Hey everyone!..So as you will see (down below) I’m lately more inspired to, mix and match ‘old’ stuff with some new, but mainly, old. In sl old for me means treasured. Treasured because there are some pieces I am still in love to this day and others no longer available. I don’t wear them as much as I should so, letting them see the ‘light of day’ a little, does feel good.  Like ‘old’ paper couture stuff or creamshop or Artilleri (which will never go out of style) or Grandma!. I was talking to my friend Amika jewell the other day, Grandma is in the present a furniture store but in the past, Hanae Nishi (owner of grandma!) used to own a really awesome vintage inspired clothes store and I really, really miss it. I am happy to own mostly everything from there and I wish Hanae Nishi could re-launch her clothing line, but, as far as I know it’s gone. For now I hope! Anyway, here’s 3 different looks, made out of awesomeness with digged from old mama’s chest, I hope you like. ❤ Uma



Left to right :

Skin – ‘belle light naturale NB skin’ by vivé9

Hair – ‘Marcelle – auburn’  by Coif

Sunglasses – ‘Mom glasses – classic tortoise’ by (Yummi)

Poncho ‘midnight poncho (mossgreen)’ by {creamshop}

Tunic (shirt layer) – ‘asian tunic brown by Kurotsubaki

Shirt  (undershirt layer) – ‘driftwood tank top . white’ by Surf Couture

Belt – ‘I heart colors belt’ by Reek

Skirt – ‘Carla skirt . white’ by Artilleri

Socks – ‘socks mit suspenders . antique mint’ (by Pig) + Mokomoko socks (by *UnTone Quilt*)

Shoes – ‘drunks’ by UBU


Hair – ‘Dog Roses’ by !lamb

Jacket – ‘Ritta leather jacket’ by Cachet/LeLutka

Scarf – ‘Sweater Scarf’ by Armidi

Dress – ‘Cake of sugar’ by Grandma! (store closed)

Socks – ‘Arvike just fine socks . grey’ by Djunk

Boots – ‘Cowgirl boots . blue’ by [hoorenbeek]


Hair – ‘beach hair – dark brown’ by [Curio]

Hair accessory – ‘Flowery peacock’ (free) by *Fuel*

Top – (part of) ‘Leather and wool’ by Paper Couture

Bag – ‘Signature series tote bag . black’ by SLink

Pants – ‘My harem pants black’ by (Milk Motion)

Socks – ‘mint blue socks’ by +SPICA+

Shoes – ‘ChiChi Pumps . pastel green’ by Maitreya

Listening to :  ”Overpowered” . Roisin Murphy

.::smart monday::.

Haii there!..I’m so glad easter’s gone and we’re going back to normal. However, the good thing about easter, was the amount of awesome hunts we’ve seen around sl. You know I’m not a hunt person but there was a couple of them, totally worth doing!..Yesterday I hopped around itutu hunt, and with a little help of friends I was able to get me all the apples. YAY for that. This hair being one of the hunt gifts, from +*Atelier Am*+, which helped me finish this whole look. I have tinted the bow to match the rest of colors, and added some of my (recent) favorite things. Coco’s shoulder cardigan and Hoorenbeek’s sneakers. OMG, so good!..I wanted to do a more smart/classic casual look and I think all the pieces work perfectly together. Surely something I won’t take off for some time. On a small note, I’m totally in love with new laqroki ‘imani’ skin, how beautiful is it? ❤ Uma

casual smart

smart casual II

smart casual III

Details :

Hair – ‘Julie (treasure hunt)’ by .+*Atelier AM*+. (tinted bow)

Skin – ‘Imani 01 [nougat] glow skin’ by LAQ

Shirt – H6 shirt (off white)’ by Ce Cubic

Cardi  (shoulder) – ‘cardigan on shouder border red’ by *COCO*

Pants – (part of outfit) ‘Stella in wine’ by MichaMi

Shoes – ‘Pegasus white/red’ by [hoorenbeek]

