Sour Cherry

So happy to see sato yifu create more items, I’ve always been a fan of Kurotsubaki, and her new tunics and skirts are just too cute. So yay, just made my day! This outfit reminded me of something christmasey (which almost made me think twice about it) but I’m putting all subconscious associations aside because it also reminded me of my favorite fruit of the season, cherries! me loves! ❀ I’ve also had this fur bolero for a while and forgot about it, thought it made the look a bit more squeezable and cute. Hope you like it, I’m slightly not so talkative today 😉 MUAHS! ❀ Uma


sour cherry

Details :

Hair – ‘Shell snail *black*’  by ((JUNWAVE))

Skin – ‘bird – heavy brow’ by (fd)

Bolero – ‘fur bolero’ by **Rapis**

Tunic – ‘op&tunic – red’ by *KUROTSUBAKI*

Skirt – ‘old clothes skirt spade’ by *KUROTSUBAKI*

Shoes – ‘CourtX lipstick red’ by AW design

Listening to . THE KILLS – SOUR CHERRY


Haiii everyone! Ok, it’s friday and I’m in a colorful mood!..meaning ..happy?! Anyways, I’m not going to say much about this outfit, rather than I love it, suits my mood as I said before. The inspiration was definitely these Shade Throne glasses, recently blogged by sweet Abra, and I admit I am a sucker for sunglasses, especially when they’re just as amazing as these. Well done Undo (though I would consider making them mod or add a resizable script for those big heads out there lol)!..So yeah, that was the inspiration, I also grab any opportunity to wear this Emery jacket, I just love it and it seemed perfect for the occasion, coco’s new opened pants and sh*t happens tshirt (you should def. check Ana’s new releases, the skirts and the thermal tees are to die for) !!..Also, YAY for for the added hair on *YourSkin*’s skins!! Designers you should all do it. I love my Mohawks (which btw, needs to be more around sl)! Ok, I said I wasn’t going to say much and I’ve talked non stop…have an awesome weekend! ❀ Uma


starstruck I

Details :

Hair – ‘Dystopia – smoke’ by The Abyss

Skin – 04 sole _autumn_basic freckles_hair brown’ by *YourSkin*

Jacket – ‘Jacket biker red’ by Emery

Shirt – ‘Love V-neck dark gray’ by Sh*t Happens

Top under – ‘lace trimmed  lady beaters (yellow)’ by Camie Cooper

Pants – ‘LooseStyleDenim midnight’ by *COCO*

Shoes – ‘Sugar’n’Spice black/lemon’ by AW Design

Necklace – ‘StuD.Neck Chain K7’ by a.C.

Gloves – ‘Biker Gloves Pink Snake’ by +plus

Shades – ‘JELLY SUNGLASSES’ by Shade Throne

Bag – ‘Dynasty*StreetLife’ by .::FabulouS::.

Ring – ‘Glitter**WG**Uma’ by dango jewell

listening to Starstruck

I’m a, I’m a, a Diva!

Hai’yall! Ahhhh, been waiting to make a beyoncĂ© – DIVA inspired outfit, but it’s funny how the translation of it in sl, becomes so…simple! However, I’ve been approached by Kristen pick who so kindly (and after reading my last post) made me these Diva shades. So damn, I was not only surprised and flattered but truly thankful by her gesture. I love them! If you’d like to have these, just IM her in world, I’m positive she’ll send you a copy (since she’s not putting them up for sale). Now, the outfit itself is pretty simple, instead of wearing a simple white tank I chose new aoharu ‘drapery dress’ top, (which just need a little editing on the top prim) to just make it a little more interesting. Hair is ‘domina’ by coif, and I just took the bangs off and edited it to fit as I thought suitable. Basically I just had fun snapping pictures while listening to the song. woot woot, BeyoncĂ© fever! ❀ Uma

diva is a female version of a hustlah


Diva’s details :

Hair – ‘Domina – brown’ (mod by me) by Coif

Skin – ‘LondonSunKissed-makeup2b’ by Le Lutka

Shades – ‘”Fierce Diva” Tassle Shades’ by Kristen Pick

Jacket – ‘BomberJacket(Black)’ by *COCO*

Top – (part of drapery dress) ‘BT_DraperyBlouse_Ivory’  by AOHARU

Jeans – ‘Grace Jeans – Faded Chic’ by Armidi

Shoes – ‘Schoo black’ by Aw Designs

Glam rock cupcake queen.

