Leather Girl.

Because I’m a big fan of leather, especially boots and jackets, being cropped cuts or vintage styles, leather jackets have become sexier and more versatile, with cutting edge looks and still feminine. In sl it’s fun to see how they all fit us so perfectly. Take this supposedly ‘men’s leather jacket’ from AOHARU. It’s awesome, I love it and yes, who said we couldn’t wear ‘men’s clothes’? ūüėČ At least here we can pull it off perfectly (just had to mod the collar and sleeves a bit). It was the fur collar though, which striked my attention and what made me fall in love with it. This look however couldn’t be completed without this specific bag. I was going crazy trying to find the one, so a special thanks to Cayce who so quickly helped me find it. Yay. ‚̧ Uma

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Details :

Hair – ‘Envy’ by 69 (slightly mod by me)

Skin – ‘Moscow light 1a’ by MMS

Jacket – ‘Fur Leather Jacket’ (beige) by AOHARU

Belt – ‘Dark Brown Leather Belt’ by ”Reale”

Skirt – (part of dress) ‘Mirabelle’ (light gray) by =DeLa*=

Leggings – ‘Cherry blossom leggings’ by Kookie

Boots – ‘Billow boots’ (tan) by Maitreya

Bag – ‘Leather Shoulder bag’ by ::plod::

ice cream ballerina.

I think today was the first time I chose to wear something and not change it for the entire day. It might say something about what I’ve put together here, I felt pretty and comfy, just like it should be and I love it. There isn’t much to say about it though, (or the title) besides pointing out the amazing job jb did with these boots. Again! ‚̧ Uma

Details :
Skin – ‘Hana’ (pale/natural) by Redgrave
Hair – ‘Laine’ (brown pack) by ETD
Headband – ‘glass ring katyusha’ by chicoco
Jacket – ‘full sculted knit jacket’ (dark gray) by Ce Cubic
Tunic – ‘Autumn tunic’ by Malt Fashions
Scarf – ‘Linen Stole Muffler’ (light beige) by creamshop
Bag – ‘DS bag’ (brown) by [ICoN]
Pants – ‘kogo skinny pants’ (old navy) by Armidi Limited
Boots – ‘real toe 2wayshort boots’ (beige) by J’s

Sunday Chic

This time going for an elegant outfit, focused solely on two colors, black and a dark teal. Teal is probably one of my all time favorite colors so when I saw Bianca F’s new releases, I had to have this one. here I’m wearing (the top of) ‘model5’. Wonderful and creative shape, and beautiful texture! Paired with Jador diamond earrings, and cachet’s bag. I am in love with the graphics on this bag, but personally I have to say I’d love to have the possibility to make it smaller, clutch size like. What do you think? Either way, I absolutely love it and it matches perfectly with the top giving it a good finishing touch! ‚̧ Uma.

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Details :
Hair – ‘Wilma’ (beach blonde) by MMS Hairs
Earrings – ‘WLB Reflecting Diamond Earrings’ by Jador
Top – (part of) ‘Model 5’ By Bianca F
Pants – ‘Nicole Trousers’ (black) by =DeLa*=
Bag – ‘Rock Bag’ (blue) by Cachet
Shoes – ‘Glamour Metallic Pumps’ by Detour
Poses by – Torrid/TorridWear and Muism


Unfortunately there is no picture saved from last night at 7! The HOMME re-launch party was definitely a success, besides the expected lag and the ‘unrezzed’ dress code it was a fun and busy night! I decided to wear something elegant but simple, without much accessories or color. I chose to wear Cachet’s ‘Seven’ dress TOP (the name might be a tribute to 7 ultra lounge or at least I’ve decided it to be), modifying the metal details on the belt with a gold texture to match the gold/cream and brown details on the skirt, shoes and jewelry. The skirt might be the pi√®ce of resist√†nce here, understated but elegant, it’s the glossy leather texture that calls the attention to this outfit. ‚̧ Uma

Hair – ‘Egle’ by Muism
Top – (part of) ‘Seven Dress’ (black) by Cachet
Belt – (part of) ‘Seven Dress’ by Cachet (Mod by me with a gold texture on the metal details)
Skirt – (part of) ‘Pardon, leather dress’ (brown) by Madame Haute Couture
Bangle – ‘Vincente’ (gold) by =DeLa*=
Manicure – ‘Lacquer – plum’ by Detour
Shoes – ‘Vixen II pearl *fallow* by Tesla

