Here, it never snowed. Afterwards it did.

Another one of those moments when you’ve blogged not so long ago but you really feel like doing it again, and you do.  I change too much, more than I should. I’m pretty sure if you bump into me in world I’m prolly changing or going through my invo or thinking ‘these shoes’ seriously don’t match this jacket or my mood doesn’t..especially in public, I usually don’t care where I am and I lose track of time and..shame. Lol. (btw, little daring mixing these boots with such short dress AND garters, but it DOESN’T LOOK CHEAP OK?…*insert ironic moment here* I’m a graduated artist so I can be weird looking). Anyways, do I really need an excuse for blogging again? I feel like I do. *grumpf* Plus, I guess I’m only taking pictures on the weekend sooooooo..have a nice week 😉 muah! ❤ Uma

Listening to . The Twilight Sad – ‘Here, it never snowed. Afterwards it did.

Worn :

Hair – ‘Pushed and Shoved (blonde tones)’ by Epoque

Skin – ‘Devon nude in pink’ by JM:Mai

Jacket – ‘Check swing coat (grey)’ by *COCO*

Dress – ‘Tuli dress (beige)’ by (Elate!)

Garters – ‘Ella stockings, brown garters” by *League*

Boots – ‘Thigh Highs boots (sand)’ by J’s

Bag – ‘Anya bag green with silver’ by LeLutka

Glasses – ‘Ray-band glasses’ by (W)

Gloves by **en Svale

8 thoughts on “Here, it never snowed. Afterwards it did.

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    I thought maybe some might think so but I’m glad you didn’t Ana!!! ❤ Omg, and I love it tooooo so much, I feel the same, I kinda want a jacket like this in rl, like a sweet check parka. I have one similar to this from zara, but its last years and its a cape which is not so functional sometimes. Let's go hunt for one 😉 muahs!!

    Aww Serena, thank you!! <333 I think the boots give it that extra spice..but I wasn't so sure about it, happy you like it aswell!!

    Lols Primped, you go girl!! 😀 *the jacket is a must have no doubt, the other things just an additional way to work with it…but it's seriously so with most anything! muah!!

    Maree, here's the slurl hun, (thanks to my friend stokely, I grabbed it at his blog and just confirmed it is the right one). Have fun 😉

    Kenzie, yas that was my first reaction : 'uuuh do I look cheap?', but its really a matter of mixing them with the right stuff. I wouldn't mind if the dress was a bit longer, I love the thigh highs when they feel like tights but the garters take a bit of the cuteness and add that weird, daring look *I think* <3333333 thank you for reassuring me ! 🙂 ❤

  2. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Giana!! ❤ yaaaaaa, ahah, they're really good, I'm surprised there's even MORE colors than I thought there would be. I'm in love with this soft beige but yes, they have them in blackkk ❤ \o/

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