……into reds and patterns.

Sleep. Lazy. Connected. Laughs. Stoned poland. Cold. Horse heads. Laughs. Whinning. Fairies. Lanterns. Wings and wigs. Clothes. Pixels. Skins. Pink. Patterns. Rain…boots. Lips. Laughs. Annoyance. Lag and more laughs. Bill plympton. Slap faillures…Laughs. Busy doing nothing, busy typing words, busy making no sense…busy taking pictures, busy undressing. ❤ always, Uma!


Do..Re...Mi...Fa..Sol...into red and patterns!

Worn :

Hair by BP*

Skin by dhr

Ear muffs by Chapeau Tres Mignon

Scarf by Muism

Gloves by [FTV]

Vest by Sweetest Goodbye

Houndstooh sweater by (NO)

Grey sweater prim by (Milk Motion)

Skirt by [LeLutka]

Leggings by Modd.G

Prim socks by {SMS}

Shoes by Tesla

Bag by Beetlebones

Poses by Esme Milena

Listening to Placebo – Battle for the sun

12 thoughts on “……into reds and patterns.

  1. Uma Ceawlin says:

    LOL. Yeah, I know it sounds quite random, but those are the words that summon up this day. didn’t feel like making sense (or write much) anyways 😛 it’s all about the clothes in the end! 😉

    Kenzie, gloves are from FTV – Frozen Turquoise Valentine ! I just noticed I forgot to credit, it’s all fixed now. <33

  2. icampese says:

    hahahah, stoned poland LOL. <33333 you lol, you look totally randomly cute. this skin matches great the outfit btw, told ya!<3

  3. ohmyohmai says:

    ooooo cute lil uma kins ❤ You're adorable in this look! I love!!
    *wiggles earmuffs*
    First time seeing you in dhr I think, it's actually really pretty — it makes you look younger than usual 🙂 It works very well in this case too; are you liking this skin??

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    @ Ipanema, yay for placebo! I’m not sure what triggered me to write these random words but they looked good together. ehe, not that my english was broken, I was just lazy. Thank yooou xxx

    Tomomo!!! Yes, please!!..ahaha ❤ joooo

    Irie, that's YOU!…;) <333 lol, thank you, your words are totally randomly awesome! Why do 'us' make me laugh? 😀 I blame you for making me get this skin but *hugs* it's prettyful. muah

    ohmaiii love..aww thank you!..I've always been curious about it (because of you) but not sure why in the past I didn't like dhr on me, maybe I was being stubborn, I really really like it now. I agree with a little young but its soft and pretty. I have a new obsession now, that 'romy' one…oh need to show joos! ❤ *hugs*

    Abraaaa, NO U!!!..:D babydoll! *noms your face* thank yoooou muahhhhhh

  5. Emy Aker says:

    Waouww it is a mix that I couldn’t be able to ever do by my self!!
    Congrats, that’s just what I can tell you! lol
    And btw, you look sooooo lovely with this skin and those eyes ♥
    See you soon lil Uma! xoxo 😀

  6. Uma Ceawlin says:

    awww, thats how I’ve been feeling alexandria, warm fuzzy and ready for hot chocolate 😀

    Yes you could Emy, but I love mixing patterns, not sure it shows..ehe, and reds the bonding color. 😀 I’m happy you like, yay yay, emy thank you muah muah!!!

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