just in time

Haiii! I’m back and just in time for another postsie. I’ve been away for the weekend so I’m feeling a bit lazy and a bit lost. I had planned a post about Kookie’s new shoes but since I haven’t logged since like what seems forever I threw up a little mix of outfits (I thought to be cute) with them. So I’m featuring not only Kookie’s newest release but Niniko and my lovely ohmai! I’m a true fan of the three, but I have to say YAY to ohmai for giving a little break on blogging and start content creating. She’s been a little busy bee and the reflection of it, are some awesome stuff you don’t really wanna miss out! Also, you might want to check Capuchino store, there aren’t a lot of skins out yet and the tones are fairly tanned, but there are some interesting ones you might want to check,  I chose the wear lightest of the tones and I really liked the features on this skin.

xoxo ❤ Uma

just in time

Details  (left to right)

Hair – ‘Toppi [EXPRESSO]’ by !Ohmai

Skin – ‘Bird skin – sundrops’ by (fd)

Shirt – ‘my check shirt black’ by Milk Motion

Vest – ‘Itimo leather vest [black]’ by Armidi

Belt – ‘cropped pants belt’ by *COCO*

Pants – ‘holiday pants – beige’ by NINIKO

Shoes – ‘Yuki socks supreme heel shoes – ink black’ by *Kookie*


Hair – ‘Kotone hair – brown’ by Uw.St.

Skin – [light] makeup 06′ by CAPUCHINO

dress – ‘gingham check wampi’ by (Slow Kitchen)

Skirt + Leggings – ‘Ballon skirt (purple)’ by (Slow Kitchen)

Shoes – ‘Yuki socks supreme heel shoes – lilac’ by *Kookie*

Bag – ‘icebarbag (hunt freebie)’ by Cutie Honey


Hair – ‘Talia – jet black’ by *Fuel*

Skin – ‘Bird skin – heavy brow’ by (fd)

Top – ‘Loose Racerback [SUNNY]’ by !Ohmai

Skirt – ‘Tie front skirt’ by Narwhal

Leggings – ‘Basics – sheer leggings’ by !Ohmai

Shoes – ‘Yuki supreme heel shoes – silver’ by *Kookie*

Blossom & Ocean

When we think of summer, I at least, think of flowey dresses, fresh and delicate fabrics, prints, boho pieces, happy colors and more ‘organic’ accessories. All that reminds me being by the sea/beach or on vacation somewhere exotic. That’s what this dress from Dangerous Lace makes me think of.  The dress is called ‘Phoenix Maxi Dress‘ and it comes in 5 different colors : Lemon&chocolate, Pure&Onyx, Blush&Plum, Peach&Wine and this one, Blossom&Ocean. It will be available soon at {DL} and  It’s a great addition to your summer wardrobe if you like long flowey boho inspired dresses (skirt is also mod so you can play with it and make it smaller if you’re an editing queen ; ) and if you happen to not know Dangerous Lace, think you should check this  store. There you can find from jeans, to shorts, dresses, tops,  funky hoodies and bikinis! I have to say the bikini line is definitely worth checking. After all we’re in summer right? My favorites are the ‘plaid’ and ‘hamptons’ bikinis which you can find on second floor. I met Kaysha (owner of DL) some time ago and I can say she’s one of the nicest/easy going people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet so I’m pretty sure the customer service will also be, just in case you need to reach her. I was planning to re-shoot this outfit in a more suitable background in world but sl has been acting like a ***** so I just gave up. Meh.

Also, Dernier cri has released some new hairs yesterday and this is a hair store I’ve been a fan of since I found it at hair fair last year, so I couldnt resist this one. All of this year’s hair fair hairs are in store now along with the new ones so YAY for friday shopping.

❤ Uma



details :

Hair -‘Audrey . brown shades’ by Dernier Cri

Skin – ‘Bird skin – heavy brow’ by (fd)

Dress – ‘Phoenix maxi dress . Blossom&Ocean‘ (to be released soon) by Dangerous Lace (<-slurl)

Tattoo – ‘sacred blood’ by Gok

Bag – ‘Rattan Bag_mid’ by :MIRONE:

Lover, you should’ve come over

hai. oi. hello.

I’m not in a writting mood, more like a listening and a dressing up one. ❤

Domo Arigatou Sayuri Cremorne, and sweet, happy welcome back 😉


sugar cube
Details :
Hair – ‘o’ – onyx’ by (fd)
Skin – ‘bird – heavy brow’ by (fd)
Jacket – ‘carnation jacket’ (without collar and bottom part) by P.C.
Top (under) – ‘Wispy Vest – green’ by *Kookie*
Skirt – (part of) ‘Ruckle Summer dress’ by ::SUGARCUBE
Leggings – ‘sculpt leggings – white’ by M*A*ii*K*I
Shoes – ‘Slinky stilletos – white’ by Maitreya
Bag – ‘easy handbag’ by Djunk
Bird – ‘a place to call home – they’re so raven’ by Bubbles Clawtooth

Did you know…

…that *fishy strawberry* has hair now???..Fae Eriksen has just released a couple of hairs, and, as everything she does, its awesome!! OMG!..So I decided I’d put a quick outfit together and show you 2 of the hairs you can find at fishy! One being Icaro (which has scripted bows) and the other one, ‘Huntress II’!..There’s also another one which is really cute but I’ll let you check for yourself. Also, Riq Graves, (from Reek) will be releasing another version of his belts. This time, you have 270 belt combinations to choose from!!..wtf, 270? yes. 30 different colors and 9 different patterns to choose from. Talk about diversity! These belts have quickly become a favorite item aswell. Lastly, this will prolly be my last post for the next days, since I’m going on a little trip and won’t be ‘really’ back till saturday or sunday..so, enjoy the rest of your week and have a great weekend!! ❤ Uma

fishy-strawberry hair

fishy strawberry new hairz

Details :

