couldn’t help it.

Last, but not the least, Miel‘s new ‘pilot peepers’ and new Fuel’s hair and polka dress.

We are well aware of Miel’s pieces and clothing line so we couldn’t expect anything but the best from them. These sunglasses are totally scripted, a great if not a must have item in your invos! Also Sandy from *Fuel*, has also released a couple of new goodies for us, that includes hair and clothing, and omg how i love the new polka dress! Scripted and non scripted skirt version, and a whole lotta options for shirt layers to match with skirt, along with a pair of awesome hairs, I can’t help but go..wheeee over them!

<3, ❤ <3…Uma

paris is burning

Details (left . right)

Hair – ‘Nadja’ (?) by *Fuel*

Skin – ‘Misty – Skin pale (natural blonde/bald) by *League*

Jacket – ‘Long Cardi (tangerine)’ by

Scarf – ‘Color scarf [Beige]’ by *METRONOME

Shirt (layer) – ‘Ladies Like Flowers T – coral’ by Pig

Top (undershirt) – ‘La Plage Tee Top – gray’ by [SC]/Surf Couture

Skirt – ‘Sephira Denim PL . jericho’ by [Plastik]

Socks – ‘Knee Socks Mit Suspenders – flamingo’ by Pig

Shoes – ‘Chucks low top’ by Akeyo


Hair – ‘Deena – moodybrowns’ by

Skin – ‘Misty – skin pale (chocolate blonde/bald)’ by *League*

Beret – (edited/unlinked from) .+*Lack*+. chocolate’ by [MS]

Sunglasses – ‘Pilot Peepers’ (scripted) by Miel

Jacket – ‘Tailored Jacket beige’ by AOHARU

Dress – ‘Polka dress + brown shirt’ by *Fuel*

Socks – ‘Socks mit suspenders – black’ by Pig

Boots – ‘Wo Boots’ by [0N]

Listening toLadyhawe . Paris is burning (cut copy rmx)

just in time

Haiii! I’m back and just in time for another postsie. I’ve been away for the weekend so I’m feeling a bit lazy and a bit lost. I had planned a post about Kookie’s new shoes but since I haven’t logged since like what seems forever I threw up a little mix of outfits (I thought to be cute) with them. So I’m featuring not only Kookie’s newest release but Niniko and my lovely ohmai! I’m a true fan of the three, but I have to say YAY to ohmai for giving a little break on blogging and start content creating. She’s been a little busy bee and the reflection of it, are some awesome stuff you don’t really wanna miss out! Also, you might want to check Capuchino store, there aren’t a lot of skins out yet and the tones are fairly tanned, but there are some interesting ones you might want to check,  I chose the wear lightest of the tones and I really liked the features on this skin.

xoxo ❤ Uma

just in time

Details  (left to right)

Hair – ‘Toppi [EXPRESSO]’ by !Ohmai

Skin – ‘Bird skin – sundrops’ by (fd)

Shirt – ‘my check shirt black’ by Milk Motion

Vest – ‘Itimo leather vest [black]’ by Armidi

Belt – ‘cropped pants belt’ by *COCO*

Pants – ‘holiday pants – beige’ by NINIKO

Shoes – ‘Yuki socks supreme heel shoes – ink black’ by *Kookie*


Hair – ‘Kotone hair – brown’ by Uw.St.

Skin – [light] makeup 06′ by CAPUCHINO

dress – ‘gingham check wampi’ by (Slow Kitchen)

Skirt + Leggings – ‘Ballon skirt (purple)’ by (Slow Kitchen)

Shoes – ‘Yuki socks supreme heel shoes – lilac’ by *Kookie*

Bag – ‘icebarbag (hunt freebie)’ by Cutie Honey


Hair – ‘Talia – jet black’ by *Fuel*

Skin – ‘Bird skin – heavy brow’ by (fd)

Top – ‘Loose Racerback [SUNNY]’ by !Ohmai

Skirt – ‘Tie front skirt’ by Narwhal

Leggings – ‘Basics – sheer leggings’ by !Ohmai

Shoes – ‘Yuki supreme heel shoes – silver’ by *Kookie*


Hey everyone!..So as you will see (down below) I’m lately more inspired to, mix and match ‘old’ stuff with some new, but mainly, old. In sl old for me means treasured. Treasured because there are some pieces I am still in love to this day and others no longer available. I don’t wear them as much as I should so, letting them see the ‘light of day’ a little, does feel good.  Like ‘old’ paper couture stuff or creamshop or Artilleri (which will never go out of style) or Grandma!. I was talking to my friend Amika jewell the other day, Grandma is in the present a furniture store but in the past, Hanae Nishi (owner of grandma!) used to own a really awesome vintage inspired clothes store and I really, really miss it. I am happy to own mostly everything from there and I wish Hanae Nishi could re-launch her clothing line, but, as far as I know it’s gone. For now I hope! Anyway, here’s 3 different looks, made out of awesomeness with digged from old mama’s chest, I hope you like. ❤ Uma



