It’s been fun…but it’s time to move on!

Hi guys. I’ve taken a little time off bloggin, due to rl being oh so busy and so tiring but the main reason I went BRB, was because I wasn’t sure about the future of this blog. I’ve considered kepting it until I could at least celebrate two years of blogging, but as days passed by and thoughts became more clear, I have painfully decided to retire. I hate goodbyes just as much as I hate doubting myself or my decisions. I am 99% sure I won’t come back, but it’s those 1% that are fuckin’ screwing with my brain. Will I miss it? Hell yeah. It’s been amazing and so so so rewarding, I’ve met the most beautiful people through blogging, cherished all my followers, all the kind words and even the most harsh not so polite ones. I will always be grateful for the way you have accepted me in the blogging comunity, for all the support and I am still humble by the way this blog grew and for the people who kept and still keep checking it. Through all this pixel blog journey, I have witnessed some great bloggers start their own journey, I have become a fan of their work too and I am proud and thankful to have become friends with some. So I’m kinda passing the torch here, taking a permanent break, leaving some space for future bloggers which will definitely do a better job at it than I would ever. I have a few projects in hand, including a rl blog, so it’s definitely not a goodbye more of a …see you soon. You know you can reach me in world, whenever, for whatever. Muah.

<3..always, Uma!