50’s friday!

Oh what a great one, loving this ‘fifty lindens black friday‘. So many awesome stuff I thought I’d make one or two outfits with some fifties. Might come back later if I’m bored or feel like dressing again..but for now..nomnomnom ❤ Uma

Dress by (Milk Motion) 50 lindens black friday, Skin by Vivé950 lindens black friday

Hair by Kin, Necklace by [[SHADE THRONE]], Leggings by DUBOO* and shoes by Kalnins

Braid crown by ~Scribble~50 lindens black friday, Corduroy skirt by Kyoot50 lindens black friday, Ruffle purse by Tres Blah50 lindens black friday, Elsa boots by Surf Couture50 lindens black friday

Hair by Maitreya, Jacket by Pig, Top by Pididdle and Skin by -=UZURI=-

3 thoughts on “50’s friday!

  1. Oompa Loveless says:

    :3 U’re inspiration for so much people (including me! *w*) Love Uma! You are LOVE<3 ^^ i admire ALL your outfits 😀 jejeje well After to act like a "crazy fan girl" :3 I want say u're the BETTER Uma! 😉

    Greetings! :3 and good Black Fryday~

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Awww..Oompa, thank you so, so much! I have considered taking comments out, but words like yours are just music to my ears! I don’t know what to say, I am so happy you like what I do here, as I am happy so many others (friends and followers) take the time to actually comment or/and just follow my blog. <333 *HAPPY (50 LINDENS) friday!!!! <333

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