Pink, Green, Orange and love.

I’ve had a lot to think about, I’m still in a weird mood and I’m still trying to give sl a break. Mostly socially, which only means less time spent in sl and the time I’m on, focused on what I like doing. Don’t know if this phase is a acumulation of several feelings/situations I haven’t had the cold blood to step back or not get influenced by, however I’m still in love with clothes!..and I’m still in awe by the support, the kind words and the people that are worth, coming back, blogging, sharing thoughts with, and worth of my attention aswell. I’ve said in reply to friends words that lately all I take joy and pleasure of is, with no doubt, blogging. So that’s where all my thoughts will be directed to. I’m 3 days away from being 2 years old, and omg, maybe this is just a nostalgic phase I’m going through? Buh. As I think back and evaluate my sl experience, all I can be thankful for is the people I’ve met, the friends I’ve made and the experience of starting a blog and the (positive) feedback I’ve received from everyone. My last post, wasn’t a goodbye one, by no means I’ll give up doing what I love the most. I was just sharing my thoughts on how I feel about lot of things that have been going on, how the negativity/shallowness I see around affects me in a serious level. However I’ve always been able to not care/think or even make an effort to know about (or participate) in drama/be affected by it, so that’s what I’ll try to do again, from now on. As I’m turning ‘2 years old’ my blog is turning one year old. I started blogging on june 13th (2008) and OMG, as I look back it feels like it was yesterday. So bear with me (and my moods)  I plan on celebrating a year of blogging experience in a (hopefully) happy way/mood. With all this in mind and focusing on what I really *heart* doing, let me spam you a little bit. These outfits are a tribute to niniko vs BomBon (which I planned on putting together some time ago) and a special thank you to Sayuri for her kindness by sending me the (amazingly beautiful) goldfish dresses, which I couldn’t resist not wearing. Much ❤ Uma

prettyful pink


Hair – ‘.+*Chib*+. Mattcocoa’ by Mirai Style .

Skin – ‘Bird – sun drops’ by Fashionably Dead

Top – ‘chiffon cutsew red*red’ by NINIKO

Belt – ‘stripe pants belt’ by NINIKO

Pants – ‘Border Pants gray’ by BomBon

Leggings – ‘complimentary leggings – cream’ by Random Fashions

Socks – ‘mokomoko . charcoal’ by *UnTone Quilt*

Shoes – ‘petanko cross blood’ by [0N]

prettyful green


Hair – ‘Spring black’ by Love Kitty

Sweater – ‘hasami knit’ by BomBon

Pants – ‘Dot Pants’ by NINIKO

Suspenders – ‘new school suspenders’ by {Kari}

Shoes – ‘retro pumps (artichoke)’ by *UnTone Quilt*

Sketch pad/pencil by Gritty Kitty (csr 2008 gift)

prettyful orange


Hair – ‘Kia – cinnamon’ by Analog Dog

Skin – ‘Imani’ by LAQ

Hair Flower – ‘rose hair flower *orange*’ by Artilleri

Dress – ‘Goldfish dress . orange’ by ::SUGARCUBE

Necklace – ‘deer flower pendant’ by Paper Couture

Shoes – ‘the alice cullen ballet flats . ivory’ by {cherry}

Poses by . {flowey} .  Snook poses .  Luth . [Y.M.X]

Surprisingly cold…

Today I woke up just feeling like layering a bunch of really warm clothes! Something more up my alley, my style. After checking ”new(est)” BomBon release (biggest fan of tokoro back when the store was just a little stand at tokoro’s home), I couldn’t resist coming back, it inspired me today. Two different options, long or short, two different sleeves and collars, I decided I’d show you at least two of the four (?) coats for sale. It’s surprisingly cold outside so I’m dressed for it, and omg, I can’t wait for spring, but sometimes (just sometimes) it’s good to stay in, watch the rain and wind and super cold outside and just play pixel paperdollism!..k, that’s what I bring you though, a cute winter look, oh and who would have guessed, wide leg jeans! My favorite redgrave shoes (well, sneakers) and lots of so needed winter accessories. Muahs, ❤ Uma.


wintery I

Details :

Hair – ‘+*Lack*+ (chocolate)’ by Mirai Style

Skin – ‘Hana’ by Redgrave

Jacket(s) – ‘maru coat blue and maru coat red check’ by BomBon/GriBon

Shirt (under) ‘i love pocky (gray)’ by me/toastface

Jeans – ‘wide leg jeans’ by FTV

Scarf – ‘linen stole muffler (turquoise)’ by creamshop

Gloves – ‘ushuaia gloves in purple  and ushuaia gloves in red by FTV

sunglasses – ‘vintage it shades’ by [SpeXx] and ‘mom glasses classic tortoise’ by (yummy)

sneakers – ‘Athlete Sneakers -Cyan/Pink’ by Redgrave

Sweet melody!

2 days for christmas and things becoming hectic. I bet all of you are running back and forth with the last minute pressies, who isn’t? This year has been warmer than the last christmas and it’s around 68ºf outside. Whats that for christmas time? Aha, but I can’t really stand too much cold so I’m good. Today  I bring you another oh ‘too sweet’ outfit. That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. Also, I decided I would show you the new beauty avatar line of skins – Melody. These fell on my lap today and while choosing for the right make up to go along with the whole look I’ve realized I liked them all too much. I hardly ever change my shape for skins and in this case is no exception so when trying a new skin, it is extremely important that I like the face because I will not change my shape for it. These are flawless, the eye make up is perfect in my opinion, and though you can’t see a lot of difference between them, its in the glossy lipstick range that these difer and I love all the color palette. Beautiful! ❤ Uma

sweet melody

melody skins

Details :

Hair – ‘Morgan – Mahogany-Night’ by Truth

Eyes – ‘darkbrown eyes’ by LBD

Skin/Skins  ‘Melody skin – natural’ by Beauty Avatar

Jacket -‘Ruffle coat (brown) nikukyu’ by MNK*SHOP (comes with longer jacket version)

Skirt – ‘mizutama skirt’  by Bombon

Shoes – ‘Newtown Wedge (lead) by Truth

Gloves –  ”Sky blue gloves’ by En Svale

Bag – ‘VAIN-bag-BROWN’ by Cachet

listening to Tricky – puppy toy




Hair: JADE Hair ”Nana” (black pack).

Hair accessory: Bebe ”sushi plate” (headpiece).

Top: BomBon – part of ”Check dress”.

Skirt: FTV Designs, part of ”Venecia” outfit.

Bracelet: FTV designs ”Strawberry Bangle”.

Neck piece: KANA-NA ”panda bottle cap”.

Shoes: Shiny Things ”criss cross ballet flats” (white)

❤ Uma.