Temporarily closed until further notice. Reason : Utter Laziness and in need of blog vacations. Meanwhile, have a happy and kick ass new year Muah ❤ Uma


13 thoughts on “!

  1. Lizzie Lexington says:

    Aww Hugs to you and you will definitely be missed! Breaks are good though and I hope to see you soon!

  2. Hip Frakture says:


    i guess i could use a little time off myself… heh.

  3. Petitelittlegirl Pinklady says:

    missing you – enjoy your break and come back soon. in the meantime me saving money waiting for your new blogs ……

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you guys, I ❤ you and cherish your words and support. I guess it's time to move on, I will still be around in sl, so you can reach me there. If you want. I am and will always be humbled by your comments and ya know..meh, I'm not a good one at saying bye so ..see you soon? love love love ❤

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