Bag – ‘Madrid leather weave bag (white)’ by creamshop

Earrings – ‘Silent bamboo earrings metalic red’ by creamshop

Poses by {flowey} and Maitreya


Haiiiii!!..Do you still remember me?..It has been some time. I know, I haven’t been updating as much as I should or would like to, but the last couple of days I haven’t been on much and I was still mind blocked. I’ve been more focused in rl fashion than sl but today, I decided to clean the dust off blogging and I’m back. So, as most of you know, Maria Gherardi’s work need no introduction. She has been around for some time now and both her creativity and her skills are known by ‘all’ of us. Only she’s portuguese, and I’m especially proud of that (since I am aswell), and my favorite if only favorite portuguese designer. Every new release is for sure, something you’ll want in your closet (at least I do) and this time is no different. So and because I haven’t been around much I decided to do 4 different outfits, all with one thing in common, Maria Gherardi’s clothes. I have to say I’m totally in love with her next release, the Martina Sweaters. They are totally versatile, hence the 4 different looks, to show you just some  of the options with which you can wear these. The shirts and the (second look) jeans are also from [MG fashion], I haven’t displayed the shirts alone, with their rolled cuffs, they are just simply gorgeous to wear alone. Make sure you check these and keep your eyes on the Martina Sweaters. xoxo ❤ Uma



Details :

(2nd pic from left to right)

Hair – ‘Pushed and shoved – brown tones’ by (VW)

Sweater – ‘Martina Sweater (brown) by [MG fashion] (to be released soon)

Shirt – ‘RolledCuffsShirt (baby pink)’ by [MG fashion]

Skirt – ‘ ‘Jules’ JeanSkirt * black’ by Maitreya

Socks – ‘Xmas gift by tri *  helia black socks’ by Triangle Caudron

Boots – ‘test boots (color change)’ by ROT


Hair – ‘Faye – chocolate’ by Maitreya

Sweater – ‘Martina Sweater (spring green)’ by [MG fashion] (to be released soon)

Top – ‘Lace trimmed lady beater (white top)’ by camie cooper

Belt – ‘coin belt brown (stomach)’ by Maitreya

Jeans – ‘Vintage Inspired Jeans – dark blue’ by [MG fashion]

Shoes – ‘Slinky stilletos (white)’ by Maitreya

Bag – ‘Bellissima 09 brown’ by barerose

Hat – ‘fedora hat w cameo (polkadot brown x white)’ by {creamshop}


Hair – ‘+*gl*+M+choco’ by Glitter

Hair accessory – ‘hair stuff (leftovers)’ by (fd)

Glasses – ‘mom glasses – classic tortoise’ by (yummi)

Sweater – ‘Martina Sweater (petroleum) by [MG fashion] (to be released soon)

Bikini – ‘plaid short set – grey bikini’ by [Riddle]

Skirt – ‘EmbroideryLongSkirt (Green)’ by THE CLOSET

Shoes – ‘Criss Cross ballet flats (white)’ by Shiny Things

Bag – ‘Madrid – Leather weave bag (champagne)’ by {creamshop}


Hair – ‘runway compound (brown tones)’ by (VW)

Glasses – ‘ray-band glasses’ by (W)

Sweater – ‘Martina Sweater (firebrick)’ by [MG fashion] (to be released soon)

Shirt – ‘rolledcufff shirt sand’ by [MG fashion]

Jeans – ‘jeans smog capri’ by Fishy Strawberry

Shoes – ‘high oxfords black’ by Tesla

Sweet & Slow come back.

Haiii everyone!!…I’m back! It seems I’ve missed a lot and I am so overwhelmed with what’s new and what I saw on feed I feel kinda lost. It will take some time for me to catch up for sure and absorb it all. A week and some days off sl seem like a whole year so this outfit, is of course nothing ‘new to you’ though they’re some things I was eager to grab my hands on. Very classy and fresh look, soft colors, spring deserves it!…Oh god, even writting seems harder now, I hope I can keep up with blog as I was used to and hopefully bring you better and more looks in the days to come. One more thing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABAY <3!! 😉 xoxo Uma

come back

come back I

Details :

Hair – ‘Amber – triacle’ by >TRUTH<

Skin – ‘London sunkissed makeup4b’ by LeLutka

Scarf – ‘carre de soie rose’ by (P-K)

Top – ‘SHIRI top – orchid’ by LeLutka

Pants – ‘Sarrouel pants – beige’ by AOHARU

Shoes – ‘dorothy (brown)’ by Lotta

Bag – ‘Madrid leather weave bag – champan’ by creamshop

Shades – ‘logo aviators – passion’ by p.c.

Listening to In My Arms

Hello Spring!

