Mamma Summa

hai-ih! Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

I had these two outfits done  and pictures taken on thursday night, but then, I noticed all pictures were ruined. Some weird thing with sl lightings messed them up, but by then I was so mad and lazy I didn’t come back until today to re-shoot. </3 However today all was fine and I was happy to snap them quite fast. I am not sure if you’re one like me, who have bought the**DP**yumyum tweed blazers in the past and noticed that with time and sl lighting changes + the fact prims are no mod, you couldn’t wear them anymore. I was so sad (for such a long time) I sent a notecard to Toraji, breaking all my broken japanese rules, and asked if she could replace my old ones with a fixed version. I was soooo happy she actually did it, that I was inspired to put these two outfits together. I really don’t know if the tweed blazers that are still for sale, are fixed or reajusted to the actual sl lightings but if not, and if you have bought them before, do ask her for a fixed version, I’m sure she will get back to you.

Now on to the outfits, I really love them. I love the quirky, cute, feminine and (colorful) fun look  to them. I really had visioned the blazers with a neck bow shirt, which for some reason, I couldn’t find, not the right one at least. So I improvised Shai’s volpe blouse bow with leezu’s valerie shirt. I was happy it worked so well and happy that I had both colors in my closet. I guess this could be considered a budget look, since I had everything in my invo already,  just mix and matched it in a quite different way from the past and although I wore almost the same pieces in both looks I wanted them to look quite different. love love love. Also I know the hair on the brown outfit is a bit too much, I’ve had this hair for so long and noticed I never blogged it, I thought it added a bit of crazyness to it and I really dig it. For a ‘normal’ day in sl, I’m not sure I’d wear it, probably would go for the junwave ‘snail’ hair or a chignon. Really up to each other..ehe! Have a great saturday!! muahs ❤ Uma

mama summa brown

mama summa brown 1

Listening to . Outkast Ft. Janelle Monae : ‘Call the law’

mama summa red

Mama Summa

Worn :

(brown outfit)

Hair – ‘hair designAFRO13 steampunk-B’ by ::MC:: (mayamaya indigo)

Skin – ‘ECLAT Jade . dark makeup1 (hairbase)’ by [LeLutka]

Jacket – ‘Tweed jacket : beige’ by **DP**yumyum

Shirt – ‘Valerie blouse TURQUOISE’ (undershirt and underpants) by [LeeZu!]

Bow – (part of) ‘Volpe silk blouse : navy’ by Casa del Shai/ *Shai*

Vest – ‘Itimo vest [desert]’ by Armidi

Pants – ‘Half pants – black’ by MNK*SHOP

Socks – ‘Knee Highs (gray)’ by Corduroy

Shoes – ‘Neyya toe cap (golden)’ by Maitreya

Bag – ‘GLEN top hendle bag . indianred’ by [LeLutka]


(Red outfit)

Skin + Hair – ‘ECLAT Jade Dark makeup1 (hairbase) (comes with hair aswell) by [LeLutka]

Headband – ‘AM tulip headband – VINO’ by Miel

Jacket – ‘Tweed jacket : red’ by **DP**yumyum

Shirt – ‘Valerie blouse CHAMPAGNE’ by [LeeZu!]

Bow – ‘Volpe silk blouse peach bow’ by Casa del Shai / *Shai*

Pants – ‘Wide leg jeans’ by FTV

Shoes – ‘barcelona sling backs . prussian blue’ by Armidi

Bag – ‘Jaden bag . golden’ by [LeLutka]


Hello everyone! ❤ if you’re a frequent reader, you know there are a couple of stores I never stop blogging. Most of them being asian, since I’m a serious fan of their work/creativity. With that in mind (and my jacket obsession), I decided I’d do 3 different looks, sporting the tweed jackets from dp yumyum and a couple of other asian creator’s pieces I had in invo, like bp’s skirt, kurotsubaki pants or aoharu shirt. Also, I decided to sport my favorite hairs atm. Vintage as you may know by VintageWear (awesome shades!) has released the so awaited new hair line, and ‘London import’ and ‘runway compound’ are definitely my personal favorites. !lamb’s ‘lovetones’ is also one I won’t take for some time (blogged on previous post)! So, between going back and forth with changing hair and clothes I’ve put together these 3 (slightly different) looks, having the tweed jacket as inspiration. What a better way to start the week than knowing what to wear? ❤ Uma


variation I

Details :

2nd pic . left to right

Hair – ‘lovetones – butterfinger’ by !lamb

Skin – ’03b Pale Skin -Leona- / *softpink’ by *REDGRAVE*

Jacket – ‘ tweed jacket plain beige’ by  dp yumyum

Sweater – ‘ turtle neck/morning’ by Cachet

Skirt – ‘*oldfashioned chidori skirt/houndstooth’ by *BP*

Socks –  ‘knee highs gray’ by Corduroy

Shoes – ‘high oxfords *gold*’ by Tesla

2nd look.

