Hi, I’m your doll . Oddacity!

Clearly I have nothing else to attach to my little primmy body. I’ve gone a little odd/crazy yesterday and put this together. I truly hea-ah-ah-ah ahah-ah-art it. It’s my little version of a steampunk-slightly victorian-surreal doll inspiration. It’s not something wearable, not in rl at least, UNLESS you’re in Portugal (or italy or spain..or) right now, because every year we celebrate carnaval ! Check that you’ll understand. Anyways, I don’t think I’ll take this off for some time now and maybe I’ll take this chance to throw a little blogger’s challenge, so if you read this and if you accept to do it, try to come up with your little crazy/cute/gothy/odd/surreal/circus doll-like version. Probably something already done, or seen, but why not try to come up with a different look from what you’ve done till now?..Challenging?..Maybe not. Ok, now it’s pictures spam time. ❤ Uma

im your doll

im your doll I


Details :

Hair – ‘[Kasandra-Noon] Carrot*Nolight’ by ** Amrita**

Skin – ‘Lyla Pale Skin / *smoky4 ‘ by Redgrave

Hat – ‘Peony red’ (worn on ear) by wild o!

Bird – ‘Little Birds (no script)– white’ (worn on nose) by HPMD

Eyepatch – ‘Bloody_Eyepatch’ (worn on mouth) by Little Heaven

Monocle – ‘Midnight Monocle (moon)’ (worn on chin)’ by *Sanu

Shirt – ‘Valerie Blouse CHAMPAGNE’ (shirt and undershirt/collar worn on spine) by LeeZu

Corset – ‘Corset Belt in Chocolate*’ (jacket layer) by +plus

Skirt – ‘Signalling through the flames Mog 1’ (skirt prim worn on pelvis) by &bean

Belt – ‘COLOR-BELT old-Leather’ (worn on stomach) by [BUKKA]

Stockings  – ‘Ella Stockings Light Brown-Brown Garter’ (underpants layer) by League

Boots – ‘Organic Boots – with blood’ (resizable)’ by Acid & Mala creations

Bracelets – ‘ Bangle W(Ivory)’ (left and right) by [ICoN]