..as a child I loved everything that went on in a theater.

28 12 2009


My Vaudeville Hat By Milk Motion (DU III)

My Vaudeville Coat by Milk Motion (DU III)

My Vaudeville playsuit by Milk Motion (DU III)

Other .

Hair by *booN

Alexia skin in grey pale by Lara Skin

Monocole by -NALA-

Leggings by (P-K)

Riding boots Boots by *COCO*



4 responses

28 12 2009

So gorgeous, i luv how you mix different styles and work the details.You’re a fashion genius !!! xoxo

28 12 2009
Emy Aker

Amazing look! And so special in the same time!😀
Love it! ♥

29 12 2009

Love the spin you put on these pieces. *Applause*

29 12 2009
Uma Ceawlin

Thank youuu Sweething, or rather, thank god for such amazing designers. I can say this is my favorite theme, of all past DU events. Happy you like the look❤

Muahs Emy!!🙂 Merciiiii <33333

Awww Thank you Justice, I thought some sequin leggings and leather boots would add a special look to Milk Motion's 'vaudeville' pieces and I think the jacket works wonderfully with the top and bow with black pearls. It reminds me a bit of a circus/Show host meets Lion tamer lol. Or so I had in mind when I dressed it up.❤

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