<3, <3, <3!

So today I really wanted to make a look, that chanelled a bit of my grandms, then I started recalling old mum’s pic, back in the late 60s, she wore these round sunglasses and long trenchs/coats, with short skirts and seriously a lot of shirts over sweaters, maybe she had some sort of obsession with those, and her chignons with braids..zomg.  Yeah, I really love her old pics! Tres Blah’s ‘nerdy chic glasses’ (for 5o linden fridays) were really my inspiration to dress up today! ❤ Uma


*COCO*’s shirt and !Lagyo’s necklace were my second inspiration for the outfit on the left (top pic), and So Many Style’s (soon to be released) jacket and Kao sand’s boots to middle one. I really love these looks (which are mostly done out of old stuff really) if they have anything in common, I guess I’d say the glasses and the details of brown…hope you like it! muah muah!

<3, <3, <3!

Worn (left to right) :

Hair – ‘barberyumyum*09/chocolate’ by **dp**yumyum

Skin – ‘Niu – Oeste – Natural’ by (IMAGEN)

Jacket – ‘The Chic Coat (Brown)’ by *Muism*

Sweater/Shirt – ‘(part of) Madame – Spirit desire’ by a.C. Studios

Skirt – ‘Jeans skirt . dark brown’ by Sh*t Happens

Socks – ‘Socks mit suspenders . purple’ by Pig

Shoes – ‘Neyya toe-cap . Blue’ by Maitreya

Bag – ‘The Z bag ultimate pet pug carrier’ by Zooby’s

Glasses – ‘Nerdy chic glasses (pink)’ by Tres blah (for 50 lindens friday)


Hair accessory – ‘All about the flowers (mist)’ by !Lagyo

Jacket – ‘BT_Tailored Jacket beige’ by AOHARU

Necklace – ‘Memories – grandma’s portrait’ by !Lagyo

Shirt – ‘sleeveless blouse & cuff – white’ by *COCO*

Pants – ‘Sarouel pants – beige’ by AOHARU

Shoes – ‘Vintage boots brown’ by J’s/JB Gazov

Glasses – ‘Ray-band glasses’ by (W)


Hair accessory – ‘Hair Stuff (kill the white swan)’ by (fd)

Scarf – ‘myth scarf white (tinted)’ by Singing Moth

Necklace – ‘corvus necklace [aged brass]’ by This is a Fawn (for Designers United)

Jacket – ‘Damaged jacket’ by {SMS}/So Many Styles (not released yet)

Skirt – ‘My leather fringes skirt (black)’ by Milk Motion

Socks – ‘basic stockins [AshGrey]’ by Modd.G

Boots – ‘Suede Fringe boots . black’ by KAO/Kao Sands

Glasses – ‘Baroque shades (neutral tones) . scripted’ by Dollita

Bag – ‘Indy Bag’ by Chabbins!

12 thoughts on “<3, <3, <3!

  1. ohmyohmai says:

    lol!! As we both are stuck in tableau XD I see this awesome awesome post ❤ ❤ love the styling!! The middle look especially is my ultimate fav, there's something tomboyish about it, but very very cool, laid back and geeky too ^^

    *muacks* I hope you made it back home from tableau safe!

  2. Pied'poule says:

    Channeling grandms? I love you!

    Imma go to run to my car, drive off…, come back again…, run upstairs and load all of my grandmother’s dresses in the back of my mini (in that order).

    Then I’m going to drive to Portugal shouting ‘UMA, UMMMAAAAAAAAAA’…. And then you’ll see me and you’ll pick out a fabulous combination (something with pink and plaid and brown velvet) for me, and then the sun will shine and we’ll do a little dance together, and then I’ll drive back home and look fabulous at work tomorrow…

    I like this plan…


  3. icampese says:

    YAY lol, love the middle look, i need this necklace, love other looks as well, great post Uma<33 and me jacketttt is there too yay lol, omg im talking like an idiot right now, but love this post<33

  4. Uma Ceawlin says:

    ohmaaaaaaaai, nuuu i didn’t…I crashed while *TRYING* to get home and bleh, I gave up, it was fun though, lot’s of round grey prims and people not being able to either rez or tp out ahaha, <33333 (I really thought you would like the middle one, for some reason, guess we both have a bit of cool, tomboy and geeky?) <333 !!!

    Hiii Image, sorry I couldn't reply sooner, the middle belt, which I clearly forgot to credit is part of a check dress from AOHARU, however I think I've worn it in the past, it's one of those pieces I always remember to wear when I need to finish a look I'm not happy with. xoxo!

    Newwwww <33 thank yooous, eheh, I'm nerdy too, I've been into nerdy a lot..lately MUAHS!! *hugs*

    Pied, 😉 I have to say our convo the other day did trigger something in me..and, let me just add, that would be a totes perfect day. *though, to make things easier, I guess I'll give you my number lols* Let's do it? eheh, ❤

    Iriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee ❤ *hugs your sick awesome self you* You're no idiot, I love you and your clothes (this jacket is so yums) and your skills, and our crazy days and nights on sl, I'm happy you like these looks! yay, AND yeeeeees, that necklace is such a must have. ❤ u!

    Jade, hai, …mmm this is an old hair, I don't think I messed up with the creator's name, but check her old (not mainstore) lms?..I will confirm if it's dp, I'm pretty sure it is. xoxo

  5. Aislynne Melnik says:

    I found the hair … it’s downstairs so keep looking! 🙂

    Question … the a.C. Studios … is that the new CheerNo that was old a.C. Store or is this something else? Maybe a creator’s name? Love the looks 🙂

  6. Uma Ceawlin says:

    hey aislynne, glad you found it, 😉 and yas, a.c.studios is new cheerno, same store!!! thank you!

    Aww, Linka, thank you!! yeah, middle one is my favorite too 😀 ❤

  7. Aislynne Melnik says:

    Uma, the dark brown jean skirt from Sh*t Happens … is that old, maybe discontinued? I can’t find it in the store unless they are remodeling and it hasn’t been put back out. 😦

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