Undenied Street Rocker

Oh! Hai and..I’m back! >_< I’ve been working on a little rl project so I’ve been lazy to blog, here’s what I’ve put together. I won’t say much about this outfit but actually ‚̧ it. Gogol bordello says ‘start wearing purple’! I say you should check this link first->


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Hair – ‘Loelle’ by Maitreya (was a freebie at the time/edited/mod by me)

Scarf – ‘Super Scarf, frooosh’ by &Bean

Vest – ‘Biker Vest – grey’ by Muism

Top – ‘Isabella Tank Strapple’ by Emery

Belt – ‘Skinny Zebra belt’ by Irelyn

‘Skirt’ – (part of outfit) ‘Keiko – Tunic dress/palatinate Purple’ By Armidi (pants layer)

Pants – ‘Skinny Jeans – Salmon’ by Emery

Bangles – ‘Fish Bangles’ by Fishy Strawberry

Gloves – ‘Half Gloves’ by Royal Blue

Shoes – ‘pornstar xtra hi-tops’ (all white) by UBU

Skin – Soul Skins ‘Afrodite’

x Uma

And now for something completely different…

It is not about fashion this time, well at least not so obvious. I’ve missed taking pics and ‘playing’ with them so this is more like an experiment. I’ve gone for the ‘theatrical doll’ look, like the puppet with strings to maybe tell a little story/concept behind the outfit I’m wearing.¬† Suiting all moods and a wide range of fashion tastes (aswell as ‘pockets’), BareRose is a place where we can (also) find the most odd/unusual pieces and this time was no different. ‘It’s only a paper moon’ is an awesome and inspiring outfit. The skirt is something to die for, Unusual and with an unique look, whether you wear it for a theatrical look or as a Fashion statement, you won’t pass unnoticed. It is the Pi√®ce de r√©sistance on this outfit.

Details :

Skin – ‘Ripe’ (light skin/beauty pack) by fd/fashionably dead.

Hair – ‘Ribbon’ (platinum) by MMS

Eyepatch – ‘bloody eyepatch’ by Little Heaven

Hat – (part of) ‘It’s only a paper moon’ outfit by Barerose

Collar – (part of) ‘It’s only a paper moon’ outfit by Barerose

‘Jacket’ Layer – (part of) ‘Romantic Soliloquy’ outfit by p.c.

Top (under)/skirt/shoes – (part of) ‘It’s only a paper moon’ outfit by Barerose

Bird – ‘Little Birds’ in (white/pastel cheek) by HPMD

Leg – ‘Sailor moon leg’ (tinted by me) by Mijn Boa (not for sale)

Falling Rain.

Unconsciously, I can’t wait for fall, for the ‘First night of fall and falling rain’. This is actually the title for a poem by Delmore Schwartz. I was ‘this close’ to share it with you since I thought it suited the whole feeling behind this ‘outfit’ but I decided not to and just talk a little about what I’m wearing without any subjective words behind it. I wanted to wear something a little ‘dramatic’ but very autumn-like when it suddenly started raining outside (rl yes). That reminded me of Torrid’s ‘paraplu’ umbrella (comes with 7 dif textures) and fantastic poses which were the perfect finishing touch on this look. Sometimes It’s hard for me to explain what goes on behind my process of thinking, or how to ‘label/name’ a certain look, because I’m influenced by a complete different variety of things, images, colors, moods, feelings (…) that trigger all my (sl/rl) creative processes, stuff just ‘blend’ into a certain mental image and voil√°, things happen. Hope you like it…x

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Details :

Hair – ‘Fedorable LaRoux’ (wheat) by TorridWear

Jacket – ‘Shine’ ~ Tan by AMODICA LOOKR

Vest – (shirt and underpants layer) part of ‘Damara’ outfit by Last Call

Top/underneath – (undershirt layer) ‘GlamTank’ (dyed by me) by MichaMi

Skirt – ‘Nell’ Sculpted skirt by Leezu Baxter/LBD

Stockings – ’31 silk black’ by *Sheer*

Shoes – ‘Button Boots’ (brown) by Shiny Things

Necklace – Cock?Swan? Necklace by creamshop

Umbrella & poses by Torrid Wear