…and hello clothes, shoes and suitcase. Lol. I’m getting ready to go soon but I’m still (as addicted as I am) around and gah, blogging!..bambi has recently released the cutest wrap dresses, they make me smile and think of the season to come, I ❤ SPRING. I can’t believe I haven’t seen it on feed yet, or maybe I haven’t been paying attention, cause it’s seriously worth grabbing. ❤ This one is probably my favorite color of all of them, just because I’m in the mood for color, and especially this salmon-orangey one. I  havent added much, but I thought a flower brooch was definitely needed, this one being part of one of my oldest items, creamshop poncho which I still love and wear often, and since I haven’t sported my huuuuuuuuge necklace lately, I thought I would today aswell. Ok, now back to rl clothing and closet sorting. ❤ ❤ uma

hello spring

hello spring I

Details :

Hair – ‘Gwen – mink’ by Exile

Skin – ‘melinda 4k’ by Mayden couture

Dress – ‘WrapDress_PNK’ by **THE CLOSET**

Top (under) – ‘babygrow top – red’ by Ty Zvezda

Brooch – ‘midnight poncho flower broach (light orange)’ by creamshop

Necklace – ‘my huuuge necklace – mocha’ by Milk Motion

Bracelet  – ‘Erin bangle set – lower chunk bangle’ by ::CV::

Belt – ‘(checkskirt dress belt)’ by Aoharu

Jeans – ‘jeans {classi} mosss – wide prim’ by Zaara

Shoes – ‘dalia pumps – orange’ by Armidi

Poses by *Muism* / Ana Lu/ Beauvoir Rousselot

retro yoyo ballerina!

ok, lets play pretend! So you ask me ‘what brings you back to blogging?’..and the answer is very simple (and obvious too)! A yoyo!!! I *really* tried hard to take a good picture of my yoyo skills, but it proved to be a mission impossible! However, I am totally addicted to this yoyo! I have always been a fan of yoyos, they were the shizz when I was 7/8/9? years old. Seriously!..It brought back a lot of memories, especially the ones when I remember not knowing how to do tricks with it. Guess what? now I can. At least in sl. ❤ ! This whole look was inspired by this yoyo, its funny what triggers me to blog or put clothes together. This is a very simple(ish) look, a retro inspired cute one if I may say so. I am not usually a ‘flower print’ girl, in sl or rl at all. I stay away from flower prints as much as I can, but I totally love this gigi boho dress. Yes, its a dress (!!) but I chose to wear it as a high waisted puffy skirt and wear that ‘old’ and awesome emery leather fitted jacket and voilá!..Now back to yoyos, lol, check Scribble make sure you choose your favorite color, lets line up and yoyo till we fall asleep. Muahs ❤ Uma



Details :

Hair – ‘Noce white pack’ by {fascino}

Skin – ’01 Lyla Pale Skin / *natural’ by Redgrave

headband – by me/toastface  (not for sale yet but soon)

Glasses – ‘Mom Glasses – Classic Tortoise’ by (yummy)

Jacket – (part of) ‘ringleader of the tormentors – biker jacket’ by Emery

‘Skirt’ – (part of) ‘Tropic Floral Rouged Dress’ by GiGi Couture

Leggings – ‘LEGGINGS/grayscale _3’ by Cachet

Socks – ‘Prim Sock Rosy’ by Maitreya

Shoes – ‘ ChiChi Pumps Pastel Green’ by Maitreya

Bracelet – ‘(CS) lily bangle’ by creamshop

YOYO – ‘Cloud Pets Candy YoYo (Bubblegum)’ by ~Scribble~

Surprisingly cold…

Today I woke up just feeling like layering a bunch of really warm clothes! Something more up my alley, my style. After checking ”new(est)” BomBon release (biggest fan of tokoro back when the store was just a little stand at tokoro’s home), I couldn’t resist coming back, it inspired me today. Two different options, long or short, two different sleeves and collars, I decided I’d show you at least two of the four (?) coats for sale. It’s surprisingly cold outside so I’m dressed for it, and omg, I can’t wait for spring, but sometimes (just sometimes) it’s good to stay in, watch the rain and wind and super cold outside and just play pixel paperdollism!..k, that’s what I bring you though, a cute winter look, oh and who would have guessed, wide leg jeans! My favorite redgrave shoes (well, sneakers) and lots of so needed winter accessories. Muahs, ❤ Uma.


wintery I

Details :

Hair – ‘+*Lack*+ (chocolate)’ by Mirai Style

Skin – ‘Hana’ by Redgrave

Jacket(s) – ‘maru coat blue and maru coat red check’ by BomBon/GriBon

Shirt (under) ‘i love pocky (gray)’ by me/toastface

Jeans – ‘wide leg jeans’ by FTV

Scarf – ‘linen stole muffler (turquoise)’ by creamshop

Gloves – ‘ushuaia gloves in purple  and ushuaia gloves in red by FTV

sunglasses – ‘vintage it shades’ by [SpeXx] and ‘mom glasses classic tortoise’ by (yummy)

sneakers – ‘Athlete Sneakers -Cyan/Pink’ by Redgrave