Street Boho.

haihaihaihai! >.< Ok, so I’ve been looking through my ‘closet’ to see if I could find a boho.ish tunic that I have actually neglected or haven’t worn in a long time. Once I *finally* found it, I thought about putting together a cute little boho look. Something also warm and unpretentious! I couldn’t leave this jacket in the closet, since it took me forever to mod it and because I love it, why not wear it again?…I have a similar one in rl and I always go back to wearing it over and over and I’m never sick of it.  I was also invited by Rosemary Galbraith to check Cupcakes! skins, to my surprise (and shame) I had never checked them and I was happily surprised. There is a new skin line called ‘lovespell’ but this one caught my little eyes and of course I was right. I love the face! It has a more grown up look (in comparison to lyla) but fresh and young looking so I decided to make a little change from my last posts and I really feel comfortable wearing it. Cute! What can I say…Anyways, hope you like this look and and and..until next time..or, tomorrow I’ll leave you with this amazing Arthur Rusell song -> a little lost 😉 ❤ Uma

boho street chic

boho street chic I

Details :

Hair – ‘SpringBreeze*BROWN*’ by ((JUNWAVE))

Skin – ‘Celebrity / Vanilla – Autumn’ by CUPCAKES!

Jacket – ‘Leather bomber jacket – dark brown/beige’ by *Muism*

Scarf – ‘Donna Brown Scarf (Chest)’ by B@R

Tunic – ‘Aztec Jewel Tunic purple’ by .::SM::.

Top (under) – ‘Barfight Brenda Tank Undershirt’ by *Thimbles*

Jeans – ‘overall yoyoribbon denim’ by *UnTone Quilt*

Boots – ‘Girls’ Biker Boots – Brown’ by Redgrave

”Ready For The Floor”

Again, I’m back doing one of my favorite things, two different looks that I’d (personally) wear, both during the day and on a night out. Ok, one is more like a funky meets street cool and the other a more indie.punk.rock night out look! I’m still not over the fact I can now wear short and different hair styles like mohawks or this one from a.C with Leona skin. Yay for that!..I’ll prolly not be on as much the rest of the weekend so another reason I do a two in one 😉 xoxo Have a great one ❤ Uma

day and night

day and night I

Details :

(left outfit)

Hair : STD.GloXhair EROTIC.cyber [beach] by a.C Studios

Skin – ’09a pale skin – leona *magenta hair* by Redgrave

Scarf – ‘BigRidiculous scarf-knit/eggplant’ by Tokeo.Plastik

Jacket – ‘cardigan_green’ by *calmera*

Shirt – ‘Shirt H5 for women (pansy)’ by Ce Cubic

Pants – ‘Jodhpu (noir)’ (not for sale yet) by Polina Kaestner

Belt – ‘ V-ShapedBelt (purple) – silver’ by *COCO*

Sneakers – ‘athlete sneakers – brown/orange ‘ by Redgrave

Shades – ‘urban shades – metal (clear) by Vintage Wear

(2nd Look)

Jacket – ‘Inferno black jacket’ by b@r

Dress – ‘Chunky Knit – mist gray’  by MALT Fashions

Leggings – ‘Leggings/grayscale (3)’ By Cachet

Earring – ‘Earring Dianni a (gold L)’ by =DeLa*=

Belt – ‘WideBelt(Embossing)_black’ by *COCO*

Boots – ”heavy metal charcoal and silver’ by Royal BLue

Sweet Chic & Indie Militia

Hai! Today’s keyword is ‘versatile’. There’s a bunch of pieces in our closets we could say they’re versatile, things we can wear in different ways with different pieces and create totally different looks. My choice for today was Truth’s new ‘Cosmo’ dress. This little ‘cocktail-like’ dress was my inspiration for these two distinct looks, one being what I called ‘sweet chic’ and the other ‘indie militia’.  Shai released these really delicious shirts (that i’ve been praying to see on sl) with kitty collar bows and they scream girly, but chic, so I decided to pair it with the cosmo dress skirt, but I wanted to give it a modern edge, so what better than another new Kin hair (which has everything I love about it, bangs <3) and a pair of high pump shoes that will certainly make you stand out. For the second look I wanted something a little more theme like, ‘rough’ looking and military inspired and the barerose jacket and TOSL sergeant pepper pants were essencial for this look. Hope you like it. ❤ Uma.

sweet chic

Indie Militia

*click pics if you want to see it big*

Details :

‘sweet chic’ look

Hair – ‘Sari’ (brown) by Kin

Shirt – ‘Volpe Silk blouse peach’ by Casa del shai

Skirt – (part of) ‘Cosmo’ [chocolate] by Truth

Socks – ‘color socks flamingo_a’ by Kurotsubaki

Shoes – ‘Giraffe heels’ by [Riddle]

Bag – ‘padington tote [Mocha]’ by Truth

Mani – ‘lacquer plum’ by Detour

‘Indie Militia’ Look

Hair – ‘Enid’ (brown) by Kin

Scarf – ‘draped scarf – olive knit’ by Tyranny

Dress – ‘Cosmo [chocolate]’ by Truth

Jacket – ‘Cross bones lady’ (black) by barerose

Pants – ‘sergeant pepper pants v2.3 black’ by TOSL

Boots – ‘Billow boots’ (brown) by Maitreya

Gaga Rock

Hai! This time around I decided to put an outfit together based on my fav hair of the moment. Yesterday I was told it was very ‘lady gaga’ so that inspired me to put this (rock-like) outfit together and shoot some. Lately I’ve been more inspired in a ‘conceptual’ way to see clothes and especially take pictures of/with. Not that I succeed though. Ehe. Normally you wouldn’t see me in these kind of boots but for this particular shoot and look I think they were appropriate and I wanted to know how well I could pull it off. I liked the end result but for a more normal/cute look you could wear some uggs or winter boots maybe even add some color to the whole white outfit. Hope you like it ❤ Uma.