Hair – ‘London Import – Black natural’ by (VW)

Skin – ‘*Kathrin 013(lime party)’ by Lazolli

Jacket – ‘Tweed Jacket : green (check) + T’ by dp yumyum

Shorts – ‘corduroy half pants (brown)’ by kurotsubaki

Scarf – ‘scarf 3’ by tonktastik

Shoes – ‘woman dockers – white leather’ by Hoorenbeek

3rd look.

Hair – ‘runway compoud – brown tones – cool brown’ by (VW)

Skin – ‘Lyla’ by Redrave

Jacket – ‘ tweed jacket plain brown’ by dp yumyum

Vest – ‘dietrich vest 2 grayscale1’ by cachet

Shirt – ‘stripeshirt white’ by Aoharu

Jeans – ‘lowrise jeans original [jet]’ by Armidi

Boots – ‘After HR boots’ by Five Minutes After

Gloves – ‘ lace gloves’ by picnic

Another day…

And yet again another outfit. As you may have seen on Fashion Feed or at MG fashion blog, Maria Gherardi has released some new goodies. Maria is (in my opinion) probably the best portuguese designer around the grid and though I had planned to say a little word or two before about her amazing work, I have decided to do it now. Though she may not know this, I have always been a fan of her work. Extremely creative, great attention on details and awesome work on textures is basically what describes her creations and what we can expect all the time. This time is no exception. The new Vest&Jacket is beautifully done and basically what made me put these outfits together and come back to blog about. Also, Emilia has released a new line of skins which probably you have seen already and there is no doubt I am a big Redgrave fan so I had to ‘slip’ on one of them. I have come to aknowledge that I should stop doing it because I instantly know I’m going to fall in love with it. Bummer! I did! *Also, and on a (BIG) small note, I have to thank a good friend of mine, Longefellow (and apologize for not have done it before) for thoughtfully sending me a notecard with all the instructions to add slurls/links and what not. I did it Longies!! see see?* ❤ Uma

mg outfits

Details :

Left outfit

Hair – ‘autumn chignon/twin’ (coffee) by BP*

Skin – ‘Sakura – Natural’ by Redgrave

Jacket – ‘Salmon/Purple’ by [MG fashion]

Shorts – ‘Jeanius shorts’ (black) by Veschi

Leggings – ‘melanie’s leggings’ by corduroy

Shoes – ‘lime lights pink suede’ by Maitreya

Gloves – ‘full finger gloves’ (grey) by DoMoCo

Glasses – ‘LeeLee glasses’ by p.c.

Right Outfit :

Hair – ‘autumn chignon/side’ (coffee) by BP*

Vest – ‘Ves&Jacket Teal/brown’ by [MG fashion]

Shirt – (part of outfit) ‘Cambridge’ by {Gisaci}

Jeans – ‘Jeans {Classic} charcoal’ (wide leg) by Zaara

Shoes – ‘Funny Girl flats’ (lime) by periquita

Bag – ‘LoveJUNKYbag’ (FULLgrass) by Cachet

Thought of the day : «Most of our pocket wisdom is conceived for the use of mediocre people, to discourage them from ambitious attempts, and generally console them in their mediocrity.» (R.L.S.)


I have been waiting ‘patiently’ for toraji to release her oh ‘so yummi’ coats and they’re finally here! I’m a big yumyum fan so it was hard to choose which coat colors and which look to post so again I’m doing a three in one! The coat comes with 4 different collars you can choose from, with or without corsage and fur collar, and they’re just irresistible! It’s also obvious my love for soho boots so those were the two things I couldn’t give up on! Hectic, hectic week, but never enough that we forget what to dress, even if we do it 3645464 times a day! ❤ Uma

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