Haaaj!! I’ve had quite the busy weekend…and haven’t been around to spread some love *cries* and it’s raining outside, and temperatures have gone way down, I’m freezing. I should stop complaining and just shush it. Oh right, happiness!…vacays starting soon..I miss you christmas vacations, hurry up!! ❤ Uma

Worn :

Hair – ‘Nimue . Bistre’ (new) by Maitreya

Skin – ‘Elf – Light [Petal]’ by Curio/Gala Phoenix (group gift)

Hair accessory – ‘Kawaii polka ribbon’ by [Detour]

Choker – ‘Cameo Choker’ Dark/Silver’ by L&E

Shirt – ‘Guppi (white)’ (part of dress) by [twee]

Underpants (part of white tank top) by Camie Cooper

Vest – ‘Tomomo Loose Vest [DARKDEPTHS]’ by !Oh

Belt – ‘Cropped pants belt’ by *COCO*

Pants – ‘Draped pants – black’ by (Madsy)

Shoes – ‘Dolled up – black’ by [ATOMIC]

Gloves – ‘Half gloves in fuschia’ by Royal Blue

Dots and Feathers!

Skin and Hair  – ‘Estelle‘ (pale-makeup1 dark hairbase)/Pony up by  LeLutka

Earring – ‘Cassette earring’ by Electric Jane’s

Top – ‘Dots & Stripes’ by (NO)

Pants – ‘Rockin’Pants’ by LeLutka

Shoulder Boa – ‘Shake yer tail feathers shoulder boa in gun metal’ by *beetlebones* (for designers united II)

Shoes – ‘crow feathers jellies’ by !BF! (Boing Fromage) (for designers united II)

Nails – ‘Lacquer Plum’ by [Detour]

Pose by *SLC* part of Osumashi ao (<3 Manmoth)

Girly Cute and a little tease!

Hiii!! How are you in this amazingly hot tuesday?..lol. Well its rather warm here in portugal and I’m starting to remember how sometimes I curse summer days, for being so hot I mean. It’s that hot today. Ok, enough about the weather, today I’m feeling rather girly-like and I’ve put this outfit together which I actually loves. It’s simple but filled with layers and…mmm I also bring you a little tease, sneak preview of what Kookie Lemon is up to. I’m seriously drooling over these sandals, cause theyre that amazing. I actually own a similar pair to these in rl, with the metal studs/beads and I absolutely love them so I’m really excited about Kookie’s. They’ll be released soon \o/!..Also, Whippet & Buck have just opened their store and it’s filled with great clothes, casual, simple and pretty . I absolutely love the boatneck shirts and stein shorts and there’s a loooooot of colours to choose from. YAY! ❤ Uma



Kookie soon to be released

Details :

Hair – ‘Naughty . firebrick’ by =TEKUTEKU=

Skin – ‘bird skin – heavy brow’ by (fd)

Headband – (dot) ribbon holic set’ (scripted) by H+K

Tube top – ‘SoCal tube top plum’ by [Detour]

Shirt – ‘Margarida Blouse baby pink’ by [MG fashion]

top (under) – ‘Cole boatneck top peach’ by Whippet & Buck

Shorts – ”Stein Tailored shorts indigo’ by Whippet & Buck

Sandals – ‘Kookie sandals’ (soon to be released) by *Kookie*

Necklace – ‘Pearl Strand Necklace’ by P.C.

New store in town – Miel

Haiiii yall!!..Let me tell you about my latest find. Now,  I wouldn’t know about it if a good friend of mine (i love you omgwtf) didn’t share it with me. I visited Miel this morning and I cannot believe this store hasn’t been featured in the feeds yet. I have decided to put an outfit together and show you some more of what you can find at Miel. It’s rather amazing!!..Everything is extremely well made and I don’t think you’ll resist it!…I mean SERIOUSLY GOOD, and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next. Truly promising store, check it out for yourselves, tp here. ❤ Uma


Miel socks

Miel store

Details :

Hair – ‘rawsyowki + choco’ by Glitter Hair

Skin – ‘Bird – sun drops’ by (fd)

1st pic  – ‘salmon plaid scarf’ / ‘BO shirt expresso / ‘earth day scarf’ by Miel

2nd pic – ‘LO socks expresso’ by Miel

3rd pic

Scarf – ‘sky plaid scarf’ by Miel

Top – (part of) ‘sf outfit’ (with prim flexi flowers but comes with a ‘no flower version) by Miel

