week goodies!

I have decided to do like a 2 in 1 post! I had put the ‘boyish’ outfit together but had to share with you two of best goodies of the week! Elfa’s silky dress and MNK’s! Now, if you don’t know Uncleweb hair yet, you should check them out! They have a lot to choose for both men and women and the shorter hairs are just too cute! My favs are definitely ‘Ilias’ (shown on the ‘boyish outfit) and Ann&Anna shown on the second pic (on the left)! But the bargain of the day might well be MNK dress, I have blogged before about this little store at creator’s pavillion, the prices are super cheap and they always think of more than one option to wear on each outfit. This dress comes with 3 different options to choose from, plus two different colors red and blue. Here I’m just showing you 2 of the blue version! Not bad, especially for 160L! I love, love exploring creator’s pavillion and find all kinds of new gems! ❤ Uma

Details :
1st pic (boyish look)
Hair – ‘Uw.St. Ilias’ hair (madder red) by UncleWeb
Jacket – ‘piumino’ by bianca f
Shorts – ‘Isa bermuda shorts’ (red) by Cachet
Belt – MALT fashions
Tights – ‘Tartan Thighs’ (brown pack) by Elfa
Shoes – ‘Athena’ by Tesla

Second pic (goodies/left to right)
Hair – ‘Uw.St. Ann&Anna’ (cocoa) by uncleweb
Dress – ‘silky dress’ (green) by Elfa

Hair – ‘Sasha’ (black) by MMS
Dress – ‘Nut caramelized nikukyu’ by MNK shop

Sunday Chic

This time going for an elegant outfit, focused solely on two colors, black and a dark teal. Teal is probably one of my all time favorite colors so when I saw Bianca F’s new releases, I had to have this one. here I’m wearing (the top of) ‘model5’. Wonderful and creative shape, and beautiful texture! Paired with Jador diamond earrings, and cachet’s bag. I am in love with the graphics on this bag, but personally I have to say I’d love to have the possibility to make it smaller, clutch size like. What do you think? Either way, I absolutely love it and it matches perfectly with the top giving it a good finishing touch! ❤ Uma.

*click pic to view larger*
Details :
Hair – ‘Wilma’ (beach blonde) by MMS Hairs
Earrings – ‘WLB Reflecting Diamond Earrings’ by Jador
Top – (part of) ‘Model 5’ By Bianca F
Pants – ‘Nicole Trousers’ (black) by =DeLa*=
Bag – ‘Rock Bag’ (blue) by Cachet
Shoes – ‘Glamour Metallic Pumps’ by Detour
Poses by – Torrid/TorridWear and Muism

LookBook . Uma Ceawlin . 2008.08.13

Hai once again! I have been changing like mad and finally posted something i think is worth it. Mmm, more to come though. This is actually the lookbook of…yesterday ‘night’ but also my first collaboration with Timeless agency blog (timelessagency.blogspot.com) and a pleasure to do it. I thought of something more ‘sober’, less colorful (as I do tend to choose strong/clashing colors) but still somewhat relaxed/comfy look. ‘Neutral’ colors, brown/white, ‘greyish’ and a little touch of a dusty yellow. This is definately something I’d be caught dressing in rl, as a matter of fact I do own a (almost) identical vintage jacket irl which I like to pair with LOTS of items in my closet (thank god my mom knew how to dress and preserve her ‘priceless’ unique clothes). Anyway, for this look I chose to wear it with VG highwaisted dress (which i’ve always wondered how to mix and match with the ‘perfect’ jacket) and bianca f’s boots, but this look wouldn’t be complete without some accessories. I’m a big fan of accessories in general, brooches in particular, especially big ‘stand out’ ones. So, as I was running through my invo (and I do spend hours doing it) I decided for the artilleri’s flower. This is actually supposed to be a ‘head accessory’ which i modded/enlarged it to be worn as a brooch. I think it completes it…hope you like it. Take care ❤ Uma

Product details :
Hair – ‘Egle’ (in black) by Muism.
Jacket – ‘The Chic Coat’ wool brown by Muism.
Dress – ‘Two Tone wrap dress’ (in tan) by VG republic.
Sunglasses – ‘Jarvis Shades’ by P.C.
Brooch – ‘rose hair flower!’ (modded and worn as brooch) by Artilleri.
Boots – ‘pannaboots’ by BF.

summer rain…

…Isn’t always a pretty thing! Especially when it’s also cold! My pixels are feeling the same, in solidarity! So why not turn it around and grab some ‘wintery’ items from my closet?! I’m not giving up color though!..I mean when it’s all grey outside why not make your day a little cheerful with your outfits? Plus grey and yellow always make me happy! ❤

Details :

Hair – Cake ‘boho’ in midnight

Sunglasses – Emery ‘Aviator Sunglasses’ in blue.

Jacket – *Muism* ‘Hooded Parka’ in yellow

T-shirt – *Muism* ‘Flower Skull’

Pants – KM/Karamia ‘Black Denim’

Boots – Bianca F ‘oxxo boots’

*click pic to view larger?* ❤ Uma