Sockage mit suspenders !

I ❤ socks, just as much as I ❤ hats!…I had some friends pointing that out (you know who you are van</3) , even before I noticed I actually wore a lot of socks in a lot of outfits I put together! Appy has spoiled us (groupie peoplezz) with 2 pairs of  socks (mit suspenders) a few ago, and I couldn’t wait to tell you, that she’s actually gonna put them for sale, and OMG, there’s a bunch of colours to choose from!…These are so awesomeeeeeee!… So awesome, that I’ve seen a couple of my bwoi friends sporting them and I felt jealous, (little did I know I actually had them in my invo) and had to ask ‘omg, where did you get them?’…Izzy knows Lol. I’m dumb. Anyways, I’m a sock person myself, and I wouldn’t feel right not blogging them, I am so in love I don’t wanna wear any pants, I just need my socks! I ❤ you apatia, and thank you! lol. ❤ Uma


sockaholic I

sockaholic II

Details :  (omg…i may screw things up)

1st pic :

‘pin up – burgundy patent’ by stilleto moody . ‘Strawberry socks’ by PIG

‘Verve violet’ by Maitreya . ‘Lilac socks’ by PIG

‘frenzy dangerous ‘ .  ‘cranberry socks’ by PIG

2nd pic :

‘Frenzy banana – tawny’ by Maitreya . ‘orange socks’ by PIG

‘Lime lights – pink suede’ by Maitreya . ‘Seafom socks’ by PIG

‘Dalia pumps orange’ by Armidi – ‘Blue socks’ by PIG

3rd pic :

‘ella flats – red’ by Kookie Lemon . ‘Dark gray socks’ by PIG

‘Pretties by JB – Ohlala saphire’  . ‘clear white socks” by PIG

‘london flats – brown’ by [Detour]’ . ‘goldenrod socks’ by PIG

to blog or not to blog.

Im bored. Not also bored I’m bored with clothes. :O I started the day with one look and ended up in a totally different one and while laughing at it I wondered if I should or not show you?…mmmm, I will just for kicks. Mostly cause I wanna show off my latest purchase, EishTendo, ‘Nintendo belt’. >.<! I am totes addicted to it, I just wished I could detach it and play with it. LOl. Anyways, as lame as it might sound, its awesome. It comes with hud where you can resize, color it, choose which images to play and sounds too, (obvious attention on detail) or just close the gamepad or leave it open. \o/! Another great surprise was Oyakin store (if Nil hadn’t blogged  it I would probably still not know about it ;)) Great little bargains and cute stuff too!! I fell in love with the cardis and the navy coat! It’s a must check store no doubt! Ahhhh…so, yeah the outfits! The second look is a quirky meets (?) vintage one. I borrowed mum’s glasses and played ‘digging in old clothes closet’. The first one, is a more casual, cute, very me-like one and…basically what I had on all day. Oh and btw, if someone sees a ‘U’ on lovesoul lucky chair (only for the surprise gift) please let me know, I’m crabby and spent almost all day camping waiting for it. Lucky chairs hate me and I hate them. </3 Uma

casual kawaii

casual kawaii I

Details :

Hair – ‘ pushed and shoved – brown tones ‘ by (VW)

Skin – Lyla by Redgrave

Ear muffs – ‘yuki hair’ by W&Y

Scarf – ‘extinction series – shemagh pack scarf 2’ (re-attached to chest) by TonkTastik

Cardi – ‘Knit cardi (gray) by Oyakin

Shirt – ‘black long t’ (part of graycheckshirt)’ by Useless Children

Pants – ‘shoreline bordeaux’ by &Bean

Shoes – ‘slip ons’ by Ordinary (freebie)

Socks –  ‘dot socks004 gray’ by tomoto

Bag – (part of) ‘sfd pilot costume bag’  by sf design

Nintendo belt by EishTendo!
faux vintage look

Hair – ‘pushed and shoved – brown tones ‘ by (VW)

Glasses – ‘mom glasses – classic tortoise’ by (yummy)

Scarf – ‘gray muffler (spine) ‘ by DP*yumyum

Dress – ‘tunique de rose purple’ by tomoto

Pants – ‘shoreline coffee’ by &bean

Socks – ‘dot socks 005 mustard’ by tomoto

Shoes – ‘london flats (brown)’ by Detour

Little riding hood!

Oooooh, I am so back and so happy to see awesome new stuff released! Yay! Lamb released this awesome hair and Toast’s little ‘feather’ touch just finishes it perfectly!!..Thank you lamb for spoiling me again ❤ Pretty sure if you get it, you won’t want to take it off..I’m just in love with it ! It has also been some time since I haven’t worn my fd skin, but I missed it. ❤ Also, Kurotsubaki has released some new stuff, and I decided to put on my new hoodie and go for a stroll in the forest. This hoodie is soooo cute, it comes with both hoodie up and down option and hair too!..Go check it! This isn’t really a very detailed look, but it reminded me of little (red) riding hood fairy tale and I just wanted to take some snaps of  it with ‘the pets’! Photoshop fun ❤ Hope you had a great weekend 😉 ❤ Uma



Details :

Hair – ‘LoveTones – kitkat + kitkat bangs’ by !lamb

Skin – ‘Light Skin – ripe’ by FD

Hoodie – ‘ponchoco red’ by Kurotsubaki

Skirt – ‘FloralDress_Red’ skirt by The Closet

Socks – ‘winter socks’ by Sock Shop

Boots – ‘cherry billow boots’ by Maitreya

Hair accessory – ‘(Kill The White Swan)’ By Toast Bard

Pets – rabbit and birds by HPMD

Mani by Detour

Boho sweet!

