Your kisses are waisted on me

Haiiiiz! Ok, so….I’m in love! I’m in love with every single thing Marie (from Milk Motion) has created the last weeks, not only her clothing line is a fresh of breathe air, her talent to create some of my favorite (rl) pieces has made me squee in happiness everytime. From ‘my sailor tank tops’ and ‘my loose shirts’ and ‘my romantic blouses’, to this amaaaaaaaazing ‘admiral jacket’, there is NOTHING I don’t love in her store and I’m so glad she’s kind enough to share it with me and make me one happy pixeldoll.<3! All I know now is that I want this jacket in rl and I won’t rest until I find one as perfect as my virtual one. On another note, Marni (from Royal Blue) is back and with some new things in store for us and all really awesome. I’m also happy to see her create jewelry aswell and I’m sporting her ‘Love Stone Pendant’ here, which I adore, thank you Marni! ❤ Uma


my admiral jacket

Details :

Hair – ‘Naughty (firebrick)’ by =TEKUTEKU=

Skin – ‘Lyla o1 – natural’ by Redgrave

Hat – ‘Night Unicorn Hat’ by Chapeau Tres Mignon

Jacket – ‘My Admiral Jacket’ by (Milk Motion)

Necklace – ‘Love Stone Pendant in onyx’ by Royal Blue

Top – ‘surf couture – driftwood tank – beige’  by [SC] (shirt and pants layer)

Pants – shoreline bordeaux’ (underpants layer) by &Bean

Belt – ‘I heart colors belt’ by Reek (color/texture change)

Suspenders – ‘New School Suspenders’ (color change) by { Kari }

Shoes – ‘Tied Metal Charcoal and gold’ by Royal Blue

Listening to The Pipettes – Your Kisses Are Waisted On Me


Haiiiii!…ok, today  I had the pleasure to meet Erzebeth Breslauer, the owner of *AVANTMELON*,  a store I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for her sweet knock on my door. The store just opened a few days ago, and it’s filled with kawaiiness. XD!..and I’m here to show you some. All things are hand drawn by Erze and all you can find there is priced under 100 lindonis (my loving name for our precious lindens) and pretty colorful! My favorite pieces are definately the flower shorts and shamrock jackets! There’s also one pair of the flower shorts (in blue) for free and they’re totally worth it. tp HERE and check out for yourself! ❤ Uma



Details :

(2nd pic . left to right)

Hair – ‘Laynie . champagne’ by Exile

Jacket – ‘Shamrock jacket *teal*’ by *AVANTMELON*

Shorts – ‘Flower shorts *green*’ by *AVANTMELON*

Socks – ‘LO socks green plaid’ by Miel

Shoes – ‘Retro Pumps . chicory’ by *Untone Quilt*

Shades – ‘Recession street bargain glasses’ by &Bean


Hair – ‘Jade . champagne’ by Exile

Dress – ‘lollipop dress *brown*’ by *AVANTMELON*

Socks – ‘LO socks expresso’ by Miel

Shoes – ‘Petanko cross . camel’ by [0N]


Hair – ‘Kyanna cheyanne brown pack’ by Exile

Jacket – ‘Shamrock jacket . flexy redrust*’ by *AVANTMELON*

Shorts – ‘flower shorts . maroon’ by *AVANTMELON*

Socks – ‘Mi Knee high maroon solid’ by Miel

Shoes – ‘Petanko cross . camel’ by [0N]

Coming soon to a *Kookie* near us

Haiii everyone!!..So as you might know already, *Kookie* has been working hard on some soon to be released shoesies, and as a multitask girl, not only she’s been focused on that, she’s also been working on some clothes goodies!!..Van showed us a little sneak preview here ❤ and I’m fortunate to be able to show you another (of several) tops Kookie will be releasing soon. The Twiggy tops. I have decided to put up, 3 outfits together with these tops (and other things I had in my invo, revisiting and recycling) , and as you know me I can’t settle for just one look and twiggy tops are just too cute and too versatile not to mix and match with several things and I absolutely adore them and I’m sure you will aswell!! ❤ Uma

*Kookie* Twiggy tops

*Kookie* twiggy tops II

*Kookie* Twiggy tops III

Details :

(1st outfit)

Hair – ‘Noce – White pack’ by {fascino}

Jacket – ‘Long Fur Coat (smoky-dalm)’ by *~PureStyle~* (resizable sculpts)

Top – ‘Twiggy top’ (coming soon) by *Kookie*

Belt – ‘WideBelt (embossing) black/silver’ by *COCO*

Pants – ‘Shoreline bordeaux’ by &Bean

Shoes – ‘SuedeBootie (pink)’ by *COCO*

Bag – ‘Rock clutch in black’ by +plus

(2nd outfit)