Gaga Rock

Gaga Rock I

Details :

Hair – ‘Enid’ (white) by Kin (slightly modded linked parts)

Jacket – ‘Fur Parka’ by barerose

Leggings – ‘White leggings’ by M * A * ii * K * I

Boots – ‘side lace-up thigh high boots’ by J’s

Frames – ‘Madrid black’ by Mokoptica

Gloves – ‘white gloves’ by DoMoCo

Ok so yeah, Hi again..

I told myself I would give blogging a rest for the next few days but while strolling around sl today I found this amazing little cute store that (correct me if I’m wrong) has never been blogged before. So, I KNEW I had to come back and share it with you. There is too much good stuff there to be passed unnoticed. The first thing that I noticed was the boa parka and the pea coat (there is two versions, for both guys and girls). Now, we all know Bombon’s pea coat and personally it’s one of my favorite, but when I saw this one I knew I had to get it aswell. I would have been happy already if that was the only good thing at this store, but no…there’s MORE. So here’s a couple of my favorite things (which I got) at **en svale** and what you (in my opinion) should check out.
things worth getting
But because I couldn’t wear it all, here’s just two of the outfits I’ve put together.
en svale
So what am I wearing?
Left outfit :
Hair – ‘heart 3’ (black) by Kurotsubaki
Dress – ‘Pile tunic’ by **en Svale**
Sweater (underneath) – (part of outfit) ‘Hunting season by [MG fashion]
Tights – ‘woolen tights’ (petroleum) by *PERSONA*
Boots – ‘Billow boots’ (cerulean) by Maitreya
Accessories :
Scarf – ‘BP*scarf with corsage’ (brown) by BP*
Bag – ‘Diana’ (brown) by barerose
Right outfit :
Coat – ‘Pea coat’ (girl’s version) by **en Svale**
Shirt (under) – ‘Long tank top’ (white) by Camie Cooper
Skirt – ‘Tiered_skirt(red)**nikukyu**’ by MNK*SHOP
Boots – ‘Billow Boots’ (cherry) by Maitreya
Eyes by bijou ’emotional eyes’ (silver)
Skin by redgrave ‘Lyla’
Mani by Detour ‘Lacquer’ (plum)
Also, I know I blog too much *LOL* so check previous posts, in case youre curious.

trust fund baby

This has been an hectic week, preparing for an editorial (which I’m so excited about) and trying to keep up with blogging. It wouldn’t be easy IF we didn’t have so many awesome releases lately, pushing and motivating us to shop, dress and blog. This time it was (again) Muism new fur jacket that made me come back and show you a modern, urban look but with some ‘vintage’ feel to it, mixing leather and modern plaid shorts WITH that vintage designer fur coat stolen from mum’s closet. Loved this jacket since I first laid eyes on and surprisingly there was no editing work needed to be done when I first put it on. Damn it, is my ‘love’ for Muism that obvious? Hope you like it ❤ Uma

Details :
Hair – ‘trish’ by Kin
Necklace – ‘fashion necklace gold’ by Jador
Jacket – ‘Yeti fur jacket’ (beige) by Muism
Top – (part of) ‘Keiko tunic’ (black) by Armidi
Shorts – ‘short pants’ (blue) by **DP**yumyum
Tights – ‘wool tights’ (argyle black) by BP
Boots – ‘billow boots’ (brown) by Maitreya
Bag – ‘Lucky Horseshoe’ (green) by Barerose/b@r


I think that’s what this outfit reminds me off, like a punkish aristocratic inspiration going on there but basically with a cool, modern feel to it! Maybe a little less girly than usual but with more attitude! Soft brown and pink tones because yes, fall asks for it. No accessories on this look, since the jacket is what calls the attention for, but I couldn’t resist showing these beautiful earrings, which were my only (accessory) choice. Their delicate simplicity and texture is almost mirrored by the jacket’s color tone being the perfect addition to the whole look. Again, my favorite boots of the moment, when we experience top notch quality its hard to give it up. Thank you Onyx! As for the jacket, it is included in an outfit called ‘inferno’ (from land of goodies – barerose) and it comes with three different colors. I love modern cut military inspired jackets, so this was easily an instant fav. ❤ Uma

Details :
Skin – ‘Moscow Pale baseA’ by MMS
Hair – ‘+*Tori*+.Cream’ by Mirai Style
Jacket – (part of) ‘Inferno’ outfit, by b@r/barerose
Top – (part of) ‘second dress’ (black) by ‘in the light’
Gloves – ‘Ushuaia gloves’ (red) by FTV
Pants – ‘jeans/classi moss’ by Zaara
Boots – ‘billow boots’ (brown) by Maitreya
Earrings – ‘Sally Earrings’ by Chantal Gossipgirl