The little black dress!

The perfect dress, for the perfect shoes. I love myself a full black outfit, but not disregarding the fact I like it cool, modern, and a bitsy itsy cute. Sometimes, finding the perfect match for those killer shoes, is difficult. !Ohmai’s ‘shift dress’, made for 50 lindens (black) friday,  is the one.  Match made in heaven, love at first sight. I am in LOVE with the simplicity and clean cut of this dress. It feels a bit of an oriental inspiration with an obvious futuristic feel to it, and a touch of soft discrete cuteness to it, only Anya could bring us. ❤ joo anypoo! The sleeves, OhmaiGOD, the sleeves…hands down my favorite little (unique) black dress ever. ❤ Uma

I rarely wear elf ears but I couldn’t resist showing you these, how cute are the little ‘birds’ detail on the tip of these ears? Gotta see it for yourself. Thank you Aikea, you’re an elf genius.

Hair – ‘Oh Sugar – powder’ by !Lamb

Skin – ‘Bird skin – heavy brow’ by (fd)

Elf ears – Animalistic Elven ears ‘burdsies’ by [Plastik]

Dress – ‘Shift – Noir’ by !Ohmai (50 lindens black friday)

Leggings – ‘grayscale leggings’ by LeLutka

Shoes – ‘Athena (black)’ by Kookie

Hair accessory by Wild O!

5 thoughts on “The little black dress!

  1. ohmyohmai says:

    ❤ jooo more chewlins!! *HUGS*
    thank youu 😀 You made it look cuter than I ever cans ❤ muah muah~~~
    Hope you dream of ostriches u cute lil elf eared goodness!

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Anypoo I don’t think I made it cuter but I did make it a bit longer, ehe!! 😉 I love you and I just woke up, no ostriche dreams, but then again, I slept in my bed..unlike..others..who, sleep in cars ostriches. *coughs*
    *throws a love turkey your way* MUAH! ❤ joo

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    I don’t think they got ‘trendy all of the sudden’. I don’t consider them a trend either, but they’ve been worn forever and ever in sl, as far as I know. One of my besties wears it for as long as I remember..however I featured them here because I was too lazy to change >.< ..and I won't for the next posts cause I had already taken the pics GAH. so..elf you 😛 😉 lol muahs

  4. Evie says:

    Those elf ears are adorable \o/ I wear my Pixie ears pretty much all the time inworld, sometimes I only take them off for blogging. I wear Pixie ears just cos they are sooo cute and suit my avi. Loads of roleplayers wear them, the ones that consider themselves as elves, fairys and pixies etc and some human type avis wear them cos they want to (like moi) In the first year or so of being in SL I didn’t know you could get elf ears, its really only since i started blogging, back in March, when I started noticing things like elf ears.
    Anyways Me want those ears they are too cute lol

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