Hair – ‘Faye – caramel’ by Maitreya

Hat – ‘Fedora BeigeSuede’ by Akeyo

Top – ‘Twiggy top – burnt‘ (coming soon) by *Kookie*

Shirt (under) – ‘RolledCuffs shirt – brown’ by [MG fashion]

Shorts – ‘PumpkinPants beige’ by *COCO*

Socks – ‘Knit Knee socks – chocolate’ by Shiny Things

Shoes – ‘Coco shoes  – noir’ by *Kookie*

(3rd outfit)

Hair – ‘Pushed and shoved – blonde tones’ by (VW)

Scarf – ‘super scarf swoosh’ by &Bean

Top – ‘Twiggy top – green‘ by *Kookie*

Belt – ‘V-shaped belt (purple)’ by *COCO*

Skirt – ‘dark purple jean skirt’ by Sh*t Happens

Thighs – ‘crochet thighs grape’ by !Doux Petit Dahl

Shoes – ‘Kat Platforms – purple’ by *Kookie*

Listening to The Raveonettes – ‘Candy’

Hi, I’m your doll . Oddacity!

Clearly I have nothing else to attach to my little primmy body. I’ve gone a little odd/crazy yesterday and put this together. I truly hea-ah-ah-ah ahah-ah-art it. It’s my little version of a steampunk-slightly victorian-surreal doll inspiration. It’s not something wearable, not in rl at least, UNLESS you’re in Portugal (or italy or spain..or) right now, because every year we celebrate carnaval ! Check that you’ll understand. Anyways, I don’t think I’ll take this off for some time now and maybe I’ll take this chance to throw a little blogger’s challenge, so if you read this and if you accept to do it, try to come up with your little crazy/cute/gothy/odd/surreal/circus doll-like version. Probably something already done, or seen, but why not try to come up with a different look from what you’ve done till now?..Challenging?..Maybe not. Ok, now it’s pictures spam time. ❤ Uma

im your doll

im your doll I


Details :

Hair – ‘[Kasandra-Noon] Carrot*Nolight’ by ** Amrita**

Skin – ‘Lyla Pale Skin / *smoky4 ‘ by Redgrave

Hat – ‘Peony red’ (worn on ear) by wild o!

Bird – ‘Little Birds (no script)– white’ (worn on nose) by HPMD

Eyepatch – ‘Bloody_Eyepatch’ (worn on mouth) by Little Heaven

Monocle – ‘Midnight Monocle (moon)’ (worn on chin)’ by *Sanu

Shirt – ‘Valerie Blouse CHAMPAGNE’ (shirt and undershirt/collar worn on spine) by LeeZu

Corset – ‘Corset Belt in Chocolate*’ (jacket layer) by +plus

Skirt – ‘Signalling through the flames Mog 1’ (skirt prim worn on pelvis) by &bean

Belt – ‘COLOR-BELT old-Leather’ (worn on stomach) by [BUKKA]

Stockings  – ‘Ella Stockings Light Brown-Brown Garter’ (underpants layer) by League

Boots – ‘Organic Boots – with blood’ (resizable)’ by Acid & Mala creations

Bracelets – ‘ Bangle W(Ivory)’ (left and right) by [ICoN]

Day to Night.

Yesterday Maitreya’s release has probably lead everyone to a shopping frenzy! It’s obvious from what we see on the feed and I wasn’t indifferent to it. I’m a big fan of their work. This time we’ve seen lots of new goodies, from tops to dresses and skirts and scarves..and really screaming ‘hello spring’!!! I’ve been doing a lot of boho inspired outfits lately but I was wondering what kind of look I could pull off with at least  2 of new Maitreya’s release without dressing with new stuff from head to toe, and put together a concise look I guess. Two different looks, one that I could say it would be a more edgy modern (even night) look, or more wintery since I don’t wear much black in warm seasons and another more fresh and suitable for these warmer days. Hope you had a great Valentine’s day, even for the ones who are anti-valentines 😉 and enjoy your sunday !! xoxo ❤ Uma

day to night

day to night I

Details : Hair – ‘London Import (black tones)’ by (VW) .  Jacket – ‘Maps!’ by &bean . Dress – ‘Crushed Sweater Dress charcoal’ by Maitreya . Scarf – ‘ScaRFtube knit1 black’ by LeLutka . Pants – ‘ClassicPantsHerringDark’ by -SG- . Boots – ‘Billow Boots – black’ by Maitreya

day to night II

day to night III

Details :  Hair – ‘Fresh breeze (browns)’ by ((JUNWAVE)) . Jacket – ‘MIMIcoat (morning)’ by LeLutka . Top – ‘StraplessTop S-Satin champagne’ (modded) by Maitreya . Skirt – ‘salopette skirt (caramel)’ by UntoneQuilt . Bag – ‘LoveJUNKYbag – fullgrass’ by LeLutka . Shoes – ‘Wonder bird (brown)’ by Sweetest Goodbye

to blog or not to blog.