Left to right :

Skin – ‘belle light naturale NB skin’ by vivé9

Hair – ‘Marcelle – auburn’  by Coif

Sunglasses – ‘Mom glasses – classic tortoise’ by (Yummi)

Poncho ‘midnight poncho (mossgreen)’ by {creamshop}

Tunic (shirt layer) – ‘asian tunic brown by Kurotsubaki

Shirt  (undershirt layer) – ‘driftwood tank top . white’ by Surf Couture

Belt – ‘I heart colors belt’ by Reek

Skirt – ‘Carla skirt . white’ by Artilleri

Socks – ‘socks mit suspenders . antique mint’ (by Pig) + Mokomoko socks (by *UnTone Quilt*)

Shoes – ‘drunks’ by UBU


Hair – ‘Dog Roses’ by !lamb

Jacket – ‘Ritta leather jacket’ by Cachet/LeLutka

Scarf – ‘Sweater Scarf’ by Armidi

Dress – ‘Cake of sugar’ by Grandma! (store closed)

Socks – ‘Arvike just fine socks . grey’ by Djunk

Boots – ‘Cowgirl boots . blue’ by [hoorenbeek]


Hair – ‘beach hair – dark brown’ by [Curio]

Hair accessory – ‘Flowery peacock’ (free) by *Fuel*

Top – (part of) ‘Leather and wool’ by Paper Couture

Bag – ‘Signature series tote bag . black’ by SLink

Pants – ‘My harem pants black’ by (Milk Motion)

Socks – ‘mint blue socks’ by +SPICA+

Shoes – ‘ChiChi Pumps . pastel green’ by Maitreya

Listening to :  ”Overpowered” . Roisin Murphy

Hair Fair . Top 9 . #1

I feel totally overwhelmed with such kindness, from all the designers that spoiled me already with some of my favorite HF hairs.  So on the course of the next two days, I’ll do a list of my favorite hairs, that will be sold in hair fair. So instead of a top 10, I’m making a top 9, lol, since its more logical in terms of pictures 3 in each row. I will try and feature only my most favorite ones so far, though I’m trying not to do more than 1 hair from each designer, it proves difficult.

In this post, I’ll feature : [Curio], fashionably dead, !lamb, *Fuel*, Wasabi pills, .::MADdesign::., sWEET Hair by sWEET Faces and Miau Haus. Such an amazing job you guys, thank you so much.

So on to the pictures 😉 ❤ Uma

curio maddesign fuel

Left to right :

Post Ironic‘ (black) by Curio . ‘Vasean hair‘ (chocolate brown)’ by Miau Haus .  ‘Mimi‘ (caramel brown)’ by *Fuel*

maddesign fd and lamb

Chris casual‘ (copper f1 cpI)’ by MADesign . ‘Dorothy’s day‘ salt by (fd) . ‘Dog roses‘ (butterfinger) by !lamb

(all scripted)

curio wasabi pills sweet hair

beach hair‘ (auburn) by [Curio] . ‘Ailith hair‘ (jet black) by Wasabi Pills . ‘baroness v2 – colorR03′ by sweet hair sweet faces

*Fuel* . New hairs and Hair Fair *sneak preview*

Hey everyone! As we all know, or SHOULD HAVE, lol, hair fair is just around the corner. I’m pretty sure everyone’s doing the countdown and saving up some Lindens to go mad spending this weekend. I am aswell. Also, excited to see what hair designers come up with and ready for the lag!

I decided to show you a little sneak preview of some awesome hairs, done by sandy cleghorn, owner of *Fuel*. I don’t even know where to start and I apologize for the spam but, I wanted to show some of  Fuel’s hairs that will be available on hair fair and some soon to be released. Miki, Mimi, Coco, Nezumi and Chilli will only be available at hair fair for now, while Aya and Mai you’ll be able to get at Fuel Store. I have witnessed sandy go crazy while doing these and I have to say, the result is absolutely amazing. I love all of them and I can be impartial to say, the textures are indeed mad awesome! All colors you could think of, from the yummi reds, to all kinds of blondes, browns, blacks and she didn’t even forget the silvers.  Unfortunately I cannot show you all the colors in each tone since I’m already spamming you with pictures (check my flickr for bigger pictures) , so, If you like these, make sure not to forget to check them out at Hair Fair the new ones in store. ❤ Uma