I decided before I blogged the (2nd) look I didn’t end up showing on the ‘say hi to your mum’ post, to just share today’s look with you. See elka, we can have food on our hair too!! I swear I don’t usually run around with cupcakes in my rl hair, well, not lately no. I promise I’ll get serious soon. >_<
cupcakes anyone?
Now on to the look I had planned to show you a couple of days ago. The inspiration was basically MMS new Mary kate hair. I was thinking of doing a mary kate/ashley inspired look but as things progressed it turned out being a little different but still interesting. It’s just a style tip with things we may have already mixed with some more recent ones. Hope you like it ❀ Uma
MK outfit
MK outfit 2
Details :
(look of the day)
Hair – Maya (cinnamon) by Zero Style
Coat – ‘FurCoat’ (grey) by [PureStyle]
Shirt – ‘Top polo ramones’ by Emery
Skirt – (part of outfit/group gift) by ”In the Light”
Belt – ‘Music belt’ (black) by Atomic Kitty
Leggings – (part of outfit) by Cachet
Boots – ‘Boho Chic’ (soho boots) by Maitreya
Cupcake headband by CuppycakeUms

(second outfit)

Hair – ‘Mary Kate’ (blondes pack) by MMS

Skin – ‘Moscow pale’ by MMS

Glasses – ‘Urban Shades – metal’ (black frames/lenses) by VW

Sweater – ‘Mary Ann Sweater’ (black) by Skin Flicks

Shirt – [Oversized Shirt] by Muism

Belt – ‘High Waisted Belt *Patent Warm Red*’ by M * A * ii * K * I

Leggings – part of outfit by Cachet

Shoes – ‘schoo black’ black by AW Design

Bag – ‘Signature Series Tote Bag Red Rose’ by SLink


As some of you may have, I was honored and happy to be invited by Kotobuki and Emi to the preview/pre-opening of Bijou’s new store and sim – Bijouaholic. I took a little trip around the new store, which is bigger and more ambitious but I was also anxious to see the new outfits. I had a hard time choosing what I wanted the most, but finally after walking around bijou’s gorgeous store I had made up my mind. Congrats Kotobuki!! ❀ I was dressed in a very relaxed way, streetwear like, so I couldn’t resist showing you my ‘shopping day outfit’ aswell. I WAS COLD. *scroll down for bijou awesomeness* ❀ Uma
shopping day outfit
Of course it didn’t last long until I changed, regarding how I had just got new clothes. >_< I have to say apart from my favorite Bijou’s pieces, the shoes have a real important ‘role’ (lol) in these outfits. I was talking to Kotobuki when I noticed these fab shoes she was wearing, with funky purple heel color so I had to tp to that store and check them myself. To My surprise, I found more than I would even like to and of course spent more than I should. They’re awesome, I don’t know why I haven’t ‘heard’ or seen them before at all. I have certainly overspent my budget but came home as happy as a little girl in a candy store. ❀ Uma.
shoe lover
bijou outfit1
bijou outfit2
*click pics to view larger and sorry for the crap editing*
Details :
Shopping day outfit (1st)
Skin – custom skin by soda
Hair – ‘clara’ (black) by kin
Hat – ‘new era cap ginza’ by akeyo
Jacket – ‘military jacket’ (white) by AOHARU
Collar – (part of) ‘Minimalist sweater’ (tinted in gray) by No Face
Shirt – ‘tee gray {reno}’ by emery
Pants – ‘sweats’ (gray) by Naka-na
Sneakers – ‘white/black superstars’ by Soreal

2nd outfit :
Hair – ‘clara’ (black) by Kin
Collar – part of ’soraya bolero jumpsuit’ (black) by Ibizarre
Outfit – ‘Lux’ (black) by Bijou
Leggings – ‘abstract leggings’ (iron) by Bijou
Shoes – ‘Sugar ‘N spice’ (black/white) by AW Design

3rd Outfit :
Hair – ‘Marcelle’ by Coif
Outfit – ‘gilty fold’ by Bijou
Leggings – (part of MAX outfit) by Cachet
Shoes – ‘Schoo cheetah’ by AW Design