Don’t look, don’t look…the shadows breathe!

For some time now I’ve been wanting to make an outfit with a pair of creepers shoes, I’ve actually thought about buying a ‘new’ pair of the leopard print ones (in rl).
I’ve worn them years ago and I loved them (just as much as I loved my Dr.Martens)  I think now that both animal prints and wedges are ‘trendy’ again, I should re-consider and just buy them again!
That triggered me to get some jeepers creeper’s in sl, and gah gah, I finally made up my mind in rl.I think they do make a normal, basic outfit, look way better and much weirder (in a good way) than expected. OH OH, I’ve debated that with Irie (heart and creative mind behind So Many Styles) she didn’t really like this outfit with her (soon to be released) blazin’ amazin’ jacket. I just replied with : trust your uma! (don’t punch me polaca) It’s really a personal choice! However, no matter what shoes you wear, no matter what you mix it up with, this jacket will always look amazing with whatever you feel like wearing. Power shoulders ftw! I love them! As I’ve stated so many times, I love puff sleeves and I love power/sharp shoulders!! I really do and can’t do anything about this obsession but thank god, people like Irie make my dreams come true in sl. WOOT WOOT!

On another (big) small note, how amazing is Iki Ikaru‘s (DUTCH TOUCH) new skin line???.. Oh well, the new skin Jolie, is just AMAZING! If you’re one like myself who thought Cleo wasn’t your cup of tea, I truly advise you to check this new line . Jolie gathers all the unique features and ”bone structure” that her previous line did, but in a softer harmonious way, I am truly surprised and thrilled to say I am in love! I have no idea how she did it but she did!! It’s <3! I guess it’s time for me to wish you a happy halloween non?..HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! ❤ Uma


Listening to : The Cure – ‘Burn’

''Don't look, don't look''...the shadows breathe!

Worn :

Hair – ‘Say – ink’ by !lamb

Skin – ‘::Jolie:: cream – dark CL1 EBBLACK FR’ by DUTCH TOUCH

Jacket – ‘Another vintage jacket . black’ (scheduled to be released on november 7th) by {SMS} / So Many Styles

Dress – ‘String Dress [aubergine]’ by This Is a Fawn

Leggings – ‘basics sheer leggings [CONCRETE]’ by !OH (Anya Ohmai)

Shoes – ‘Cheetah Buckles’ by Jeepers Creepers

8 thoughts on “Don’t look, don’t look…the shadows breathe!

  1. Tomoyo Breitman says:

    lmao… “trust ur uma” rofl.
    babee.. im on ur side for this one. I love this outfit. black and purple ftw! The jacket is a winner hands down. It has jewels on thee power shoulders *squeals*

  2. icampese says:

    *punches you* HAHA, niiiiice, these shoes are just not for me, but i think this outfit as a whole is really trendy and i think these shoes give it this trendy feel, even if i would never buy them rl or sl. See? trusted my UMAs<33

  3. Abra Exonar says:

    ahhh I was just there the other day checking them out. so cool you rock them irl and isl. I dunno if they are for me, but I srsly love this look, you pull them off really well hun <3333Abs

  4. Emy Aker says:

    Awww *-* you’re so incredible! The first pic is just ‘waw’ !!
    And you finally found how to fit these lovely shoes! The outfit is awesome!
    Keep on doing the very good job! ♥ Sweet kisses from Eme ^^,
    Hope to see you very soon in world! 😀

  5. Annie paster says:

    i think the shoes are the it factor in the look because they catch your eye in this look no matter if it good or bad , but it really catchs the eyes and makes look twice.

    It would been nice it the skin’s makeup was really soft and natural so the look would pop a lot more but in fall a dark eye and strong lips are very classic

  6. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Yes, they’re quite the controversial shoes BUT I STILL LOVE THEM!..I think you’re right annie, they’re the ‘it’ factor here side by side with irie’s most amazing power shoulder jacket!
    Thank you GG! <333
    *hugs tomomo and irie (do you still love me *snifs*) and abraaaazz* ❤ joos!!! I'm happy I still have your trust, *coughs*, or do I?
    eheh, muahs emy <3!!

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