For some time now I’ve been nagging Kookie to make ‘me’ a similar (but her own) version of the insane *couldn’t stop drooling over* (2006) Balenciaga platform boots. Little did I know she would give in (not so easy though 😉 ) to produce probably the most amazing and one of her most hard-to-get-it-just-right shoes ever. I cannot think of the words to describe what I felt when I saw these, I seriously don’t. She laughed at my incapability to stop saying ‘OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGO OMG OMG’ over and over when I saw them (what a surprise hun), as I can’t stop looking at my feet with these on now. She did something incredible in my opinion, something that only she could, and thats not because I love her, no no. It is because she is an amazing shoe designer and one that dedicates and puts all her sweat and love in her creations, believe me. These are quite THE statement shoes and I know, they won’t please you all, but, as most unique and unusual things in fashion, they will grow on you, and they will make you think twice about fashion and you might happen to just love them, unconditionally. Or maybe I’m just a dreamer! My wish to have the balenciagas is now put to rest, because I own kookie’s. ❤ Code name? Athena. Where to buy? 2009 SL® Footwear Expo, opening this sunday. ❤ Uma

Kookie’s soon to be released – ATHENA – shoes.

(prim socks by {SMS} and Cozy tights by Twosome)

16 thoughts on “ATHENA!

  1. Evie says:

    i agree with you uma 100%! They are gorgeous! \o/ Can’t wait for the shoe expo. Bring on the lag! lol I love the new boots Kookie has put in her store too, I want them but which colour..?! If only I could afford all of them..

  2. silver milneaux says:

    these are WONDERFUL but ohmigosh haha, I wish they were identical to the original balenciagas with the goathooves silhouette haha.

    definitely highhh on my shoe wishlist, these! ❤

  3. Aurora Ansar says:

    After having these boots on my Flickr for over a year, someone has finally made some!! Same silver I wish the heel was more similar, but I would say what about copyright, but then looking at some of the identical shoes on Sl to the catwalks, so I won’t lol

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    I am so happy people are actually loving Athena, I wasn’t too sure of how the reaction would be. Evie, they’ll only be in black at fair, and 50% goes of to charity (good reason why we should get them there), but more colors will be up at Kookie’s mainstore 😉

    I agree with you Silver and Aurora, but, if Kookie had made an identical shoe (which she has the skills to no doubt), how creative would that be? I guess just another copy, but in my opinion these rock exactly because she was inspired by the Balenciaga but she made them her own, and that’s even more special. <333

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    😀 glad you’re rocking them ehe.
    Socks are credited, the lace ones are from Twosome, the prim ones are from Son Many Styles. ❤

  6. Ellie says:

    I adore these shoes. I don’t want to take them off. Do you know if there’s plans to release them in other colors?

  7. Giana Paine says:

    OMG!! I have been obsessed with those shoes for over a year!! Balenciaga came out with the most amazing shoes!! However, personally, I am in love with the Sam Edelman version. It is a little more tamed down. They use to cost $150, but now the price is $350 on Urban Outfitters and Ebay. I WISH I COULD WEAR THOSE AWESOME SHOESS!!!!!! At least my avatar will be wearing almost the same shoe on sl :)))) Thanks!!!

  8. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Omg, me too! *hi5s* but I like the balenciaga better (and I’m not usually a brand ho’..not THAT much). Considering edelman’s are a ‘knockoff’ or to be polite, a ‘similar’ version, they’re hella expensive. if I had the opportunity to grab them at 150 a pair I wouldn’t think twice though, but not now. They were sold out some weeks ago, but they’re back again apparently. Oh pixels, lol, really way more affordable 😉 <33 muah!

  9. DButton says:

    So I just bought these shoes, definitely gorgeous but I find they sink into floors so I can never fully see them 😦 Quite unfortunate with such a nice shoe *tear*

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