Im bored. Not also bored I’m bored with clothes. :O I started the day with one look and ended up in a totally different one and while laughing at it I wondered if I should or not show you?…mmmm, I will just for kicks. Mostly cause I wanna show off my latest purchase, EishTendo, ‘Nintendo belt’. >.<! I am totes addicted to it, I just wished I could detach it and play with it. LOl. Anyways, as lame as it might sound, its awesome. It comes with hud where you can resize, color it, choose which images to play and sounds too, (obvious attention on detail) or just close the gamepad or leave it open. \o/! Another great surprise was Oyakin store (if Nil hadn’t blogged  it I would probably still not know about it ;)) Great little bargains and cute stuff too!! I fell in love with the cardis and the navy coat! It’s a must check store no doubt! Ahhhh…so, yeah the outfits! The second look is a quirky meets (?) vintage one. I borrowed mum’s glasses and played ‘digging in old clothes closet’. The first one, is a more casual, cute, very me-like one and…basically what I had on all day. Oh and btw, if someone sees a ‘U’ on lovesoul lucky chair (only for the surprise gift) please let me know, I’m crabby and spent almost all day camping waiting for it. Lucky chairs hate me and I hate them. </3 Uma

casual kawaii

casual kawaii I

Details :

Hair – ‘ pushed and shoved – brown tones ‘ by (VW)

Skin – Lyla by Redgrave

Ear muffs – ‘yuki hair’ by W&Y

Scarf – ‘extinction series – shemagh pack scarf 2’ (re-attached to chest) by TonkTastik

Cardi – ‘Knit cardi (gray) by Oyakin

Shirt – ‘black long t’ (part of graycheckshirt)’ by Useless Children

Pants – ‘shoreline bordeaux’ by &Bean

Shoes – ‘slip ons’ by Ordinary (freebie)

Socks –  ‘dot socks004 gray’ by tomoto

Bag – (part of) ‘sfd pilot costume bag’  by sf design

Nintendo belt by EishTendo!
faux vintage look

Hair – ‘pushed and shoved – brown tones ‘ by (VW)

Glasses – ‘mom glasses – classic tortoise’ by (yummy)

Scarf – ‘gray muffler (spine) ‘ by DP*yumyum

Dress – ‘tunique de rose purple’ by tomoto

Pants – ‘shoreline coffee’ by &bean

Socks – ‘dot socks 005 mustard’ by tomoto

Shoes – ‘london flats (brown)’ by Detour

Boho . Part II

Oooooohhhhh, I am so excited.  Mostly because today I really felt inspired and I absolutely adore the outfit I’ve put together. Maybe it’s just me but I am really eager for summer, I’m done with winter, with cold, with rain and the last few days it have been sunny and warm outside and I can almost ‘smell’ spring.  So with that in mind I bring you another ‘boho’ inspired look. Something I’d definitely be seen wearing. I was feeling a little torn between detour flats or J’s wedges but since I’ve been wearing a lot of flats lately I’ve opted for J’s. Now, what I really love about this outfit are the colors and how they blend with each other. How Giana’s vest and hippie shorts match perfectly &bean bordeaux pants and the tones both in Zaara’s scarf and Akeyo’s hat. Also, The fact Junwave hairs are scripted and you can resize each prim as you wish makes it PERFECT to fit right with the hats and way easier to work with. I have been playing around in sl, mostly around my house snapping pictures of house chores, so for the fun of it I’m going to show you what I’ve been up to LOl, because really I’m not just a shopaholic, or fashion addicted, I’m good around the house too. check here XD ❤ Uma

boho part II

boho I part II

Details :

Hair – ‘SpringBreenze *brown*’ by Junwave

Skin – ‘Phoebe(pale) 008 – hot cherry b’ by //LAZOLLI//

Vest – ‘*GC* Tan Cowboy Vest’ by GiGi Couture

Sweater (shirt layer) – ‘Baggy Sweater Beige2’ by So Many Styles

Top (undershirt) – ‘ ‘Beater Tanktop’ in Tan’ by [VG]

Shorts (pant layer) – ‘*GC* Hippie Shorts’ by GiGi Couture

Pants (underpants layer) – ‘Shoreline Bordeaux’ by &Bean

Belt – ‘ Dark brown leather belt’ by REALE

Scarf/Shawl – ‘pashmina shawl *peach & cream*’ by Zaara

Hat – ‘Fedora_BeigeSuede’ by Akeyo

Bag – ‘DS Bag sholder(brown)’ by ICoN

Shoes – ‘Real Toe Tassele Wedge Sandals BEIGE’  by J’s