She’s such a charmer!

oi! So…I’ve had this outfit pretty much done yesterday but I decided I’d wait for ‘today’ (it’s past midnight here so I guess it’s already tomorrow).  This whole look was fully inspired by Milk Motion‘s new ‘worn ankle boots’. If you follow this lil’ blog you know how much of a fan I am of Marie Lauridsen’s creations.  Basically because everything she creates is very much related to my own rl closet, and very similar to my rl style. So again, I’m drooling over these! Thank you so much Marie 😉 ❤ and thank you for being an inspiration to me! I’m about to go out in rl, so I’m out of things to say and rushing to get ready.  I hope you like this, and I’ll be back a bit.

Muah muah ❤ Uma


Listening to . Kings Of Leon – Charmer’

she's such a charmer

Worn :

Hair – ‘Egle/shine black’ by *Muism*

Hat – ‘Fedora Houndstooth’ by Akeyo

Skin – ‘Lyla 1 pale natural’ by Redgrave

Vest – ‘Niniko sculpt vest (resizable)’ by NINIKO

Shirt – ‘My loose basic shirt’ by (Milk Motion)

Shorts – ‘-tb- starlust motel classy shorts’ (not sure these were free I may be totes mistaken)

Socks – ‘knit tights black  socks’ by *an*

Boots – ‘My worn ankle boots’ by (Milk Motion)

Bracelets – ‘<FA> 4 BANGLES’ by Fetch

Gloves – ‘AKAIRU gloves’ by *Beauty Avatar*

Necklace – ‘chained heart necklace’ by (Yummy)

Bag – ‘Sack bag/white’ by LeLutka

Gah Gah

Found this awesome ‘jacketsuit’ while Micah was showing me his store and I couldn’t resist it. It inspired me to go lady gaga again, and for the last time. Not that I’m sick of the gaga fest/fever (as you can see) but I’m probably closing that chapter/book now!  muaha. XD the ‘Diva jacketsuit’ makes the whole outfit, the rest of the details just finish it in a fierce way, if possible. It’s rather simple but certainly does its purpose. I enjoyed taking a bunch of pictures but ended up (as its too late in this part of the globe) making it simple and not working them much. Could have done a lot more I know. Also, I really really love these ‘shade throne’ sunglasses as I’ve became a fan of Undo’s work. ❤ !! Hope you like it, I’m taking my gaga butt to bed now. MUAHS! ❤ Uma

gah gah

gah gah II

Details :

Hair – ‘fashion pop’ by (VW)

Skin – ‘Nelly light skin 06’ by *Beauty Avatar Couture*

Dress – ‘Diva’ jacketsuit spring’ by !Modern Gypsy!

Leggings – ‘grayscale 03’ by [LeLutka]

Boots – ‘Catalyst boots – black’ by <TheAbyss>

Shades – ‘Runway Sunglasses’ by Shade Throne

Dunk it.

Haiiii!! So yesterday, inspired by this beyoncé, put a ‘rang’ on it fever we decided to check some hiphop (sl) clubs, which consequently made me want to wear my ‘diana’ skin today and put this outfit together! It’s not something I’m used to wear but these amazzzzzzzzing akeyo ‘cora’ sneakers (which btw are totally color change, from laces to sidepatch and ‘nose’) and new En Svale denim jacket inspired me to do a more colorful, street like (with a slightly retro feel) look. Challenging though! It’s funny, because I really don’t like denim jackets in rl (unless they’re tight fitting and with an edgy cut)  probably because it reminds me of when I was a teen and if I look back (as probably most of us) at those pictures not only I can’t stop laughing it also scares the crap out of me. However, I loveeeeeeeeeee this en svale jacket and in sl it couldn’tbe cuter!! ❤ ❤ Uma


dunkin I

Details :

Hair –  ‘+*RomiPinkCap*+.Cream’ by MiraiStyle

Skin – ‘DIANA – Black Skin 09’  by Beauty Avatar

Jacket – ‘denim jacket (bleach) by en Svale

Sweater – ‘hallelujah swater blue’ by Emery

Shirt – ‘StripeShirt_White 1′ by AOHARU

Pants –  ”We own the sky – dark’ by &Bean

Belt – ‘Retro toys belt’ by Ducknipple

Sneakers –  ‘Cora’ by Akeyo

Socks – ‘Mokomoko Socks / charcoal’ by *UnTone Quilt*

Glasses – ‘aviator blue sunglasses’ by Emery

Ring – ‘Glitter**WG**Uma by .::FabulouS::. (dango jewell)

Gloves – ‘Gloves: Full Finger Gloves Blue’  by (DoMoCo)

Sweet melody!

