*Fuel* . New hairs and Hair Fair *sneak preview*

Hey everyone! As we all know, or SHOULD HAVE, lol, hair fair is just around the corner. I’m pretty sure everyone’s doing the countdown and saving up some Lindens to go mad spending this weekend. I am aswell. Also, excited to see what hair designers come up with and ready for the lag!

I decided to show you a little sneak preview of some awesome hairs, done by sandy cleghorn, owner of *Fuel*. I don’t even know where to start and I apologize for the spam but, I wanted to show some of  Fuel’s hairs that will be available on hair fair and some soon to be released. Miki, Mimi, Coco, Nezumi and Chilli will only be available at hair fair for now, while Aya and Mai you’ll be able to get at Fuel Store. I have witnessed sandy go crazy while doing these and I have to say, the result is absolutely amazing. I love all of them and I can be impartial to say, the textures are indeed mad awesome! All colors you could think of, from the yummi reds, to all kinds of blondes, browns, blacks and she didn’t even forget the silvers.  Unfortunately I cannot show you all the colors in each tone since I’m already spamming you with pictures (check my flickr for bigger pictures) , so, If you like these, make sure not to forget to check them out at Hair Fair the new ones in store. ❤ Uma


Hairs : ‘Chilli‘ (sandy blonde/washed out blonde/cherry red) by *Fuel*

Hair accessory ‘Flowery peacock’ by *Fuel* (does not come with hair)


Hairs : ‘Coco’ (beach blonde/raspberry red/ash brown) by *Fuel*

Hair accessory ‘Flowery peacock’ by *Fuel* (does not come with hair)


Hairs : ‘Mai‘ (caramel brown/jet black/raspberry red/sandy blonde) by *Fuel*

Hair accessory ‘Flowery peacock’ by *Fuel* (does not come with hair)


Hairs : ‘Miki‘ (silver/dark cocoa/ash brown/ruby red) by *Fuel*

Hair accessory ‘Flowery peacock’ by *Fuel* (does not come with hair)


Hairs : ‘Nezumi‘ (rubi red/ash brown/warm blonde/blueberry black) by *Fuel*

Hair accessory ‘Flowery peacock’ by *Fuel* (does not come with hair)


Hairs : ‘Mimi‘ (jet black/ash brown/caramel brown/washed out blonde) by *Fuel*

Hair accessory ‘Flowery peacock’ by *Fuel* (does not come with hair)

fuel outfit

Hair : ‘Aya‘ (chocolate brown) by *Fuel*

fuel for hairfair

Outfit details :

Hair ‘Aya’ chocolate brown by *Fuel* (soon to be released)

Skin : ‘light skin – ripe’ by (fd)

Hair accessory : ‘hair ornament assorted butterflies’ (freebie) by :::MM::

Top : ‘Uma shirt – pink’ by *Beauty Avatar Couture*

Skirt : ‘denim skirt (dark)’ by ichi Swansong/japan canvas sim

Socks : ‘sculpt socks – rosy’ by Maitreya

Shoes : ‘spring pumps’ by Cube Sugar

Phone : ‘ao Keitai’ (comes with hud) by asami pizzicato

A sunday smile

‘haihaihai!…I don’t know what to say, but I really like this outfit. I like the soft pink colors and light teal details, it’s feminine and sweet and perfect for sunday. For today at least. Yet, it’s pretty simple and nothing really new. My favorite white shirt, the closet’s cute and fun skirt and cube sugar bow pumps. My favorite pieces are definitely atelier am ball necklace. I made it slightly bigger and it gives this outfit a little cute finishing. The hat is probably my favorite find! The ‘store’ is in a little japanese mall, ithas really nice hats, from berets to newspaper boy hats and theyre all really good. If you like this you should definitely check the place out.  ❤ Uma

a sunday smile

a sunday smile I

Details :

Hair – ‘[Moira] Brown-R:Pink*Nolight’ by **Amrita**

Skin – ‘Petal [light] lovely – firehouse2’ by Gala (group gift)

Hat – ‘Homburg hat/Corduroy’ by Apollon

Shirt – ‘StripeShirt (white)’ by Aoharu

Necklace – ‘ball necklace*pink*’ by Atelier AM

Skirt – ‘H.W.FrillSkirtPNK’ by The Closet

Socks – ‘socks mit suspenders – antique mint’ by Pig (freebie)

Bag – ‘Bird bag [brown]’ by :::Last Ride:::

Shoes – ‘Spring pumps’ by Cube Sugar

Listening to….Svefn-g-Englar

in living colours.

