about mctoastface

This ‘is’ the place where I should say something about the blog itself, or maybe my process of thinking and my goals for it. Well, this is a style oriented blog, but mostly my personal view on how I perceive clothes, how I’d like to mix and match and put an outfit together, experimenting and challenging my own imagination or just tell you a little bit of my moods and how they’re affected by clothes and vice versa. Probably I’ll make it short sometimes or just ramble away in others but I’ll be looking forward to keep showing you a little bit of my process of thinking or just let the clothing speak for itself and hopefully get your feedback. It’s about inspiration and feeding on my fashion addiction as much as you do and hopefully you’ll like it. As for the blog’s name (and because I’ve been asked about it) this all started an year ago (august 2007) when I was nicknamed as ‘sexyhorns mctoastface’ (let’s say deer horns and toast in mouth were an addiction, and I wouldn’t take them off for anything in my slife, btw I still do). Well, the rest is just history and I’m still Mctoastface. ❤ Uma.

48 thoughts on “about mctoastface

  1. Phemie Alcott says:

    Uma, I just wanted to say that I read a ton of fashion SL blogs and yours is my favorite by far. It’s well organized, beautiful to look at and inspiring. I have a lot of the pieces you show and never thought to have matched it with what you have worked with. Thank you! You are an inspiration and have actually given me great ideas for my RL wardrobe. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. R says:

    Ciao Uma,
    Congrats on such a fabulous blog. Could you please kindly drop me an email at your earliest convenience? Thanks!

  3. Kiido says:

    WOOOOW Uma!!!you`re amazing :X…I love youe style…You must be a person with an amazing style n real life too…^^…so nice!

    I just wanna say that…for the moment…that`s why a get a blog;;)

  4. Landsend Korobase says:

    Yours is the only SL fashion blog to ever capture my imagination and actually make me want to buy something! Love your style 🙂

  5. amba says:

    Hi, Im studying fashion, what software do you use to create these, they are fab,would like to here from u, thanks amba

  6. anavrin says:

    Hi Uma, what you have shown us your style is stunning, you got me your new big fan now 🙂 thanks for creating this blog

  7. Luna says:

    just came across this page
    and it is AMAZING….
    GIRL U ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    100% EXCELENT !

  8. Nicandra Laval says:

    VERY GOOD THAT YOU WROTE ABOUT CONTENT THEFT!!!! And also that you spoke with the one who did it…very good action!!!!

  9. Ariko says:

    Hi Uma,
    I am fashion editor for http://www.designcatwalk.com and would love to publish about you. Is it ok if I use some of your pics?
    Could you please tell me something more about you and your technique?
    P.S: please reply by email, not here, thanks.

  10. Claude Broek says:

    Uma, Uma. I have browsed my way through a myriad of fashion blogs but this one just fills me with delight every time I check in. Soo-purb.

  11. eLe says:

    Hello Uma,Im also a fashion designer and I have to say that I like your work very much.
    I wanna know about the programme that u use.
    Im waiting for your reply.email me plz.
    Thank u!

  12. kitty cat says:

    I have just discovered this amazing blog.
    Can I ask you how are you making all these things (I mean program,site or smth)? where can I create something like that?
    thank you

  13. idelisa abreu says:

    hi, i looooove ur style!!!!! i am also a fashion designer student and would like to know about this program and where i can get some of the clothing…. thank you ur style is fab

  14. emputen says:

    two thumbs up…i really love your STYLE


    You’re a big help to others without any idea in fashion

  15. Alice says:

    Hi! Stumbled on your site whilst I was googling “Material Girl outfit”
    I’m so amazed at what I have seen thus far.

    Keep up the phenomenal work!

  16. Cherrie Melodie says:

    Hi, I love your avatars, you have a great sense of fashion too ❤ I love love love your face that you made, it is very elegant. If you still use Second life my name is Cherrie Melodie, please add me.

    ❤ huge fan

  17. Dysprositos Chajit says:

    For all of you who been asking for what program, these models and outfit are made in.The answer is Secondlife. Secondlife is a MMO platform where the residents create everything.The models and outfits, you see in all the pictures on this site, are created with Shapes,skins,clothing,accessories and poses from many different residents in secondlife.But the way all these residents items are put together is all Uma’s work. Link: http://secondlife.com

  18. Ariana says:

    awesome stuff!! i am inspired. rare for fashion, for me. i was searching “cerulean dress”. like everyone else also, i am curious what program you use. i am interested at what i could come up with! i wonder how hard it is.. i wonder if i could do it…


  19. Sarah Brehmer says:

    hey, I just wanted to ask how u do this. Is there a programm where I can combine clothes like u? just want to try it, because it looks amazing.

  20. Sarah Brehmer says:

    I´m sorry. Didn´t read the comments, but now I wrote Dysprositos Chajits comment and I know. But I´m sure I won´t be good as u are 🙂

  21. yaya says:

    hi Uma,

    i really love ur artwork, its super awesome cute n lovely, i admire all of them, gud job…fyi, i copy ur artwork just for my inspiration in fashion, its help me..thanks uma, keeep up ur gud work, i hope 1day u can draw my face..LoL!!!

  22. Joel David says:

    Wow. You have amazing talent. At first I couln’t tell if these illustrations were airbrushed or CGI but either way, they’re excellent. If these are actually 3D compositions, what software are you into?

  23. bidding websites says:

    Invaluable info and wonderful design you got right here! I wish to thank you for sharing your thoughts and putting the time into the stuff you publish! Very good job!

  24. KaiRich in Bermy says:

    I just found this blog and am so loving it. It’s beautiful, informative, and makes me want to cry because I doubt if I can get anything featured in Bermuda. Wah!

  25. alma says:

    good afternoon I would like to know if they sell wholesale pashminas and accessories, and where I can find your products physically regards

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