Haiiii! ❤ I miss summer >_<! I miss the sun, the colors, the smells..I am not a winter person indeed, (though sl makes it fun to be)! So today I decided to do a boho/sweet/casual look. As it’s becoming obvious, I love fascino hairs, and for a no apparent reason, I like them in blonde! Been keeping this one for this kind of look, the braid+loose hair+flowy(flower)skirt and flats seem to work just fine. I’ve decided I should make 2 looks out of one outfit. The reasons are both, wanting to show you this maruko outfit (comes with skirt+jacket and btw 60L? sheesh) and the other is,  I wanted to layer it a bit, giving it a personal touch and show you the new Fishy Strawberry bustier. Fae always spoils me with new stuff and of course, never disappoints. My ❤ for fishy strawberry keeps growing with each new piece I get. Again, and for some odd reason, it just finished the look and was all I needed to come back for another look. so, hope you like it 😉 ❤ Uma

boho sweet

boho sweet I

Details :

Hair – ‘Dio (whitepack)’ by {fascino}

Skin – ’15b pale skin Leona – smoky’ by Redgrave

Bow (neck) – ‘Le Poufe Pink Bow!!’ (tinted) by Veschi

Jacket + skirt – ‘shirohato . cardigan+flower skirt’ by Maruko

Bustier – ‘Material Girl Bustier – Steel’ by Fishy Strawberry

Blouse (under) – ‘THEO Blouse – champagne’ by Cachet

Belt (purple) by *COCO*

Shoes – ‘London flats – brown’ by [Detour]

bandaid – ‘hoppe6 bandaid rainbow’ by =TekuTeku=


Can you tell I’m feeling all better? Yes I am. These last days, sick, in bed, grumpy and complaining about everything are ending, hopefully. I have been praying to get better in time to welcome 2009 in style.  So, leaving pjs and putting on some clothes (yay I got my inspiration back aswell)!! I have been planning to put an outfit together with this new release from Gisele, the collar is amazing and when I saw new ce cubic’s long jacket I knew what to wear it with, but since they were both jacket layer, I had to go for the collar and pair it with different layers. Comfy but stylish. ❤ ❤ ❤ it. Hope you do aswell. xoxo Uma.

2008 leaves

2008 leaves

Details :

Skin – ‘Freya’ by [the oBscene] (at black swan)

Hair – ‘Hoke-Troika’ (black) by Gritty Kitty

Jacket – ‘ Leather & Fur Long Coat’ (gray) by ce cubic

Collar – ‘enroulement (ecru) drape’ by [Gisele]

Sweater – ‘Skullll Knit&Shirts’ by **NWYD**

Pants – ‘DNM pants’ (brown) by BP*

Socks – ‘wool tights’ (argyle black) by BP*

Warmers – ‘*Leg_knit (midnight)’ by [Pure Style]

Shoes – ‘Glamour metallic pumps (gold’ by Detour

Sweet and girly

Hai! I’m going to be real quick on this one. I’m in a sweet, romantic and girly mood lately, so I dressed accordingly today. Cube Sugar has become one of my favorite little stores. I’ve blogged it before and I’m sure I will keep doing it in the future, it’s a promising store with great prices, you won’t find much there, but what you do, I’m sure you’ll like it. Very girly and sweet like. Pumps are from five minutes after, which is closed for the time being but you can still find it at Trilogy. ❤ Uma. Muahs!

sweet girly

sweet girly I

Details :

Skin – ‘lyla’ by Redgrave

Hair – ‘Yuria’ (black) by Deja Vu

Glasses – ‘browline glasses’ by Gritty Kitty

Jacket – ‘Borrowed Cardigan blue’ by Detour

Dress – ‘High waist skirt & white shirt’ by Cube Sugar

Socks –  (part of outfit) ”La fille du pays’ by Couverture

Shoes – ‘silver pumps’ by Five Minutes After

Purse – ‘the Z bag pet pug carrier’ by Zooby’s

Food in mouth – ‘Taiyaki’ by Hanauta

Sweet Chic & Indie Militia

Hai! Today’s keyword is ‘versatile’. There’s a bunch of pieces in our closets we could say they’re versatile, things we can wear in different ways with different pieces and create totally different looks. My choice for today was Truth’s new ‘Cosmo’ dress. This little ‘cocktail-like’ dress was my inspiration for these two distinct looks, one being what I called ‘sweet chic’ and the other ‘indie militia’.  Shai released these really delicious shirts (that i’ve been praying to see on sl) with kitty collar bows and they scream girly, but chic, so I decided to pair it with the cosmo dress skirt, but I wanted to give it a modern edge, so what better than another new Kin hair (which has everything I love about it, bangs <3) and a pair of high pump shoes that will certainly make you stand out. For the second look I wanted something a little more theme like, ‘rough’ looking and military inspired and the barerose jacket and TOSL sergeant pepper pants were essencial for this look. Hope you like it. ❤ Uma.

sweet chic

Indie Militia

*click pics if you want to see it big*

Details :

‘sweet chic’ look

Hair – ‘Sari’ (brown) by Kin

Shirt – ‘Volpe Silk blouse peach’ by Casa del shai

Skirt – (part of) ‘Cosmo’ [chocolate] by Truth

Socks – ‘color socks flamingo_a’ by Kurotsubaki

Shoes – ‘Giraffe heels’ by [Riddle]

Bag – ‘padington tote [Mocha]’ by Truth

Mani – ‘lacquer plum’ by Detour

‘Indie Militia’ Look

Hair – ‘Enid’ (brown) by Kin

Scarf – ‘draped scarf – olive knit’ by Tyranny

Dress – ‘Cosmo [chocolate]’ by Truth

Jacket – ‘Cross bones lady’ (black) by barerose

Pants – ‘sergeant pepper pants v2.3 black’ by TOSL

Boots – ‘Billow boots’ (brown) by Maitreya