Wooo…While indulging myself in ‘morning shopping’ I stopped by (one of my favorite stores) The Closet to check Bambi’s new releases and I knew right there that would be part of today’s look.  The ‘ruffly’ shirt is rather classic/retro inspired but I decided to spice it up a bit and throw in a bunch of colors, because I…am not afraid of them. Lol. It’s rather hard to pass unnoticed with such bright ones though but I’m in a ‘colorful’ mood today and I hope you are too. !lamb’s ‘bonjour operator’ seemed perfect with this colorfulmodernretro  inspired look and my finishing touch. Also, Cube Sugar (a little store I blog once in a while) has just released these cute ribbon shoes, which were perfect to match Bambi’s shirt and kind of putting everything together, or so I think ;). Ok, Have a great weekend! xoxo, ❤ Uma

in the waiting line

in the waiting line I

Details :

Hair – ‘Bonjour Operator’ (butterfinger) by !lamb

Skin – ‘Phoebe 008 . hot cherry’ by //Lazolli//

Jacket – ‘Biker banana’ by Emery

Shirt – ‘ClassialBlouseIVY’ by The Closet

Skirt – ‘H.WFrillSkirtBLU’ by The Closet

Belt – ‘High Waisted belt patent . lavender’ by M*A*ii*K*I

Socks – ‘Sculpted socks . cornflower blue’ by Maitreya

Shoes – ‘Stripe Ribbon pumps (beige)’ by Cube Sugar

Poses by Penny dreadful  arcade/C’est la vie/*V* elle

Listening to zero7 . in the waiting line . (dorfmeister rmx)

Sweet and girly

Hai! I’m going to be real quick on this one. I’m in a sweet, romantic and girly mood lately, so I dressed accordingly today. Cube Sugar has become one of my favorite little stores. I’ve blogged it before and I’m sure I will keep doing it in the future, it’s a promising store with great prices, you won’t find much there, but what you do, I’m sure you’ll like it. Very girly and sweet like. Pumps are from five minutes after, which is closed for the time being but you can still find it at Trilogy. ❤ Uma. Muahs!

sweet girly

sweet girly I

Details :

Skin – ‘lyla’ by Redgrave

Hair – ‘Yuria’ (black) by Deja Vu

Glasses – ‘browline glasses’ by Gritty Kitty

Jacket – ‘Borrowed Cardigan blue’ by Detour

Dress – ‘High waist skirt & white shirt’ by Cube Sugar

Socks –  (part of outfit) ”La fille du pays’ by Couverture

Shoes – ‘silver pumps’ by Five Minutes After

Purse – ‘the Z bag pet pug carrier’ by Zooby’s

Food in mouth – ‘Taiyaki’ by Hanauta

Kawaii mess.

Super lazy sundays make super messed outfits. There was so much new stuff around the grid yesterday that I had to get it, and mixed it all in a careless, comfy, messed kawaii look. I have been walking around with my creamshop umbrella since they came out and they are totally worth it. Picked a lot of colors, but chose to wear the simple one for this post. Also, Machang keeps working hard on those releases, and my closet has it’s own aoharu section which keeps growing each day. Rei from zero style released a couple of new hairs and omg, I totally fell in love with Maya, but MMS also has new ones so it was hard choosing which to wear. Special thanks to Eleania Rosenberg who kindly sent me the new ‘Alice’ skin line from Free Speerit , they are really gorgeous, allowing you to choose from 22 brand new make ups, comes with a mod shape and eyelashes, and there are 4 different lines, ranging from natural to more bold make ups, ‘Passion’, ‘Sprite’, ‘Temptation’ and the one I chose to wear for this post, ‘Peacock’. Totally worth checking!! Last but not least, what I also advise you to check for the monday bargain is a little (japanese) store called Cube Sugar , the skirts are irresistible and so are the lace cardigans and muffler, my favorite items from cube. There are items at 1L and the most expensive thing in that store goes up to…50L!! So worth it. ❤ Uma

kawaii messDetails :

Hair – ‘Maya’ (cinnamon) by Zero Style

Skin – ‘Alice – Peacock’ by Free Speerit

Jacket – ‘RidersJacket Green’ by AOHARU

Scarf – ‘**border fringe stole’ (black) by massimo!

Top – ‘Folklore Dress – Gourmet’ by !BF!

Skirt – ‘Lace white skirt’ by Cube Sugar

Socks – ‘Kneesocks wool’ (teal) by SySy’s

Boots – ‘Rain boots’ (seafom) by ETD

Umbrella – ‘Vinyl umbrella (white)’ by {creamshop}

Gloves by DoMoCo