Shorts – ‘ch black shorts’ by Miel

shoes – ‘london flats’ by [Detour]

Sunglasses – ‘supa dupa frames’ by (NO)

Bangles by [ICoN]


I have to thank Heather beebe, for I wouldn’t have as much fun and feel as inspired today if she hadn’t shared with us this awesome, AWESOME, ‘character skin’. If you watch the feeds, you probably already own it, if not, rush now, you must have it in your invo. ❤ Uma



Details :

Hair – Parallel hair – platinum’ by !AVZ!

Skin – ‘Character skin’ (free) by [ROCKBERRY]

Jacket – ‘Straight Jacket Surrealist’ by Kyoot

Top (under) – ‘SoCal Tube Top (white 2) by [Detour]

Skirt – ‘Shark Fin (white)’ by *Thimbles*

Shoes – ‘Slinky Stilletos (white)’ by Maitreya

Antlers – ‘Sika Antlers’ by *~*Illusions*~*

Tattoos – ‘arm feathers’ (gloves layer) for  Tiny Bird (free) (by Haver Cole)

‘Mechanic Tattoo’ (not free) by >Bitter Thorns<

Listening to Ready or Not (Aphrodite rmx dubplate)

All you can attach buffet..!

Ugh, I’m bored. I’m so bored I decided I’d attach as much stuff as I could to myself!..This post however, goes out to my babay Esme, I miss her, and I know if she was here (today) with me, she’d like new 69 hair, not specifically this one but meh I know she would…BUT she’s not around cause she lost her internets. 😦 I miss her like our kitties miss catnip. >.< ! I miss her afk-ness while we’re shopping and I miss her telling us (me and stokki bffs) we needed a leash to drag her around places. LOl. So yeah, this post is all about her and me attaching all I could attach to my little pixel self in a kawaii random way. Wearable? Yes, if youre a prim queen ❤ Uma

all you can attach buffet

all you can attach buffet I

Details :

Hair – ‘AMK2 – chestnut’ by ::69::

Skin – ‘Mia Sunrise Skin Vol.10’ by ..::MAI::..

Jacket –  ‘Layered beaded sweater – yellow’ by (NO)

Shirt  – ‘RolledCuff Skirt – baby pink’ by [MG fashion]

Skirt – ‘Neon Red Jean Skirt’ by Sh*t Happens

Belt – ‘burger vision belt’ by [AMH]

Socks – ‘Womens craze sox – style 06’ by Action

Shoes – ‘Rain Boots (seafoam)’ by ETD

Hands (gloves) – ‘Painter Hands’ by Tres Blah

On head (onigiri) – ‘Onigiri Mini Angry’ by !*Rebel -X- *!

Bow (on head) – ‘Kawaii Polka Ribbon – black’ by [Detour]

Backpack – ‘Onigiri Backpack’ by !*Rebel -X- *!

bunny (leg)  – ‘ Sad Bunny (bloody) leg’ by [PF]

Panda (arm) by [PF]

Mouth – ‘Marshmallow B’ by :::Last Ride::: (free/random)

Eyelashes by Boom* and GLOW Studio – (chin)


Ahhh, it already smells like spring, and for some reason, when I think of it, I think of cute little dresses. My style in spring and summer changes a lot and I tend to wear more girly stuff, so today I found this cute little dress I fell in love with. The whole look is pretty simple and I didn’t want to add much since I wanted to focus on the dress. The store itself doesn’t have much, well, it does but it’s very much the kind of girly japanese style dresses, and there’s a pink version of this one, it’s fairly cheap but this one caught my eye! coming slowly back to blogging, I’m still in that vacation feel/state and in need to catch up. ❤ Uma

girly spring

girly spring I

Hair – ‘Amber – treacle’ by TRUTH

Skin – ‘Lyla natural’ by Redgrave

Dress – ‘KC No.03 [wagara<seiji>]’ by Kyoko Couture

Jeans – ‘pull up the bumper baby – dark /underpants’ by &Bean

Shoes – ‘miki hot pink’ by jcshoes/Jimmy chau

Bag – ‘diana pink’ by b@r

mani by Detour