Hairs – Icaro (blue dark ) and Huntress II (chocolate)’ by *Fishy Strawberry*

Skin – ‘Morning Sun – heavy brow’ by (fd)

Shirt – ‘My Romantic silk blouse – green’ by (Milk Motion)

Belt – ‘I heart colors belt’ by Reek

Shorts – ‘jeans capri dark’ by {SMS}

Shoes – ‘Ballerina shoes red’ by {SMS}

Bag – ‘S bS ibiza bag (scripted) ‘ (color change/scripted) by Stich by Stich

Orange Crush

Lately Ive been more inspired on playing with ps than anything else. I have not done the typical ‘3 way’ picture and I’ve actually taken these in world. Mostly because I was visiting Turnip’s houses and felt like that specific spot was perfect for what I wanted. So you can’t see ALL the details of this outfit, but trust your oomaz, it’s pretty damn cutes if I may say so. On a small (big) note, Esme started making poses !!! YAY!…My babays going far with her ocdness and it’s being translated into awesome poses. These are two of them though first picture doesn’t do justice to it. *pouts*! Anyways…got your orange crush already? ❤ Uma


orange crush

Details :

Hair – ‘Laynie – champagne’ by Exile (one of my favs so far)

Skin – ‘Morning sun – heavy brow’ by (fd) (latest addiction)

Necklace – ‘samantha’s glassholder’ (they’re 2) by -NALA- (awesomeness)

Dress – ‘Jenna – Gold’ by [CoL] (I decided I’ll just add some comments on stuff today)

Headpiece and socks – ‘Rose Petal dress corsage and socks’ by **DP**yumyum (always amazing)

Arm stuff – (part of) ‘Savoir Top buff (gloves)’ by Maitreya (cause I needed to cover my arms)

Shoes – ‘Petanko cross – camel’ by [ON] (one of the most talented boots maker)

Pipe – ‘bubble pipe’ (bunny hop gift) by ~scribble~ (just cause i’m out of cigs)

Poses by Esme Milena – ZOMG! XD

Listening to – ‘Orange Crush’ (Editor’s take on r.e.m. songie)


Hunting Season

haiiii ㅇㅅㅇ! First of all let me say I do not supporting hunting, but I admit I love meh horns in sl!…All things cleared, let me show you gritty kitty‘s latest release. ‘Hunting season‘ hat with hair and my favorite thing, HORNS!..The hat is scripted, so you can choose whichever color you like. I’ve also decided to wear Fishy‘s strawberryletterman sweater‘ in a slightly different way, but I love it sooo much. Thank you eggsie! ❤ I’ve made the tank top (under) slightly slouchy so the jacket would look less fitted. ゚ ヮ゚! Third thing to point out is one of my favorite things so far, NALA‘s ‘samantha glassholder‘, a necklace holding glasses, and totally scripted, so again, color changing to your choice. You can wear 2 at the same time which makes it look even more kawaii. Arigatou Leona!! Last but not least, -ordinary- ‘garago’ boots, which I found perfect for this look and totally remind me of old ‘caterpillar’ boots in rl (which oddly enough have been very fashionable amongts teens in my country). Now let’s go hunt…for something. ❤ Uma

hunting season

hunting seasons

Details :

Hair – ‘Hunting Season – brown’ by Gritty Kitty

Skin – ‘Morning Sun – heavy brow’ by (fd)

Necklaces – ‘samantha’s glassholder’ (chest and spine) by -NALA-

Jacket – ‘Brown Letterman Sweater’ by Fishy Strawberry

Top (under) – ‘Beater tank top in tan’ by [VG] (store closed atm)

Jeans – ‘Jeans 2.0 – orange’ by [CoL]

Socks – ‘Brown prim socks’ by Shiny Things

Boots – ‘Garago’ (scripted) by -ordinary-

Other stuff :

Tats – ‘1972’ by GoK

Gun – ‘Queen Anne’s revenge’ by Makaio stygian

Poses – *TorridWear* *SLC* (thank you mamo) and queen anne’s pose

Kiss my…sailor tank top

I’ve Been postponing to blog this look, but since Marie released ‘our’ sailor tank tops, I have been obsessed with them. Changing, as I do often, but always going back to wear them. So here’s a very simple look but which I looooves. Also, love these *ordinary* ‘tarsier’ sneakers. Picture doesnt do justice to them, but they’re supposed to be ALL white, lol, however it comes with 7 different colors of your choice. Pretty awesome! ❤ Uma

milk motion

my sailor tanktop

Details :

Hair – ‘London Import – white’ by (VW)

Skin – ‘Morning Sun – Heavy brow’ by (fd)

Hat – ‘Rude Boy hat – midnight’ by {Kari}

Scarf – (they’re actually 2) ‘Ebba scarf in purple’ (spine and chest attch.) by MichaMi

Top – ‘My sailor tank top blue’ by (Milk Motion)

Skirt – ‘MONA jeans skirt – dark blue’ by LeLutka

Socks – ‘socks mit suspenders – clean white’ by Pig

Shoes – ‘Tarsier white’ by *ordinary*

Other stuff :

Tats – ‘1972’ by GoK

Scooter – ‘D-Hello’ by [19mc]

Poses by *TorridWear*

Thought of the day :

”Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” (by Martin L.K.)