Un Amour De Pomme De Terre

Yesterday, before I went to sleep I was remembering old cartoons I used to watch when I was a child, heidi being so old and one of them.  Not sure any of you remember it, or saw it when you were kids but that inspired me to put this outfit together. Heidi wasn’t a redhead and lol, I don’t plan to look 5 years old here, but I had little images in mind like praries, wood shacks, quilts, big chunky socks and wedges and honey colors, trying to make  a sweet look, quirky and discretely odd. The odd detail being in the leopard bra peeking and contrasting with the checkered dress and other patterns. I guess I wanted a look that expressed an artsy girl’s, carefree spirit, inspired by folklore-ish culture. Dunno if I’m expressing myself clearly, but I can never explain how I see clothes anyways. pft. I am going redhead for a few days and I’m loving it. Muahs, Happy saturday. ❤ Uma


Listening to Beirut – ‘Nantes’

Un Amour De Pomme De Terre

Worn :

Hair – ‘Robin Hair – Evening Sun’ by Uw.Studio

Skin – ‘[Lily_N_Red01] lip gloss dark brows’ by *ROMI*

Dress – ‘Jumper Skirt (redcheck)’ by ”NINIKO”

Cape – ‘Cape Cardigan (Yellow)’ by ”NINIKO”

Bra – ‘Deanna bra (leo)’ by Artilleri

Socks – ‘MokoMoko socks (snow yellow)’ by UnTone Quilt

Shoes – ‘Powder puff wedges sun gold’ by *Kookie*

9 thoughts on “Un Amour De Pomme De Terre

  1. Petitelittlegirl Pinklady says:

    too cute Uma but did untone quilt leave? cant find parcel so if you have LM I would appreciate it

  2. Serene Fairey says:

    I’ve been meaning to tell you that I love this kind of skin on you. ❤ The lipstick is just juicy.

  3. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ahah, aww Thank you Paris!! (I don’t usually show much lingerie, but hey, I HAVE IT lol) muahs!!

    Hi Petite, thank you!..It’s weird, when I blogged this I had no idea untone was gone, I am still a bit shocked. It’s nowhere to be found but I do hope it will be temporary. 😦

    Thank you Euni <33

    Aww Serene, *blush* I really really love it. Very delicate face, I haven't seen in a while..I'm happy you like it!! Thank you 🙂

    wowa, aha, Hello france!! 😉 Thank you so much jenny! muahmuah

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