[LeLutka]…Distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December

It’s been a while…I have not been so overwhelmed with a collection like I was with Lelutka’s. Not a surprise? There were a couple of things that made this sunday, an epic fashion day.  From the background music (which was perfect), the organization (which was flawless), the detail of making the guests dress in same outfit (decreasing the lag and suiting the mood of the show), to the models structing their way down the runway, and letting us (poor slow rezzers) see the details of each outfit, and of course the whole Lelutka collection. Adding to all this, I was thrilled to see a good friend (anya ohmai) doing an amazing collab with LeLutka and being able to show (to a wider clientele) her awesome skills and creativity! What a breathe of fresh air there!..I was especially surprised with the attention on the details of each outfit. The harnesses, the shown skirt cages, neck pieces, corsets! Details that made this collection rarely unique, from all I’ve seen so far in sl. From ancient roman inspiration  (in metal torso and helmet coverages but without the obvious drapping inspiration) , to victorian details like corsets and lace and inspirations like alexander mcqueen’s aw 09, and even more futuristic cyborg-ish details or the balmain shoulders… Lelutka’s collection incorporated all the ‘rl trends’, feathers, metal, fringes, spikes, lace, flower prints, nude tones, shoulder pads, not so understated accessories, in one concize collection. The best part of this, is knowing, it can all be mixed and matched and worn in a more ‘day to day’ basics or (and) by any kind style we’re into. Try it, have fun. ❤ Uma

Distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December…

Skin, Hair and clothes by [LeLutka]

Listening to Lamb ‘Gorecki’

14 thoughts on “[LeLutka]…Distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you Chance <333 Elegant and strong are what Lelutka skins and clothes make me feel (and) *look* like…which one you mean?..mmm…All are Estelle line (in fair tone) : 2nd picture is the 7th one (light brown brows and hairbase), 3rd picture is make up 1 (light brows and hairbase *again*), 6th picture is…I'm not totally sure *i will edit my reply as soon as I check it* but it's still one of Estelle's in fair skin tone. *hugs* <3333

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Thank you sara 🙂

    awww Anya, you like that one? 😀 I was hesitant about posting these all but then I couldn’t decide which I liked the most, just thought I’d give an extra attention to the details which made me :O most of the time. Luv you and lets slex ‘i want your babayys’ lols ..MUAHS, I take the chance to wish you a happy christmaaaaaaaaaas lots of gifies and love <33

    Lizzie <333 thank yoooooous, thought I'd do something different with them…muahs, happy christmas!!

    Thankies sprinklestaple, <333 def. to die for…I did. lols. muahs

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