2 days for christmas and things becoming hectic. I bet all of you are running back and forth with the last minute pressies, who isn’t? This year has been warmer than the last christmas and it’s around 68ºf outside. Whats that for christmas time? Aha, but I can’t really stand too much cold so I’m good. Today  I bring you another oh ‘too sweet’ outfit. That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. Also, I decided I would show you the new beauty avatar line of skins – Melody. These fell on my lap today and while choosing for the right make up to go along with the whole look I’ve realized I liked them all too much. I hardly ever change my shape for skins and in this case is no exception so when trying a new skin, it is extremely important that I like the face because I will not change my shape for it. These are flawless, the eye make up is perfect in my opinion, and though you can’t see a lot of difference between them, its in the glossy lipstick range that these difer and I love all the color palette. Beautiful! ❤ Uma

sweet melody

melody skins

Details :

Hair – ‘Morgan – Mahogany-Night’ by Truth

Eyes – ‘darkbrown eyes’ by LBD

Skin/Skins  ‘Melody skin – natural’ by Beauty Avatar

Jacket -‘Ruffle coat (brown) nikukyu’ by MNK*SHOP (comes with longer jacket version)

Skirt – ‘mizutama skirt’  by Bombon

Shoes – ‘Newtown Wedge (lead) by Truth

Gloves –  ”Sky blue gloves’ by En Svale

Bag – ‘VAIN-bag-BROWN’ by Cachet

listening to Tricky – puppy toy

Late night goodies!

It’s around 3am for me right now but I could not resist coming back. I have been waiting almost inpatiently for csr. I am a true fan of the csr rally, mostly because the designers participating in it are some of my favorites and all the things are REALLY worth having. Stores like shop seu, 69, ce cubic, dp yumyum, gritty kitty (and much more) all united to bring us some of their most unique creations. I decided to put an outfit together with 3 of csr goodies. 69 hair(which comes in all colors)  and ce cubic bolero, while i sketched in gritty kitty’s (csr goodie) sketchbook. ❤ ❤ <3.  I have actually modded 69 hair and took the beret off for this post but there’s also another option without the bangs and the beret is color change. Of course, I can’t get over new redgrave boots aswell, I stole you a pair from your closet Stein <3. I so wish the men’s version was mod, because I would totally buy them aswell. Also big thank you Mia <3, for the christmas gift. Totally my favorite necklace now!  So guys, make sure you stamp all your cards, and do csr rally, it’s always so worth it. ❤ Uma

csr goodies

csr goodies I

Details :

Skin – ‘Kiara – cateye pale skin’ by Redgrave

Hair – ‘FISHNONE 01 + BERET  – charcoal’ by 69 (csr gift)

Bolero by Ce cubic (csr gift)

Top – ‘Janess – brown’ by Beauty Avatar

Belt – ‘COLOR-BELT old-Leather’ (lucky chair gift) by Bukka

Jeans – ‘ Lowrise Jeans Original [Jet]’ by Armidi

Boots – ‘Girls’ Biker Boots  (Sand)’ by Redgrave

Sketchbook by Gritty kitty (csr gift)

Necklace by Miabella Foxley

System overload

OH yeah, I’m back (or black) for more! Who would have thought I’d do an 180º degree turn from ‘retro’ to urban that fast. But yes! Soooo…this time I decided to put an outfit together, that came out of the blue and turned to, basically umm, black. As I was dressing ‘up’ today and listening to Love lockdown from Kanye west, everything made sense and came together.  Some time ago Omnia oh has presented me with some upcoming skin releases from beauty avatar, and little did I know I’d fall for so fast for ‘Diana’. However, I have to say this skin is amazing, I haven’t changed my shape for it at all, and even though I didn’t, I love the way it looks. This chocolate color skin is just yummi, plump glossy lips, perfect tone, great features. AH, the finishing touch I needed for this whole look. For blogging I usually think of the best way to put an outfit together, and that not only means clothes but skin, background and basically the right attitude. That being said, I hope you like it. ❤ Uma.

system overload

System overload I

Details :

Hair – ‘ASHIME’ (black) by C&H

Skin – (first pic) ‘Diana black skin 07’ (second pic) ‘Diana black skin 01’ (soon to be released)

Jacket – ‘039 RAS PARKA BLACK’ by Marinesta

Shirt –  ‘Longshirt “Boarder” blue(inner)’ by (Roo)

Skirt – ‘black high waist’ by Emery

Pants – ‘Skinny jeans yellow’ by Emery

Shoes -‘Slinky stilletos (white)’ by Maitreya

Necklace – ‘Natural Stone Necklace  turquoise’ by Swallowtail

Gloves – ‘Full Finger Gloves Dark Teal’ by DoMoCo

Bag – ‘Twiggy bag_Records resize’ by Baiastice

Glasses – ‘White & Gold Vintage Shades’ by [SpeXx]

Snow Doll

I have been on a blog roll lately, but it’s past midnight and I can alledgedly say it’s Wednesday. Therefore another ‘day’. 😀 I love dressing in sl according to our rl season. It’s definitely not snowing here (yay!) but I have to say I love the snowy magical side of sl. It warms my heart (and pixels) to see it, and winter means warm clothes too. I tend to dress in a more kawaii way, gloves, knit caps, umbrellas, scarves, comfy boots. This time was no different, if I have to get out of my house I’ll do it prepared to face the ‘worse’ weather ever, but I added some color to this outfit, I’m in a happy mood. ❤ Uma



Details :

Hair – ‘Escape 03’ (pearlplatinum) by 69

Skin – ‘Morgana Natural’ by Beauty Avatar (soon to be released)

Jacket – ‘Winter coat pink’ by *little fish*

Dress – ‘knit one piece dress0 by Maruko

Socks – ‘kushukushu kutsushita’ (brown) by shop seu

Boots – ‘Leather boots (khaki)’ by Bukka

Umbrella – ‘Trilogy umbrella rbdot’

Snow effect – part of BP* hunt gift