turn me on with your electric feel

Lately I’ve been feeling like…I’m on a rollercoaster!..LOl, too many things happening at once and guess what, I’m sick of shopping. Yes, It’s true, lol, I never thought I’d say this but I am. So when Marie dropped these shirts on me, I was like, marry me marie. I’m making it public, lol. Marry me?…Seriously, these might be the best, most awesome shirts made in a while. Totally awesome!…I’ve put some *quick* outfits together, but the truth is, I won’t take these of for a long time. Love love love them! This time it’s not really about the outfits, it’s about the shirts, whether you wear them with jeans or skirts or even undies…<3 Uma

milk motion

milk motion awesomeness

Details :

(2nd pic – 1st outfit)

Hair – ‘Mary Kate (totally modded) – beach blonde’ by LeLutka

Shirt – ‘My loose tshirt diamonds’ – by (Milk Motion)

Shorts – ‘Tweed Half Pants (gray) – KALMIA labo.

Suspenders – ‘New School suspenders’ by {Kari}

Bag – ‘Laptop Bag – man’ by LeLutka

Shoes – ‘Nylon Trainers white/blue’ (freebie) by [hoorenbeek]

Socks – ‘silver prim socks’ by Shiny Things

Brooch – ‘My brooch white’ by (Milk Motion)

Beret – (part of) ‘Sarah hair’ by *Muism*

(2nd outfit)

Hair – ‘Apple’ by Maitreya

Headphones – ‘plain headphones’ (color change)’ by *booN

Shirt – ‘My Loose tshirt Motel’ by (Milk Motion)

Shorts – (part of lagoon outfit) ‘lagoon short denim’ by bijou

Leggings – ‘Holey Leggings’ by *Kookie*

Boots – ‘Harvey boots’ by Tesla

(3rd outfit)

Hair – ‘Faye’ by Maitreya

Hat – ‘hat knitting thistle’ by LeLutka

Cardigan – ‘cardigan lace’ by *COCO*

Shirt – ‘My loose shirt cocade’ by (Milk Motion)

Pants – ‘Jeans classic f’ by Calypso Giano

Bracelet – ‘michelle cuffs II pink by miabella foxley‘ for LeLutka

Bag – ‘GLEN top hendle bag – indianred’ by LeLutka

Shoes – ‘Silver Pumps’ by Five Minutes After

Listening to : Mgmt – ‘electric feel’

Boss lady vs Outdoor fun

Hai everyone! I hope you had an awesome weekend, because I surely did. Thank you everyone for all the love and kind words and happy bdays!! You made my day today! Because I had no time for sl shopping these last days, I bring you two outfits I have thought of posting before, but for one of them I was actually waiting patiently for Tesla’s new release. The oxfords. So these are two completely different styles, one more mature and put together almost like a business woman look and the other more cute and suitable for outdoor fun with this cold weather. ❤ Uma.

boss lady

boss lady I

Details :

Skin – ‘London SunKissed makeup 4b’ by MMS

Hair – ‘Mariya’ (brown pack) by Aden and ‘Jamie bangs’ (brown) by MMS

Shirt – ‘Dietrich shirt (white) by Cachet

Vest – ‘Dietrich vest (grayscale1) by Cachet

Tie – ‘classic italia set’ (tucked in) purple’ by Gisaci

Skirt – ‘plaid skirt (black) by First Impressions

Tights -‘pc tights’ (pc freebie) by Paper Couture

Earrings – ‘black pearl drops’ by Paper Couture

Shoes – ‘High oxford (black) by Tesla

Poses by Toko Voom

outdoor fun

outdoor fun I

Details :

Skin – ‘LondonSunKissed-makeup2b’ by MMS

Hair –  ‘*Anya*(Strawberry Chocolate)’ by Zero Style

Jacket – ‘BT_ChicCape_Green’ by AOHARU

Scarf  – ‘SCARFtube_knitt1’ by Cachet

Shirt –  ‘Malina Jacket in Black’ (shirt layer) by MichaMi

‘Skirt’ – (part of) ‘Lux’ outfit by Bijou

Jeans – ‘Stonewash Jeans’  by [CALYPSO GIANO]

Socks – ‘Knit knee socks jade’ by Shiny Things

Boots – ‘MultiColoredMoutonBoots_LightGreen’ (lucky chair gift) by AOHARU

Day to night!

Have you ever been in a situation when time is running out and you need to change from a day time look to a night out one, needing to change at lightning speed before someone’s picking you up? well, even if you haven’t there is always that one thought of, making the best out of what you have and how to reinvent your outfits so they can fit several situations and moods. This was my thought for today…Having one dress only as inspiration and doing two different looks by undressing some and only changing jackets and shoes. Bag’s optional. I decided to show off one I haven’t gone out with. ❤

Details :

1st two pics (day look)

Hair – ‘Mariko’ (dyed in blonde) by Dernier Cri.

Jacket – (part of) ‘Victoria Winter Sports Wear’ outfit by Skin Flicks

Dress (skirt) – ‘Flirtable Cocktail dress’ by Skin Flicks

Jeans – ‘Classic F’ by Calypso Giano

Shoes – ‘Chloe Sculpted Flats’ (purple) by L&E

Sunglasses – ‘Aviator Sunglasses’ (blue) by Emery

Camera – ‘(applesauce) Fisheye Camera’ by Krez McAllister (bought at ‘old’ Veezy)

Bag – ‘pochette verte’ by NF/No Face

Headphones – ‘headphones plain’ by booN

Last Pic (night look)

Hair – ‘Mariko’ (dyed in blonde) by Dernier Cri

‘Bolero sleeves’ – (part of) ‘Isabella dress’ outit by Skin Flicks

Dress – ‘Flirtable Cocktail dress’ by Skin Flicks

Shoes – ‘Black Ribbon short boots’ by Aoharu

Bag – ‘Reflection bag’ (black fur) by Queen Couture

street smart.

So after a long weekend and the whole hair fair excitement I had the pleasure to collaborate with Miabella for her lovely blog http://imagendivine.com/blog/and sometimes It’s a bit more fun to work together and play around with outfits and seeing how inspiration flows easier when two minds think alike 🙂 . Hopefully it won’t be the last time. Going out of the blogging alone routine is always a plus. But I also wanted to share a look I’ve put together today which I felt very comfy/happy with and with some pieces from stores I haven’t blogged before. The ‘bolero’ is probably my favourite item so far and the inspiration piece behind this whole look. It’s very casual like, something I’d be seen wearing on a daily basis. Now, Calypso’s jeans are amazing, but I have to say my favourite piece is definately the stripey top in which I fell in love with. The back detail made me swoon as soon as I saw it. ❤

Details :

Hair – ‘Ribbon’ by MMS.

Jacket/bolero – part of ‘soraya bolero jumpsuit’ (in blue) by IBIZZARE.

Top – Long top/’Love is a gamble’ by Calypso Giano.

Jeans – ‘classic jeans’ by Calypso Giano.

Boots – ‘Classic Moccas’ (light brown) by Armidi Gisaci.