Hot chocolate days!

There’s nothing like staying home in a rainy cold winter’s day…or even better, having a hot chocolate and some sweets to brighten up a day like this. That’s pretty much the feel I wanted to portray with these pictures. I found the cutest candy shop in a sim a friend’s building and that (plus the fact I don’t have to go out in rl) just made my day. Warm turtleneck dress from Elate, amazing knit cardigan from Kiitos, the cozy-est tights (latest release) from Twosome and the kick ass buckle boots from ANEXX felt like the perfect look to go grab some doughnuts and run home to prepare me some hot choco! Fun, warm and casual with a bit of sweet cuteness. Good days…

❤ Uma



Hot chocolate days

Worn :

Hair – ‘Kia , cinnamon’ by Analog Dog

Skin – ‘Imani [Nougat] glow skin’ by LAQ

Headband – ‘AM tulip headband licorice’ by MIEL

Bag – ‘Messenger Bag – light brown’ by *Muism*

Knit cardigan – ‘Long Knit Gown burlywood’ by +KiiToS!!

Dress – ‘Tuli (Ice)’ by (Elate!)

Tights – ‘Cozy tights – light grey’ by TWOSOME

Shoes – ‘five belts boots brown’ by ANEXX

Doughtnuts bag by =LION=

9 thoughts on “Hot chocolate days!

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Aha, ‘ehyohiboots’ they are not tiny on the foot, the top of the boots are supposed to cover the bottom, I am not sure you know the style of these boots?..and yeah they’re a bit big around my legs/ankles but that’s just cause I’m a skinny bish ewww ew … 😛

    *noms your cheek tomomo* 😀 YES, deal!!..but no stealing my chocolate doughnut pleaaaase <33

    Thank you Ash 🙂

  2. ehyohiboots says:

    oh well lol, I know the style of those boots, I saw them in world today and after your pictures… I was like omg! so its not because you are skinny… they are just too big around the calf x.x

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ehyohiboots, I can recall at least 4 or 5 boots and ankle boots that are just the same in sl and I actually own them. Sometimes it’s possible to wear some prim socks with or pants that tricks the eye, but if we go for tight leggings or tight jeans (without prim bottoms) it’s impossible. So it’s not one case scenario here. I understand though…. 🙂

    Thank youu samara, the candy shop is somewhere in Honeymoon sim, it’s super tiny and cute 😀 fun for pics 🙂 glad you like this!

  4. Sela says:

    Hi , I just wanted to remember the name of this hair because I have it and I just couldn’t grrrr remember the name. Thanks that you just have it too !!!!!! :)))))))))))))

  5. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Awww you’re welcome, I’m glad you found it again! I had the same problem aswell trying to remember what the name was or where it was’s been a while since I got that wig out ehe. xoxo 🙂

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