Hairs : ‘Chilli‘ (sandy blonde/washed out blonde/cherry red) by *Fuel*

Hair accessory ‘Flowery peacock’ by *Fuel* (does not come with hair)


Hairs : ‘Coco’ (beach blonde/raspberry red/ash brown) by *Fuel*

Hair accessory ‘Flowery peacock’ by *Fuel* (does not come with hair)


Hairs : ‘Mai‘ (caramel brown/jet black/raspberry red/sandy blonde) by *Fuel*

Hair accessory ‘Flowery peacock’ by *Fuel* (does not come with hair)


Hairs : ‘Miki‘ (silver/dark cocoa/ash brown/ruby red) by *Fuel*

Hair accessory ‘Flowery peacock’ by *Fuel* (does not come with hair)


Hairs : ‘Nezumi‘ (rubi red/ash brown/warm blonde/blueberry black) by *Fuel*

Hair accessory ‘Flowery peacock’ by *Fuel* (does not come with hair)


Hairs : ‘Mimi‘ (jet black/ash brown/caramel brown/washed out blonde) by *Fuel*

Hair accessory ‘Flowery peacock’ by *Fuel* (does not come with hair)

fuel outfit

Hair : ‘Aya‘ (chocolate brown) by *Fuel*

fuel for hairfair

Outfit details :

Hair ‘Aya’ chocolate brown by *Fuel* (soon to be released)

Skin : ‘light skin – ripe’ by (fd)

Hair accessory : ‘hair ornament assorted butterflies’ (freebie) by :::MM::

Top : ‘Uma shirt – pink’ by *Beauty Avatar Couture*

Skirt : ‘denim skirt (dark)’ by ichi Swansong/japan canvas sim

Socks : ‘sculpt socks – rosy’ by Maitreya

Shoes : ‘spring pumps’ by Cube Sugar

Phone : ‘ao Keitai’ (comes with hud) by asami pizzicato

Wispy and Bridgette!

Hiya everyone!!..I’m not in a writting mood because I can’t wait to go back to my closet and sort my new things (as if..i’m the most disorganized person in the world)…but I wanted to show you two things I’m sure you’ll fall in love with. First, Kookie’s new Wispy Vest : now these scream SUMMER!!!..I love how they fit and how they look and each and every color on these vests (please check them out there’s a lot more colors I cannot show you here or I’d spam the whole feed). I’m happy to see kookie dedicating some time to designing clothes because really it’s a breathe of fresh air. You will not want to miss these. ❤ Second, Maria Gherardi‘s new ‘Bridgette’ dresses. I absolutely love the structure and the sweet look of these dresses. I chose green and red because, lol, that’s our (portuguese) flag colors and green is very much, a spring color. My second favorite piece(s) are the head dresses from un jour* and I thought I’d just give it a special touch, as if I had just picked these from the garden and made them myself (so I wished).  ❤ Uma

kookie and MG

MG and kookie

Details :

(1st pic)

Hair – ‘Faye – beach blonde’ by Maitreya

Jacket – ‘cardigan – lace’ (tinted by me) by *COCO*

Top – ‘Wispy Vest – peachy’ by *Kookie*

Skirt – ‘MONA jeans skirt  dark blue’ by LeLutka

Belt – ‘romantic belt / white’ by **DP**yumyum

Shoes – ‘*milky* bambee wedges’ by /Fuel

Head accessory – ‘Rose Headband’ by un Jour*

(2nd pic)

Head accessory – ‘Spider Head dress’ by un Jour*

Dress – ‘Bridgette – green/red’ by [MG fashion]

All poses by *TorridWear* – fresh pose set

concrete floors

Awww, I know this is not the expected ‘spring-like-filled with colors and warmth’ kinda outfit, nor it’s as thoughtful as I usually do, probably not even blog worthy, but I seriously can’t believe I had not seen this coat until now, or maybe I’m just blind and haven’t been paying much attention to the feeds. Seriously, only something like this would made me say ‘well screw you spring’, I feel all warm and cozy and’s just as comfy as my sl pjs. XD..because I’m really lazy, I decided I’d take the pics in world (and not do anything to them) in one of itutu’s treasure hunt gifts, this awesome skybox, the concrete floor and the cold ambience to it was part of the reason I dressed all warm like!..<3 Uma


concrete II

Details :

Hair – ‘summer chignon’ by BP*

Skin – ‘Imani [Nougat] glow skin’ by Laqroki

Coat – ‘grey coat & beige long cardigan’ by LAQ

Pants – ‘beige leggings’ by **dp**yumyum

Socks – ‘prim socks – silver’ by Shiny Things

Shoes – ‘Bambee ‘milky’ wedges by Fuel

Plants by ::plod:: and bp*

Poses by {flowey} and *V*